The Universal Law of Divine Purpose


Dharma can be and has been defined as being “the essential function or nature of a thing.” Dharma has to do with our Purpose in Life, and is the thing toward which our talents are meant to be given. Artists, musicians, dancers, poets, writers…basically anyone who has been thought to be strange, to be artistically inclined and who has the energy within that tells them that their gifts are meant to be shared with (rather than only seen by) the entirety of the whole of mankind…these are the ones in our midst who we should take our lessons in Life Purpose from. Included in this set of people are those whose lives are lived nourishing others through culinary delights, are those who literally talk to the animals, those who creatively live in the energy that is Love, not only for the rest of us, but more importantly, for the gift that they possess that they, we, I, are and am too happy to share, liberally, all the time, with everyone.

Our Divine Purpose is that one thing that we do, the one thing that we are most noted for. A long time ago I thought that thing was dance, but it turns out that it is communication with other people on all levels. While I can dance the dance of the ancients, it is in love with the exchange of communicative energies that I most am. I can tell the story of a million and one ocean voyages with my hands, just not always in the same way that I can string words together like anyone’s auntie can string leis from things that no one would think to string leis from!

Such as the one my mother did for my cousin which was made up of Portuguese Sausage…just because he wanted one, and just because his wife asked her for one.

This is called Divine Purpose in Action.

Divine Purpose in Action

You might be in a band that is singing to the masses about environmental issues, or you might be an artist whose works are those which depict the darkness in life. You might be a poet whose voice in the words are that of protest. You might be a dancer who chooses to dance in a modern fashion to an ancient drum, just to remind people of the place within you are coming from. You might be a photographer who captures your own life in still and shares your rendition of what a half eaten plate of noodles looks like and call it “happiness,” or you might be an actor who can deliver a message of Love like nobody else.

You might be a whole lot of things, but the one thing that you are is unique in every way, meaning that even as there are a lot of other people on this planet who can and do and should call themselves what they are, even though they are fantastic at what they do, so, too, are you. You are fantastic, we hope, at least by this point in time, at being you, and if you are living your own truth it will show itself in your talents and gifts.

A lot of people want the entirety of the artistic world to settle down and get a “real” job, but not one of those whose lives are wrapped up in the lie that is forced civility would do the same. They would never not be fantastic at what they do, even if what they do is nowhere near agreeable to the greater whole of mankind. While it is that they are lending to the greater whole of heartache, it is nothing for light workers whose lives are lived creatively to be lived in the manner, not that is dismissive, but instead who can and do “see” things through the eyes of Love. It is only through the eyes which have seen hurt and heartache, that have been witness to the things that mar the majority for the sake of the few, that have been proverbially poked again and again all for the sake of naysayers and those who would rather not grow, would rather and only keep things in the manner that they are.

We can look at things in many ways, but no one can see the world through the eyes that are the ones which belong to those of us considered to be “a little off” in our ways of thought and our ways of doing things. I have always loved other creative people, others like me who are here and know, for sure, that we have a grand purpose, a mission, if you will, to help bring enlightened healing to the Soul of Mankind. We know that it is not through our singular abilities that this happens but through our combined efforts of those gifts and that energy that is all Love that we also know we have been blessed in many ways and that those blessings have come to us through our talents.

We were not born to use our talents ONLY for the purposes of creating wealth, but we are born with those talents to help create a collective abundance. Wealth and abundance are not the same. Wealth has its own energy, as does abundance. While they are not the same, they work in tandem to help each other flourish in ways that, without the weird people of the world, there is a specific void created that is made especially to be filled with the love created by those gifts and by the love that is shown in thanks to the people who created it for the world to enjoy, to love and also to share. This is our purpose, in a big fat way – to share who we are through what we do creatively. Our Divine Purpose is created through those gifts and talents which are ours, which we have placed our own special energy to and which we have honed and made excellent throughout the course of this lifetime. When we sit in quiet contemplation, or perhaps in impatient frustration because we cannot find the word, cannot strum the tune, cannot create the count of 8 is when it is that our own human-ness comes screaming at us, reminding us that we are perfect in our imperfection and telling us that without a doubt, that we are trippin’ cause our stuff ain’t right in our minds. Our need for our own sense of this imperfect perfection is the reason that we are gifted in the manner that we are. Our need for the beauty that we create to be this imperfect vehicle of perfection to be seen is what we who live pulled by the strings of our own Divine Purpose is what it’s all about!

