The Universal Law of Correspondence

We are all a small piece of the Grander Scheme of Things

Thank you all, first of all, for reading my blogs. Without you, the reader, sitting there and taking a couple of moments out of your packed-to-the-gills days and reading what it is that I write about, I don’t know that people are reading them, and I don’t realize that people are liking them. Even though my Soul Family tells me that they read it, and I Love that they do, the truth and fact remains that even as I write my blog, it doesn’t mean that anyone is going to read it unless I post it, share it, tell people that it is done being written and that the daily madness of this Shaman has been written and that now you can click on the link to see it.

Without readers, the puzzle that is my life is not complete. It takes more than only my writing what I will to make the puzzle be what it is meant to be. It takes another person reading it to complete the puzzle that is the interaction between me, the writer, and you, the reader, before the energetic exchange has been made. The energy that I create with my words is the energy that you will feel as the reader. The comments that you make and the emails that you send me (thanks! YOU GUYS ROCK AND RULE!!!) and all of the wonderful things that you help me grow my energy with are all a part of correspondence. Correspondence is the thing that everything in nature, namely humans, do, at a constant even.

Without the stranger across the room, there are no fleeting glances made that would cause a person to respond to that energy in kind. Without the woman behaving irrationally, there is no man (or even a woman in this day and age) reacting in kind to that energy. Without the Pavlovian thing happening, there is no Pavlovian response.

We are all pieces to the grander puzzle of The All That Is

No matter who tells you what – we are all working in unison with each other. We are all making this great big human energy be what it is at any given time of the day. It is our correspondence with the greater whole of things that makes us part of this great big human type puzzle called life. This great big human type puzzle called life is truly who we are. Who we are is the answering call to what we think. Who the rest of the people in our own personal and private worlds are the answering calls to what we think, too. Who they are in our lives is the answering call to their thoughts, and so on and so forth…I think you see where I am going with this.

In thinking and knowing that every single little thought that we think, and realizing that that energy is what is creating the grander theme and scheme of things, and knowing, too, that we each have a small part in it all and knowing that the smaller parts all become the bigger part of things – this is what is called “correspondence.”

Correspondence, and your place in the lives of other people

A very good example of knowing that you are a part of the grander scheme of things in the Universe is that other people are here, exist, and share life with us. Us looking a stranger in the eyes and them looking back leads to a lot of different thoughts, some of them good, some of them not so good, and those thoughts lead to other things happening in our days. We take that energy, good or not, home with us to our own people. They get a taste of that stranger’s energy through us, and so on and so forth. This is a very general sense of the energy. To take it further…

Let’s say that you hang with a group of people. You know that you are part of the whole. You remain as you are in energetic ways, and they remain as they are in energetic ways, and without our trying to change who they are and not changing who we really are and realizing that we are part of the Universe that is this group. The fun part is that even as you are who you are, and they are who they are, and you and they do not change who you really are, the energy within the group is the same because all the while that this individuality is remaining the same, you are also taking on the characteristics of the group.

This same thing can be also seen in reverse in that when someone is being themselves, and trying dearly to engage in the energies that are “the group,” and they just somehow cannot fit in, through means of past actions taken by them onto someone within the group (also can be thought as the Soul Family), or perhaps their ideas and their actualities, or maybe, really, they are just a douche bag – whatever is the reason, you will know it and they, too, will know it, because (I love it) ENERGY DOES NOT LIE. It’s like when we know any kind of relationship has come to its end, and we try hard to preserve what it is that was there and that is no longer there. The people who we hurt in the past are still with that energy by you. You are still with that energy, also, by you, because you also cannot forget what it was that caused their energy and their focus to not be toward only their own well being. This is what happens in abusive relationships. This is the energy that is taken on by both the abuser and the abused. There is an energy of mistrust which is created within them and placed there by the person who abused them.

The Universal Law of Correspondence is such that you will know who are your people, so to speak, not only by your first impression of them but also by the weight or the lightness of their energy as it communicates and corresponds with your own. You know which people are there and there for you and you for them in whatever manner it is that you are there for them based solely and only on the response caused by the energy which is Correspondence. While it is that you are still you in your Soul Family, and they are still them, “the group” experiences a rise in the energy factor when all parts are in actual physical contact.

