The Universal Law of Duplication


I thought I might NOT feel like this today, but apparently and until I let it out, I am going to feel this way. I am going to say it, so deal with it, because there are PLENTY OF PEOPLE on this planet who are duplicating what they will and it is all for their own purpose ONLY instead of their higher purpose. Our higher purpose is the reason that we each breathe, and I am positive that Spirit never intended for the majority of people on this planet to wake up in that energy, everyday even, that tells them that they are here to make sure that they do not sink into the depths of whatever is their greatest fear, even if that means that they are to step on others on their way up the ladder of success. Hurting other people to get where you want to be, and using them for their greatest talents, and then making sure to it that you make up all those pretty excuses so that YOU can feel better is not making anything karmic for me, but you sure as hell are not making the karmic credit card in your hand any more usable in the manner that you THINK is okay. You already know that the Karmic Credit Card has no limit…okay, maybe you don’t, but you should, because I, and I KNOW my fellow Professional Weirdos as well, ALWAYS MAKE IT BLATANTLY CLEAR, ONE SURE THING…


And you have, through the help of other people who are as soul-sordid as you are and who also use people to get ahead, followed the pattern of abuse that is you needing to get ahead, no matter what, and no matter what your sorry excuse is or who you are willing to blame it on and make carry the load, ended up making your karma bigger than you realize and more, you have bought into the idea that you need to…NEED TO use people, hurt people, then act like they ain’t real people, just to get ahead. Ain’t nobody on this planet who I know would be cool with it. It is SO not cool for you to do what you are doing. You have no real clue of the soul danger that you are creating, but ask me if I care anymore. You won’t like the answer as much as I am enjoying my “Christ cleansed the temple” feelin’ I have at the very moment.

I have been used, again and again, and I am not the only one who has been, and it is for those who have been taken a very dear advantage of that I am SO PISSED OFF TODAY. My good graces have been mistaken, once again, as my weakness, when in reality, you have allowed your own human and arrogant and egotistical bullshit to be what guides you rather than what you know is right and good and FAIR. DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF FAIRNESS? Oh well…it is NOT my Karmic bed to lay in and yes, you guessed….Soul workers and Light workers we see you coming a mile away, and we know what your real intent is at the onset, even though we don’t know what your ultimate plan is. This is the good thing about us, by the way, that we cannot be fooled about the truth of anybody. That’s right – I said it. Deal with it. I have been onto a WHOLE LOT OF YOU from day one, and while there are those who willingly tell me what they do, willingly DO NOT LIE TO ME in order to make themselves feel better, willingly take it upon themselves to follow what they asked to know, by me or any other healer in the trades, there are still those ones who will pick our brains and then only use the parts of that picking to screw other people over, for whatever reason they will, and it is not true success but rather and only and TRULY A FAILURE. SERIOUSLY ! 

THIS IS NOT OKAY! You have, the majority of you, learned VERY WELL what it means to duplicate, and duplication is the name of the game when it comes to creating your own life from your thoughts and doing so WITHOUT STEPPING ON OTHER PEOPLE FOR IT! Then there are those of you who I USED to be beamingly PROUD of but who CHOSE to slide back into what your ego wants and that only leads me to ask what the hell have you duplicated? YOU HAVE DUPLICATED USING THE HELL OUT OF EACH OTHER FOR YOUR OWN GAIN, which YOU DID NOT LEARN FROM ME and have had zero thought about who you used to get to what you think is the top. Nope, it is not the top – essentially, it is the bottom, but it is the highest level of the bottom, and when you get to the highest level of the lowest rung on the ladder there really IS only one way to go – DOWN, and I used to feel sorry for people like that, but now?