Don’t be afraid to use it

Believe it or not, a lot of people are scared of their own abilities. You read that right. Many of us here on planet Earth are scared to death of being successful and we are scared because we know that the other side of that success is failure. Failure, when you think of it in another manner, can be thought of as being more like a strainer through which we pour the grief caused by what symbolizes our failure into and turn it into something that is palatable, which can be thought of as us thinking of that ‘failure’ in terms of being weights on the ankles of a sprinter, or weights hung off of the back of any athlete as they practice what is their Divine Gift. The perception that is the failure is not really a failure but a way to see where it is that the thing we have created is not flawed, but really where a step was missed. It merely means that we have an opportunity to redo it better, and keep redoing it better until it is our version, not of “finished” but of “perfect,” even with its imperfections.

Do not fear failure. If you fear failure you will not really know what it is like to have success born of that failure. If you are too afraid to not be perfect, never realizing that you are already perfect even with all of your imperfections, you will not ever know what it is like to have had to work toward what is acceptable to you, will not ever know the reality of your own abilities and you will not ever really know what it is to have a truth in depth for your abilities. If you continue to fear failure, you will not so much fall out of Love with who you are, or what you are ably gifted to do, but the fire that is there for the Love that is the thing that you do so well will be the first thing which will turn into the ashes brought by the smoldering embers which started it all for you to begin with. All those years ago when you were a child, and all that time that you spent doing the thing that you loved then and that you also love so much to do now is the thing that you are scared to fail at and the thing that, in my head, makes no sense that you would be afraid to fail doing imperfectly.

You fear not being perfect because you have been listening to and believing what is someone else’s version of perfect. Trying to apply someone else’s expectations to your own self is like trying to squish your own circular self into a square ability that is not your own. This is something that too many people have, over the course of history, forced onto themselves and more, onto others. It is the reason that we are seeing what we are seeing at this time in our lives, and it is the reason that we have all of this political crap that we are all watching at this time, and it is the reason that so very many of us seem to be so very unhappy. We have collectively been trying hard to be someone else’s thought of things when all we really ever had to do and still have to do is just be who we really an each absolutely are. When we choose to be ourselves, to glorify in who we are and what we have been forever, and when it is that we have come to this point where who we are does not match the status quo and we find ourselves at that crux in our own minds that tells us that we are this way because we know of no other way – this is when we are meant to come out of our fear and into the light that we are.

Don’t let other people tell you who you are, and don’t let their misunderstanding of who you are and what you are really all about be the thing that guides you. We have ALL done this, and lots of us, myself, too, have all gotten upset, gone to words we did not mean, did things outside of who we really are, and for what?

For the simple fact that that which we are not able to understand is also what we believe is wrong, and that which we have never tried to understand, because it is not congruent to who we are and what our purpose in life is, it is also wrong.

It is not wrong. At all. It is just not that which we prefer for ourselves or can do for ourselves because it might not be that which we are meant for, period. This is what has happened to us as a collective whole. Now, please don’t take this to mean that no one needs to work, or that no one needs to have a ‘real’ job, because for sure that would be irresponsible of me to tell anyone that they don’t need to do what they need to do, but it is also not my telling you that you never get to do what you are SUPPOSED to be doing, and what you are SUPPOSED to be doing IS tied to that one thing that you are so magically and wonderfully awesome at.

Divine Purpose…it’s that thing you are so magically deliciously talented at doing

NEVER allow anyone who does not know the way of the Light Worker, the way of the enlightened, the way that is anything other than your own tell you that you are wrong for NOT following what is accepted by the rest of the world. I am not accepted by the rest of the world, but in my world I fit in just fine. Sure, there are always gonna be those times when I wish that I were able to have a job that I myself did not create for me, and there will always be times when I will wonder what it is like for real to fit my fluidity into something a lot more fixed, but I always come home to myself, no matter what. I have a Divine Purpose, and when it is time for things to click, they will just click because Divine Purpose is always in partnership with Divine Timing. When we finally allow ourselves to do that one thing that we are all and each meant to do, and we do it according to the Plan that we have made with Spirit and carry that same energy with us along the Path that we each follow, regardless if alone or with traveling partners, we cannot go wrong.

We can never go wrong when we choose to do that which is in line with our Divine Purpose.

The Universal Law of Divine Purpose tells us that we know what it is that we were born, literally, to do with ourselves, our lives, and on our Path.

It also will not ever allow anyone, no matter what, to not be who we each and all are for real, and who we each and all are is absolutely priceless.

Now get on out there and be Fabulously You – just like all the other things that we gotta do on our own, this, too, is one of them

Be, in Love, and fabulously so


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