The Universal Law of Desire

Whatever it is that you are desirous of, you will…

“Will what?” you might ask

No, silly…it is not the verb “will” in the sense that you are used to knowing it, but the action that is also “willing” something. When we are desirous of something in our life, regardless of who, or what is the symbol of what it is that you are willing, you are activating the Universal Law of Desire. In Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus, one of the definitions for the word “desire” is “…(1) A strong wish: LONGING… to long or hope for…exhibit or feel desire for… (2): REQUEST..” 

In that same text, the definition for the word, “Will,” is “(n)  (1) Wish or desire often combined with determination…”

In order for us to receive what we wish for, there must be a few components involved, and the two most important ones are both the desire as well as the will to go out into the world and retrieve what it is that we each want in our lives. NOW, please…PLEASE do NOT confuse these things with the idea that what you want, you will have in the exact manner that you see it in your head – that is SO not how Spirit does things. What it is that we see with our mind’s eyes, through the imagination and the conjuring of the perfect example of the energy that we will into our lives through the energy that is desire is JUST a SYMBOL of that energy. It really is NOT the EXACT THING THAT WE SEE THERE !

I get asked the question of “Why doesn’t this thing/person/place/whatever come into my reality in the manner that I want it to and in the manner that I imagine it?” That is because, number one, when we are wishing and hoping for things, and those things involve other people and their free will to choose, we are impeding on their right as spiritual beings to be everything they are meant to be, even if that means that we are not directly involved in the manner that we see with our mind’s eyes. This one was a VERY difficult one for me to deal with and it was because of a mechanic that I thought very highly and dearly of, often, and it was nothing more than a symbol of the strong, free-willed person who I am and a reminder of also, more importantly, what I am not and what I am not meant for. Let me repeat that for you – the manifestation of this person and the willing of this person to be a part of my life did happen, but not in the manner that my silly Ego thought it should. The manner that I imagined that I would want him in my life turned out to be the thing that I so did not need, not for any other reason than that (ready for this?) while my ego thought he was just fine and dandy, my soul (along with my two closest best chick pals…you both know who you are and I Love You both so very damned much) knew that he would never be able to live up to who I am for real.

When I ignored my Soul’s inclinations toward what it was that I thought I wanted, I realized, one day, because of the word “maybe,” that I was being taught about myself. I wanted to know more about me, which, for a lot of people, seems ridiculous, but when you think about it a bit deeper, we all begin to realize the things that we were not wanting to look at because it was only congruent with what our Ego told us we MUST have. Lots of folks believe that if something hurts us, that we have to work harder to have it and that the work involved with having it will be the best reward. Actually, it is the work that is the gift, along with the pat on the back that we have to give ourselves, not after we get a clue, but when we accept said clue. 

When I realized that the only things there that I was looking at were the symbols of monetary success, were the symbols of the things that I could have on my own (because when we see something in someone else that we are attracted to, we are also and either able to do those things, too, OR, the symbol is JUST a symbol of that which we are working toward seeing materialize in our lives.) was when, for real, because through the pain and the ridiculousness that I had put myself through, I was able to accept that I could have the security, the comfort, the Life that I saw, no, not with this person, but with myself. It was one of those days that I won’t ever forget, because it was one of those days that I was granted the gift of knowing, my self, and that is more precious than is a lot else. 

The Truth of The Energy that backed the Desire

What I needed was to see the sameness that was me in this person. What my Ego thought was fine and good, my soul knew was not. Where it was that this other person had, seemingly, everything, there was and still is the one thing that is the Void in their life – the mirror, no, not that is me (and that won’t ever BE me), but that is the sameness of someone who is as clueless as they are. Cluelessness plays a huge part in our lives, and how sad it is in this healer’s mind that people would sooner embrace the chosen clueless nature of themselves rather than face what is there in front of them, choosing not to free themselves from trying hard to make things that are not for them, theirs, at least in their minds. It is sad to me that there are brilliant people on this planet who cannot see their own brilliance because they are so taken with the brilliance that is not theirs. They draw themselves to the pomp and circumstance, to the symbolism behind the energy that they are witnessing, never bothering to also see what is really there for them and that is golden.

Desiring things in our lives is not bad, at all, but it can make us feel that way if we are trying hard to make the will of others bend to what is our will and only to what we want in our lives that we think will make our lives better. We are not thinking about what we want having a possible negative impact on those whose will we wish would bend to our own. There is no practicing person of The Craft who is right-minded who will tell anyone that it is okay to do things, wish for things, want things and people in our lives, and that to make it all happen, all we have to do is mess with their free will. Free will IS the truth in freedom. I know this because I asked them, those Crafty women in my life and they told me a lot, but the thing that they told me that stayed with me is that Love is not to be kept or to feel like you are being kept. Love is freeing, but it is symbolic on this plane. It is not romance, is not the kisses stolen in secret – it is within us, not outside of us. What drives me almost crazy sometimes is when people confuse what they want Love to Be, with what is symbolized by it in their heads, and is also present in reality so that those who feel like this can confuse Real Truth in Love with what the Ego wants us to believe is Love.

Desire is very different, but takes a bit of Love for it to happen. We must Love ourselves before we know what Love is with or for anyone else. This is also the truth of the things in our lives, the situations in our lives, the material reality in our lives – all of this depends on our Will to see it happen, which is fueled by the Love within us for our very selves. There are a lot of things, people and situations that I dearly want and desire to be part of my life.

