The Universal Law of Detachment

Detachment isn’t a negative thing until you make it that way

Detachment. We hear about it and talk about it a whole lot in the world of the weird, as much as we dislike it, the act and the art of letting go of the end result that we see in our heads, that our Ego wants but that our soul knows is not always what we see in our minds. What we see with our mind’s eyes is, as I mentioned in a blog about desire, only symbolic, most of the time, and that when we see what we see there it is only indicative of the energy of what we see symbolizes for us. With my mind’s eyes, I see myself, really, debating with a certain “civil rights activist” whose last name has made me refer to said person as “The Sharpy.” Laugh all you want, but I see it, because that is the thing that I most so enjoy – making it known to people that perhaps their ideal of what is “equal” needs to include more than just the simple hatred that someone plants in the world and makes the reality of certain people be what it is. If I never get to that televised debate I will not die, but I can imagine that it is there, and I can draw from that energy that which I will need to further my own cause, which is really only the world getting a clue about getting along and getting what we all need so that we can all collectively get on with life in a harmonious way.

Then there is that other thing that I see with my mind’s eyes, the one that looks like a sprawling home on a couple of acres of land, not so that I can host big fat gnarly parties (okay maybe so I can do that but who is counting, really?) but more, so that I can finish raising my children in the manner that is being gentle to the earth, the manner that is learning to respect life and living, the manner which is helping others if they can, and the manner that is an energetic exchange with Mother Gaia as she helps us raise our own food and live off of the land that is ours, regardless if the paperwork, the deed, has a landlord’s name on it.

And still, there is more than just those two things, but those are pretty big things, and those two things mean a lot to me, and the truth is that I will be more disappointed if I keep the thought in my head that I MUST have those things in the manner that I see them or else I will be prone to having large, adult-sized two year old tantrums. Had this been last year, right around August, and while it was that there was a whole lot of new change coming into my life and while it was that there were people coming into my life as there were also people leaving it, the one thing that I learned throughout this last year and a few months is that in order to have what we need, we must detach from what we see, because if we stay focused only on that one thing, we will be disappointed at the end result because we were not open and neither willing to trust that Spirit has us well protected in Her hands, that who we are depends fully on how much we trust what we see there as being only the symbol of what it is that we are desirous of, and that most of all, Spirit, in all of Her grandness and glory, never does not Know what She is doing, namely when it is on our behalf.

And it is ALWAYS on our behalf, no matter how crappy the things that you are going through are. Never in your life will you have the permanent experience of life being crappy at all times and at a constant. This is called being attached to what you are going through right now, and this is also part of the Universal Law of Detachment.

Letting Go

Letting go is never what a person who is not familiar with the ways of Spirit, the ways of the Soul within us each, understands because to them, being new, spiritually, to all of these things and terms and such, letting go of anything means that they are losing something, and to a point they are correct.

The thing that they are losing is the better chance at being disappointed in the outcome, and a lot of the time, the outcome that we see in our heads cannot compare in terms of way coolness to the actuality that is on its way to us. This is what I mean when I say that we cannot outdo Spirit, because She never does not know what She is doing. Spirit, the Great Mother, Grandmother Spirit, Na ‘Aumakau….no matter what you refer to the Great Big Universe as Being…Spirit ALWAYS KNOWS AND DOES BEST, which is why we need to learn to trust. Not only in Spirit, but in ourselves.

When we can trust that we are good enough to have the things that are symbolized by what it is that we see with our mind’s eyes, and we can trust that Spirit always has our end result in mind is when the fun happens. Really. It might not always seem so, but this is the truth. When we are hurting and confused, yes, that is Spirit, proverbially trying hard to make it gentle, the cutting of the teeth of the Soul through trial. When we are angry, again, Spirit, teaching us like a good parent teaches their young ones to not run out into the street to chase a ball but to let the passing cars go by and then retrieve the ball so as not to get hit by one of those passing cars. When we can believe within ourselves that we are good enough to receive what it is that is symbolized by our mind’s eyes, that which we dearly desire and when we can let go of the symbol of the picture of the thing that we want that is representing the energy that we are in need of, and when we can let go of expectation and can deal with the thing that we see possibly not being the only way it can be, but better, and when we can just take it all in, relax and chill and go on about our lives, this is when we are allowing, when we are seeing the law of detachment in action.