Now I am just really very angry because while a bunch of people sit there knowing that the strife is meant to be so that we can appreciate the successes that we are all bleeding from the Soul for, there are those who are still very elementary in their thinking about what is the truth of success. You use people to get where you think you need to be, but it is only on the outside. Did no one tell you that in order for your success to be true that you actually have to put work into it, have to lose something else and that you cannot do it alone and that the moment that you feel like you have to take anything from anyone else is the very moment of the start of your fall from grace? 

Your truth is not hurting people and it will never be. It is too bad that you don’t realize this and that when you do realize it, it is often too late and no, I will not be there to catch you when you fall, at least not the manner that I was before, and you can also forget about all the others in my network of healers and professional weirdos. You will not use me or them anymore. At all. If you don’t believe me, TRY ME…you suck and you suck because you use people, brutalize them to get what you want, ask and ask and ask and expect from them, get what you want, and then have no energy that says to you that the piper is interested in getting some leverage, and said piper WILL get her leverage, and no, I am not said Piper….that would be Spirit, and She NEVER loses. You are about to find this out. It will not be pretty. Don’t expect good people to be there for you anymore, free of charge, when the shit hits the fan…and I promise you that it is already in the catapult.

I didn’t, other healers didn’t…no one but YOU put it there. You used people, and now you will be used. That is not my law, neither that of my fellow professional weirdos, but that of the UNIVERSE! 


Congratulations. You have reached the top of the lowest rung of the ladder of success. You copied all those selfish sons of bitches who decided that the only way to the top was to make sure that you used the right people, that you lied to those who helped you the most and who you somehow believe is your glory. In reality it is not your success that you are glorifying in because that is NOT success. Success that is STOLEN from others by you not giving a damn about who you have already hurt is NOT SUCCESS, it is simply the layaway effect of having used people. You are not the one who is governing the outcome only, because you do not believe it when weirdos like myself tell you that you are strong enough to make it on your own. Nope. You want to get to wherever it is that you think is success, no matter what, and no matter what, I am here to tell you that you are duplicating the thing that you have said that you loathe.

You loathe other people being hurt for the gain of others, but you, yourself, pretend like you are somehow original. No, you are not – in fact, you are not at all an original, because it takes very little to swipe from the souls of other people, and the way that you do that is to drag them down by making sure that they know, not that they have lost, but that you have won. Way to go, moron! You have duplicated being a douche bag quite well, and it shows. You have duplicated the pretty words, and the hollow sweetness that is the silent pat on the back to your own self, all whilst rubbing the space in the backs of others where you planted your blade, thinking and believing that what you thought was right and good was anything BUT that, and now you are again in duplication of what it is that you think is success.

You are not successful if the only thing that you are duplicating for someone else is the idea that you have won. You only think that way because of the material part of it, but in the process what you do not realize you have duplicated is the pain that you have suffered that you did not want to deal with but that you are willing to duplicate for someone else. You are not untouchable. You are not above the Universal Laws and while you might believe that you are all skating around them, the reality is that you are actually taking the scenic route to where you actually belong, which is the opposite of what you want to call “Duplication of Success.”

Duplication of Success does NOT MEAN DUPE-PLICATION

Yup. I am on a mad rampage today. I am pissed OFF because while the majority of people on this planet we all call ‘home’ are doing right by each other, there are still a whole lot of people here who really believe that the world is theirs to play pick-a-part with, and that it is alright, too, to take from others what they need, or think they need, for their own life. Do you jack offs NOT realize that you have left a void elsewhere? Are you sure you know what you are doing to yourself? Do you realize that what you have left those other people with is just another void to fill all while ingesting into your own lives the black mark called “The Truth of You” and that the truth of who you are is somehow dastardly, is dark and vile, is disgusting to feel because it is also and equally if not MORE disgusting to look at through the eyes that are the Soul?