Yet, I know, in the reality of things, that right now it is just not time for ALL of those things, but this does not mean that on the inside, I am not seeing to the things that I want to see manifested in reality for myself. When it materializes for myself I will know that the rest is to follow. 

Directing the Energy toward your own will

We have all been raised in a society which glorifies bullies, glorifies a winner over a loser, and glorifies having a big fat tantrum just so that we can have our way. As many parents know already – there is no tantrum that is bigger or meaner than is the energy that created it. The energy behind the tantrum of a child is the same energy behind the underhandedness of an adult. Either way, each one of those entities is trying dearly to break and bend the will of others. This is not anything that is new to any one of us, but in it – this strangeness of energy – you will find the things that you need in order to have the life you desire, and hell yeah – simply by redirecting the angry energy in to Love energy toward yourself.

Anything and everything that we desire in our lives is meant, and those things and that life do not come from our whiling away our good energy on the things that we keep on trying to make fit into our life the way that we want it to. This is something that the mechanic I mentioned earlier in this writing taught me that said mechanic never really knew about. Where it was that I believed one thing, the actuality of it was that the thing, the situations, and most of all, the people, including the mechanic, were all indicative of my Self and what my inner Self knew then and knows now – that I am all those things that the mechanic was not, is not, will never be, and also, am everything that the mechanic is that is good in him that also lives in me.

The reason that I know all of this is because in that energy that was the “maybe” was also contained the very seeds, through what was symbolized as hurt, as anger at myself, as all of those things that no one likes to feel, and was eventually channeled elsewhere, into my own creating the life that is no longer out of reach and damned surely NOT dependent on anyone outside of me. This is my Kuleana, as much as it is anyone else’s Soul’s Responsibility to take care of who we each and on our own, are. When we choose to care for ourselves, choose to create what we eventually figure out is the truth of Love and of Being – this is also when we have chosen to have what we know is also the truth of us.

Choosing what is also the truth of us 

We have been trained by the media to equate desire with love, or lust, or both, and that is only a very small, biological, in one way, energy of the all of it. The all of it includes a Love for the Self that is the kind that does not die, the kind that only gets bigger, and the kind that cannot be found because it was never lost. It was only there beneath the rubble that you think is the truth. There are a lot of people with us on this planet who are more inclined to believe that what they want is outside of them, to believe that other people have to bring it to them, and this is not the truth. The truth is that, again, other people are merely symbolic of the things that we want in our lives. Where it is that we feel like we need another person to make us whole, there is another part of us that screams out, almost in spiritual pain, at the idea that many of us human type beings do not trust ourselves as we do others to take care of what we need for us. Yes, we need Love, but we need it from us, first. If we are desirous of Love with another person, we first have to have that same sort of desire that is in another form that is only and all for us. We cannot know real Love until we first know and believe that we are worthy of it. There is no person on this planet who will make this more real for us THAN us.

To be frank, no woman will ever complete a man, and no man will ever complete a woman. Not one of us is born with the thought in our heads that we are going to seek out that perfect other person because we are not good enough on our own to survive. True, it is nice having someone there to always travel along our Path with, but what we are not thinking about is that we travel with many people, but the Path we choose is singularly our own. No one can walk it for us. Along the Path, we find out much about ourselves, and sometimes other people point it out to us, and while those things might hurt our feelings, maybe even break our hearts, the truth of it all is that we, alone, are who is responsible for ourselves. There is not a man alive who loves a needy woman, and no woman I know wants a man who cannot take care of himself. If we are needy, we are going to make these people not want to be with us. If a man is controlling, he will make the woman who is his intended target and who symbolizes what his desire might look like not want to be with him because no human alive likes being controlled, by anyone, for any reason, at all.

To be frank, no person in their right mind would agree to being with another person given the history they have if anyone at all…no matter who it is…friend…lover…co-worker…it doesn’t matter who it is – no right-minded, thinking or thoughtful person is going to go headlong into a situation where, once again, they will end up being controlled, NOT by the person who is allowed to, but more by the energy that is guilt, that is “you owe me,” that is ANYTHING but LOVE.

To be frank, when those among us who share the air with us decide that they want to be all they can be, that they can change their energy to match the vibration of not the symbol of what they want, but themselves, and they allow Spirit to be the Part of them that brings to them the perfect pieces to the puzzle that is their life – THIS IS WHEN WE KNOW THE REALITY THAT IS THE MANIFESTATION OF TRUE DESIRE! And it is NEVER ever before this happens.

In order to have all that we desire to have in our lives, we first must desire to be whole, on our own, without help, yes, through the tears and the bullshit, so that we can, through the completion of allowing the windows of the soul to become cleaned and cleared by those tears that we thought would kill us, we have GOT TO BE right minded, with right intent, so that we can know what is to the will of the Higher Self versus what it is that the lower self…also known as the Ego…calls “desire.” Ego likes keeping score. Soul likes smiling. Ego likes using guilt. Soul only knows Love.

Ego wants us to fail so that we can prove who we are through it.
Soul wants us to know that no matter what, as long as it is with Love, these things that we want to do in order to have what we desire, we cannot lose.

Of course, Ego will tell us that we have lost, but Soul will make it known, somehow, that there are no winners, no losers…only Love.

And that, really, is what we desire…Love, in all its ways, shapes, and forms…


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