The Universal Law of Detachment is the fuel which starts the fire

Believe it or not, it is not only the energy that is the Love behind the thought that produces the symbol that is our greatest desires, but also, it is the letting go of outcome, of anything in the past, of everything that hurt us and that still hurts us and that we think we cannot bear to be without. We expend so much energy toward resisting our evolution that we are too tired to be able to practice the art of letting go. And it is, indeed, an art and one that must be learned. We learned as children to depend on people, because we had to. Then when we started becoming teens we went out and formed bonds that taught us how to let go of things back then when our friends hurt us. When we became adults we are then our own greatest proof that letting go is needed, that growing beyond what we believe in the past as it applies to right now is all and only what we have, but that is not the truth.

Where it is that we hurt, we do not realize that we are being given the gift of rehabilitation from heart ache that was before right now, and the gift in that reconstitution of our selves is the chance that we have now to think about and wonder what it is that we are learning now and how what happened in the past applies. It does apply, because in the past you were brand new at loss and you held on to that loss as though it was the only thing that you learned from it. It was not the only thing you learned from it. From that pain you learned Love, that you are worthy to Love you and that all you really need to do is learn to trust that inner voice, the one on the inside screamin’ at you and telling you, over and over again that you can do WAY better than THAT !

I know this, because in my world that inner voice is named “Gabby,” and Gabby is always right there, where a guardian angel should be, right there, next to me, not telling me what I do not need to know, but reminding me that I am strong enough to allow the fire in the belly to be what it is for me, for my life, and telling me always that the pain is like the pain of loss turned inside, out and that when I am able to look at it that it will make sense. I might not like it at the moment, but Gabby has not really ever let me down, ever. Of course, she has taken me the long way, the scenic route, on the Path, but always I have been guided to other people who are just like me….damaged, but worthy, and Loved beyond measure, not only by Spirit, or by ourselves, but the Grand Universe, where there is always room for one more thought, one more dream and one more life to be made whole again.

The Universal Law of Detachment teaches us that in order to have the new, we must let go of the old, and in order to see that symbolized energy become the reality in our life, we must let go of the picture that we keep referring to as being the only thing that we are made of and the only thing that we are good enough for.

We are good enough for the Heavens to not forget to open up to us every night, and show us Her grandness and her glory in the diamonds we have named “stars” and the milky whiteness that is the glow of the white bright, sometimes full moon that does not ever leave us but remains there as the gentle reminder of how much we are needed in this lifetime. We are good enough to see the sun rise every morning, or perhaps the rain fall from the sky when it is time to. We are good enough to recognize the screeching Hawk, the chattering Crows, the happy buzz that is life all around us.

If we see all this proof that we are loved beyond measure and that really, all we have to do is let go in order to see it all for real, then, too, the idea that we have dreams and we see these symbols in our thoughts would also be the evidence that we need and all the proof that there would need to be that we are special enough to be reminded by the alarm clock called Nature, every day of our lives.

Kinda way cool when you really think about the idea that if Spirit makes this all happen, every single day for every single one of us, then, too, Spirit must also have some pretty danged big stuff waiting for us all, as long as we are able to finally let go, stop thinking and believing that we can do better than the all forgiving Mother Goddess who has never ever left us, not even once.

It was when you cried the hardest that Mother was letting us know, through those tears, that it was all going to be how it is meant to be and that really, we are dearly and absolutely safe within her Arms.

Proof is that you are reading this, that you are breathing and alive and thinking now about what letting go of outcome means and more, how much good letting go and releasing your dreams into the wild, wild Universe can do for you.

I Love You All !

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