JUST BECAUSE you are a master at being in disguise all the time it DOES NOT MEAN that you have to, all the time, be that one person who feels like he or she NEEDS to get one over on people because that totally is NOT what this life is all about? Are you as blatantly aware of things as you keep on lying to other people about or are you even remotely SURE that you feel okay and within your rights as a spiritual being to have wronged (YEAH I SAID IT NOW DEAL WITH IT!) another, no matter if wronging them was something that you feel they might have deserved? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

I’ll tell you who the hell you are – NOT THE PERSON WHO DESERVES TO HAVE THE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY FROM OTHERS, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OR WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE ! NO ONE DESERVES TO BE FOOLED, and NO ONE DESERVES TO BE USED, and NO ONE – NOT EVEN YOUR SORRY ASS! – deserves to hurt or be hurt, and my thought is that you have no clue how dearly and ugly your karma will be. And at this point the other question I have is “how the hell do you look at yourself in the mirror each day, knowing that this is how you are, and knowing that you keep on lying to everyone, but mostly, your very sorry ass self?”

The Universal Law of Duplication is one of those things that we are meant to have the tiniest bit of Karmic knowing, the tiniest bit of that which is not “DUH” about the way that what we choose to use our energy to duplicate ANYTHING AT ALL, but namely that which we want to label as being our Success. Our successes in life DO NOT COME FROM when we feel we have been made victorious through making things harsh on other people. It is not okay to make it known to the world that you have somehow reigned victorious over someone else, NOT because they screwed up, but more because your line of bullshit to whomever it was that you lied to in order to get your way was felt on some level by the person who you shoveled it into their ears and souls and who had trusted you. Then you went and broke that trust by making them feel like what they had done for you in the past was somehow not enough, that their work or energy put forth on your behalf was not enough by your standards when in reality, those people cannot ever have that time back that was spent on what they thought was you being sincere. Those people cannot NOT live in the shame that was the lie you told, or emitted energetically, just to get what you wanted out of them.

Using people, duplicating what is their success through your own manipulations is not okay. Lying to them to get your way, and making false promises to them, whether verbally or otherwise, is wrong and will cause you to have to clear up your Karma while they are clearing theirs that you helped create for them while you were taking from them what you were too lazy and shady to do for yourself. It is, no doubt, LOTS easier to siphon what you can from other people, and there are a shitload of you who do this and who think that you are somehow above these people who you have hurt. You will not ever have their trust again, ever, and that is only part of the harshness that is the reality of the Karma that we each create for ourselves.

If you feel like the ONLY way to duplicate success is to duplicate the underhanded nature of some of the people who you are hung on their noose by, perhaps it is not time to continue using people to get what you want but more is time to cut the rope by which you hang loosely from the end of. You can’t see it that way. Your own material mindedness and your own need to be the winner even if there really was not a loser until you created one, thereby duplicating being a douche bag of the highest degree, is what caused you to worry that you would not have enough, because you did not believe me when I told you that we always have enough and that when we feel like we don’t it is because we are not thinking right.

I thought that by this point in time, you would have been able to already and on your own NOT pander to what you know you are going to hit me up about again in the future to help you clear it out.

I will…but it’s going to cost you …to the tune of a lot more than just your words telling me that you know and always knew the difference between what is truth in success through the Universal Law of Duplication. Those days are over with.

You have always known, way down deep inside, the difference between what is right, and what is whatever it was that you were thinking was wrong. What you are doing is wrong. Yup..again.. I said it, will keep saying it, and mine will be the voice ringing in your head, the words that you are not longing to hear but will, until you make it right again with anyone and everyone.

Those words are “I TOLD YOU SO!” and yeah, while it is SO outside of my way of being, I will dance naked beneath the wide and bright full moon, laughing in the shadows and sending that energy of knowing in the direction of those who know the Law of Duplication so well that they have mastered it to the ugliest, nastiest, most unforgiving degree that they could possibly have tried and SUCCEEDED AT DOING.

So, see, you are not a complete failure…you have succeeded in disgusting me to the very Bones of The Soul.

…I DO LOVE YOU ALL, but there are a whole lot of you who still just prefer to be douche bags…


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