The Universal Law of Cycles

Our lives are lived in a never-ending pattern of similarities and cycles

“Round and round, what comes around goes around…” (Ratt’s “Round and Round”)

In our everyday lives we see that there are cycles. Everyday, the majority of people on the planet wake up, do their thing, go to their jobs, come home, and start over the next day. This is just an immediate example of a cycle.

I am fond of telling my students that what they are going through right this minute in their lives, if they were around about twenty or so years ago (I have a lot of younger students in their 20’s), that whatever it was that they found themselves embroiled in, in the time that has passed since then, they came up with the answer, the solution to that issue during those twenty years that have passed. Our lives run in cycles. All of life runs in a circular cycle. If you want proof, think back two decades and think about the things that are similar now (meaning the energy is almost exactly like it was back then) and know and believe right now that the thing that you were dealing with back then is also the thing that you are now dealing with. If you were in the middle of an ugly divorce, you, in the time that passed, came up with the way to go forward with that split in these last twenty years. It might not have been that you were going through it then, but you were, at that time, giving signs of having to go through it. If you were conducting business back then that seemed to just come to a screeching halt and, now, like me, find yourself at that threshold, not of what you did wrong back then but are in the energy that reminds you that you have had two decades to think about how you might do that same thing differently, then you are experiencing the Universal Law of Cycles.

What comes around truly does come back to us…they are called life cycles

Lots of people think that we are not in control of our own lives, but our own personal private histories will always prove us wrong in that, if we were to look back those twenty years I just wrote about, we each would be able to see the energies in the current situation as having never not been there. It has always been there. It is charted in our Natal Charts, then when, the where, the what, the why and of course, the who it is in our lives in the space of time that we have had to ponder these things, the everything that we will go through. While it might not just be blatantly there, if, again, people are willing to go back through the last twenty years of their lives they would be able to compare what it is that they had no clue about what to do with right around twenty years ago to what is happening right this minute.

Even people in their mid-twenties can do this. Younger adults can look back and see where they were when they were in the first grade, and they can recall what happened in their lives with other people and know, too, that even though they did not have the answers they needed then as a child, they are now able to tell their own kids what they would have done had they been able to think it as a child. In that twenty year time span you have grown, you have become a young adult, and you have figured out a whole lot, or at least as much as your twenty-something brain is ably equipped to come up with. When we think back to where we were that long ago, and we go over the timeline in our minds from that time until right this moment, we will each find similarities in those things that we revisit from that time in comparison to right now.

Based on my twenty year theory, there really is not a lot that any one of us cannot get through

Alrighty, plainly put, there is not a whole lot of crap that any of us can’t get through. Based on the looking back at the things that we have each been through, and seeing as how you are sitting here reading this, you know that you made it through that time in your life, long enough to make it to right now. You knew, more, actually, your soul knew and knows and never doesn’t know, what it is that you can handle. Seriously, Spirit does not hand us our balance without knowing very well what we can and cannot handle. Just because we think we can’t deal with an issue, it never means and never will mean that we can’t get through it all. We can. We are sitting here in the Now going through other things, and some of those things are of the same energetic nature as those things that were upon us twenty years ago.

Okay, so some things are not of the “twenty year” nature, and some things come up in our lives faster than that, but for the really giant things, the things that make it so that we have to stop and think and, no, not realize, but accept as they are, including the outcomes we do not want but know are for the best (because we bothered to go back in time in our minds and go to that time in our own history), we find that our cycles in life are always consistent. The things that we are going to encounter throughout our lives will always have the same circular motion to it. The things that make us crazy or make us “run around in circles like chickens with our heads cut off” are the very things that keep coming back to us, and they do this because we already know how to deal with them, are already figuring out and are already dealing with at a subconscious level.

Everything that you are going through now you have gone through, just at another time and with other people. That you are going through it now is not that surprising, because even as a whole lot has changed with you throughout the last two decades, you are still you, and you are still always going to be prone to those same things that were activated in your life back then that are there and present now. What is different now, though, is that you have learned a lot of stuff, a lot of ways to get through to your brain, to get the message that your Soul has been telling you for years about who you are, about what is in your life that you not only need to learn from, but more than much else, to never choose to go through again, or perhaps just to learn and accept that things are as they are meant to be.

Once we can all grasp this, the circle, and also, the cycle, is complete. “Next time” never has to be, because in these past twenty years, you have learned how to deal with stuff.

That is what you now know – how to deal with stuff from our own perspective, which is strange to a lot of people who are choosing to remain with their eyes voluntarily tightly shut. It is strange because they see what they are for real and choose to go back to what is uncomfortable for everyone each person knows, but is also familiar. We have learned that many issue are familiar, and a lot of them uncomfortable – either way, if it is uncomfortable to you to have to end something because you know it is best for whoever else is involved or whatever, it doesn’t matter, because the other side, the less favorable thing is that uncomfortable but familiar, is choosing to remain peaceful in your chosen thought about a thing, when instead you already know you are over it. So why hang on to it, right?

Right – why hang on to it?
Familiar, yet uncomfortable, is less scary than is new and uncertain. Either way, it will be uncomfortable.

Yet, only one of those ways is the one that will be best for all people involved. The reason you are uncomfortable about one is that for a minute in the course of actual time, what we have to be involved with in order for us to learn, SUCKS, and sometimes it doesn’t suck and everyone, when all is said and done, is not mad anymore – that is when it is learned, by all of us. This is when, and not when we think we are ready or that we are tired or bored, because that is not the way that this works. I hate to be harsh, but I want all of you princes and all of you princesses reading this to please pull your heads out of your asses before you smother yourselves in the bullshit any further.

Seriously. Catch up already. We are having a blast over here, and the only thing that hurt when we just chose to go for it – to trust ourselves to listen to our higher selves, and just go for it – if it make EVERYONE in your life happy or happy for you, all at one time, THAT’S THE KEY…

And if you feel like you have to settle, or not be yourself, I promise that the pain in the pride will not take too long to get over the moment you realize that what you are going through is your key, to you – to remember.


Cycles and Circles have one thing in common…
…neither ends, or begins- they just keep doin’ what they do, and so, too, do we.



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