Your quiet strength

“Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5)

There is a lot that is said in terms of people just not thinking that being a quiet yet strong person is somehow not the absolute picture of what is truth in strength. 

What anyone goes through causes them to build themselves from the inside, out. It is from the inside, out that the most damages that have been done can also be undone. It is not that you were ever weak, because meekness is not weakness. Being meek has been given the worst verbiage that it will take a whole lifetime for anyone to rearrange the thoughts in another person’s head to maybe make it a lot easier for someone who has survived certain atrocities in their own life enough to realize that it was never that they were, that you were, that we are, weak, because the dictionary’s definition of “meek” is written as “…characterized by patience and long-suffering…” (Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus, 2006).

Blessed are those of us who never allowed the fire within to go out, no matter how many times people came along and into our lives and specifically tried to make it believable that what anyone has ever gone through was somehow not meant, was somehow not something that would turn them into this polished jewel that they have become.

Blessed are those who, battle scarred an war-torn, in their meek and physically weakened or ailing state, for theirs is the entire Universe. 

Blessed are those who have had their hearts broken, their dreams crushed, their very Spirits trampled by the things that collectively make us all want to cry, all want to rage in an outward manner, all want to point a finger at those who should have and likely knew better. Blessed are those who have little, because their strength is much. Blessed are those whose only mission in life is to be at peace with the world in which they find themselves, even if that world is at odds with itself. 

Blessed are those who find themselves choosing between here and there, now and then, up and down, left or right, because it is in their indecision that they will find their direction in life, their way, the Path upon which they must travel.

Blessed are those who are the pariah, the ones who Love and whose Love is not the one that is readily accepted, even now, when there is no reason for hatred for those who are not like everyone else. The truth is that everyone else is wrong, but that you Love without fear and without reservation is a testament to the meekness that you had forced upon you, the quietness that made you a slave unto the masses, even if only to keep yourself safe from the wolves which chose to prey on your Soul and make you pay for their own quiet sins, the very same ones that you were willing to let know were yours, and the very ones that you were not ever required to make amends for. 

Blessed are those who have been beaten down, who have been the target of people who should have known better, and who now cannot undo what has been done and who cannot make things right because the only way to make them right is to make them right with the people who said person who was attacked has, without choice, left behind. 

Blessed are those who are called “strange,” “weird,” “not right in the mind,” “crazy,” because it is these very ones who are the creators among us, the ones who have always dealt with the crushing blows by a societal orderliness which only allows us to color “inside the lines,” when creativity is not about staying in line with what is expected. Creativity is about creating. Creativity is the life blood of EVERYTHING and it is those who are not very creative who seem to think that what people like the weirdos and the artists and the poets and the musicians are somehow just not right in the mind. It is not that we create that makes them worry about us, call us strange and useless, but is, instead, the threat that creativity and the creation of reality rests in the hearts, minds, and hands of people like me. 

Blessed are all of those of us on this planet who have been beaten down emotionally, who have had the luck as well as the misfortune of having had to deal with bullies, haters and mean people, because it is the experiences we have had with them that took us from being akin to coal, which is useful, to a sparkling gem, which is priceless. 

Blessed are all of those of us who have suffered in what the world deems as weakness. Being meek is not just something given. It is earned. You earned it. You went through hell. 

You survived.

Blessed are the meek, for it is not only the world in which we live that they will inherit, but the very Universe, as well.

I Love You All !


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