The Universal Law of The Cosmic Web

No matter what anyone thinks, we are all connected….to everything that was, that is, that will be…and it is through one another that this is made true.

When we think about things that happened to us, we also have to think about all the things and people who were there and also and at that same time being affected by it, just by being there. Everything in consciousness has presence. Even the past has presence in the Now. Think about things that happened to you a long time ago and how, when you think about it, somehow, that time in your life still has some sort of energy in your life. Our thoughts are what The Cosmic Web is made up of, really, because when thinking in terms of things which can be thought as “Spiritual,” even the great big void that a lot of people call “The Nothingness” is still something and still relates to now and still has energy here and now.

When you learned to ride a bicycle as a child, you never forgot about how to ride it, and the proof is that now, many years later, you still know how to ride a bike. You learned to bake an apple pie when you were a few years older, and here you are, in the Now, and in the Now you have perfected the recipe and made it your own so that maybe the person who you teach that recipe to will also perfect it and make it their own like you made it yours. When you went to college and learned how to do whatever it was that you majored in and passed those classes and went on to use that learning and that knowledge to do your job as best you could, and you use those things learned at that time in the Now, and you pass on that knowledge that you have held onto and made your own and then passed it on to someone else, you are seeing your own self as being part of what is known as The Cosmic Web.

Now, there are a lot of people who are going to think that the way that I am explaining things to you all is somewhat ….elementary…in nature, and this is fine and good, because lessons in Spirit are not meant to be the sort which will take a private university degree to figure out. What was complex to me and drew me to that learning is one part of the web where the past is concerned. Once I learned what I know now became what I now teach, it, too, became the part of the Cosmic web that is the past. When, in the Now, I teach someone else what it is that I know, and they absorb it, and then apply it in their lives, this is an example of how the Cosmic Web works in the Now. When I and my students of Spirit, whether in one another’s physical energy field or while out of each others’ presence, go out into the world and tell others about what it is that we know and we pass that knowledge on to others and they take it on and they learn it and they go out and also tell others – this is the Cosmic Web in the future.

Who we are consciously expands, not to meet the Ego’s needs, but to fill the void which is created for the purposes of creating within the Nothingness. (In other words, because the Universe abhors a void, it is meant that everything that we have ever thought, said, did, are thinking, saying and doing, and will think, will say and will do comes dearly into play when there is a void and fills in the blank, so to speak, with the intention brought about by the thoughts….reread that and then shake off the duh and think about it and know that this is the truth…) Who we are is connected to everything and everyone else, and who they are is also connected to everything and everyone else, as well.

What we do affects everything. It does not matter what it is, what the energy is, what your intent is – no matter what, what you are and what you do, matters. This is a very important thing to know and to believe, because when you are not willing to believe that what you think about matters and is very important, it shows in the way that things materialize. There are a lot of people who do not know that they are very important, and it is because of what they are willing to believe. When they believe that they will generally affect everything and everyone else, and believe on the level that is the outer plane of awareness and they can relate to the thought that somehow, the things that they are thinking are touching the All That Is, because collectively we are The All That Is.

Every point in the vastness that is the Universe, regardless of how it is vibrating, is connected with everything else in every manner that anyone can think of. What you thought about last Tuesday at 3:48 P.M. will have implications Now because you can think back to last Tuesday. This is what is meant by everything is connected. You can think back to what was and can effectively change what will be by focusing what is right now. This is the Power of Knowing and realizing this much.

My greatest example…

I have this friend named Kenny. No last names are needed, because he knows who he is and knows that he is well loved…anyway…Kenny is a good guy who has a long reach in the entertainment industry where indie rock is concerned. It is safe to say that not only does the man know his reach, but he knows his stuff. Kenny teaches me and my Twin Fish, Dannie, things about his trade and we teach him things about ours. To the table we each bring our past learning and lessons in learning and our knowledge and expertise to one another, sharing what we know, so that we can go out into the world that is our own and share it with others who we each singly know. What Kenny knows he brought with him to the friendship, and what Dannie knows she brought to the friendship, and what I know is what I brought to the friendship.

NOW, when we think about it in terms of a spider’s web, we can see, too, that not only is there a long and winding reach that we each have created ourselves, but there is an interwoven tapestry of knowledge that is air, that is there and present and will never not be, and while each of us has our own specific group of people and the knowledge that we have attained from our own personal groups of friends outside of our particular shared friendship is where this knowledge in the Now is shared.This lends to the outer things and people who are the friends of our peers within our own specific social groups (essentially our Soul Families that are each our own but in a shared sense, also each others’ ….ahhhhh yes! I can hear the ‘clicking’ of the brain cells as they process all of this…awesome!) and expands outward toward the greater whole of mankind and of course, The Universe Herself.

You see, Dannie and I met in college. Then one day, I met Kenny, and then I introduced him to Dannie. Before I met Kenny, I also introduced Dannie to April, and Dannie and I met Noreen at the same time and introduced April to Noreen. THEN, Kenny comes into the picture, and Kenny introduces me and Dannie to Shawn. I introduce Shawn to my cousin, Drew, who also knows Dannie, Kenny and April. These are only 6 people. All of each of us knows 6 people who won’t know all the others who I know, and vice versa. This is how the information, the knowledge and the Wisdom that each of us has within us that is meant to be shared gets shared. To each of our own lives there is added what each of these people know, as well as what they have been taught by those who are in their personal lives and personal spheres of knowing who the rest of the people in this example do not personally know but who, through the passing of information and knowledge that we have each been given by those we are closest with, have added to the Cosmic Web that each of us is a part of.

I know…it is a perplexing concept in that we are all connected by the people who we know and who we don’t know, and it is the greatest paradox that is quietly known to mankind that is the ladder of knowledge held and shared.

Yet, it is a beautiful concept in that without people in our lives, we don’t know just how vast the Universe is. We don’t know our specialness and we don’t know that we truly are a piece of the past, the present and the future.

Nothing happens in consciousness without all of us…Ray Charles had it right….

Indeed, what a wonderful world.


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