We are each important, not only in our own Soul Families, but on the planet, because the energies which are there and created by those in our personal Soul groups are recognizable and being like each other. You will know when your time with certain people is over with, and will know when the lesson has been learned, because regardless of how any one person feels about anything, you just know, because, again, ENERGY DOES NOT LIE. All of that resistance that you might be feeling from one person or another, or all of the desperate energy that you are putting out there toward someone or a group of people is meant to tell you, to guide you out of the heart ache, out of the absoluteness that you will end up hurting again, and this time it will be because you chose to stay somewhere or with people whose energies no longer were congruent with yours, no longer fit. You grew out of it, as did they , and your ego will not let you release them, because you either cannot forgive them for what you think they did, or worse, you cannot forgive yourself for what you KNOW you did. You know what you did, or what they did or did not do. You may be having a hard time forgiving them for whatever it was that they might or might not have done. Or it may be that you cannot forgive yourself for the things that you have done, and in that energy you are trying hard to force the other peoples’ forgiveness by making them know that you are there and that you are going to do whatever it takes for them to know that you are important, and possibly, at least in your own mind, THE most important part of the puzzle that is THEIR life. I am sorry, folks, but that is NOT the way that this correspondence thing works and while you are not doing it wrong, you are expecting way too much out of people who are either way too angry or way to hurt…either way, they are exhausted by your antics and not only because you each know, no matter how many of there of you there are in any given situation, what happened and each of you has a corresponding energy to that one event. Sometimes it is a good energy, and sometimes, unfortunately, the memory remains and the memory continues to create the energy that was the correspondence of abuse int he first place. Essentially, if you are the person who is the abuser, you are only creating the energy that was what brought you to where you are now, all over again. Think about it, because I know I am right.

I am a survivor of this abuse crap. I chose to study it, dive right into the ocean of tears and the blackened weight of anger and rage. I chose to go into the depths of hell so that I may arrive back in the real and be here to tell you either that, as a victim or survivor, you made it. You made it to this blog and you made it to my corresponding energy to yours that tells you that you can survive, no matter what, because you are the corresponding energy to mine, and yes, are also the corresponding energy to all the things that someone else imposed on you in an energetic sense. None the less, you are here, right now, reading these words, because somehow the energy that was “someone please make sense of all of this madness” called you out to seek out something, some sort of words to place the pain, to place the anguish and the insecurities. You are the example of the Universal Law of Correspondence.

When we believe that our pain is someone else’s fault only, we are forgetting than in this great big Universe, we are not the only one in it. We forget that what we do will never NOT come back to us. When we are talking about physical and emotional abuse, this ugly…thing… that makes anyone, namely a survivor of DV very cautious about people in general, we have the absoluteness of what is the best representation of what the Universal Law of Correspondence is according to the Law of Manifestation. If you thought about it long enough, you would see what I am saying. Myself I am now getting through this part, the part that tells me that I am fine and good, the part that tells me that no matter what, what it was that I went through actually happened, was not some strange nightmare, and happened in the real. I cannot now nor ever deny it, because to this day, while I have forgiven the people who brought these lessons to me, I also will not ever forget it. The memories are vivid, like snapshots in the mind, and everyday I wake up and recall the things that I have been through, but more, I see now that it was the lesson involved in it, and the lesson’s main question has always been “Are you sure that this is Love?”

I knew that it wasn’t, that it couldn’t be, and I know that there are people reading this who also know this, who also know that it is not possible to Love someone if you are willing to make them the center point of your life and then when the person who you placed on a pedestal no longer cares to be your trophy you end up being very, very ugly in the soul to them. I know this. I lived this. I was not willing to possibly die for the Love that I knew was not there, and I was not willing to conform to what was my agreeing without agreeing to being a possession, akin to a pet who could be beaten into submission until forced to learn to not get beaten, to be able to maintain who I really was and am, all while dealing with a madman.

Some of you reading this are dealing with the madman, and others, the madwoman. Either way, you already know that it is not your energy which has not evolved. It is not you who thinks that you are the most important piece of the entirety of the whole, and while the person in your life who is doing these things to you and saying what they will to you in order to keep you from leaving them and them from looking like a nut-job, all the while, they realize not that they are creating a Karmic debt for themselves, and when the victim retaliates, they are, in that moment, trying hard not to create any Karmic debt for themselves, but it happens.

It happens when we choose to strike back rather than to respond, even as I know that merely responding as opposed to reacting is sometimes the thing that will set them off the fastest. And it totally is because they, in their heads, were in complete control of everything. They were hoping for you to react, and instead they were given an energy that was not familiar to them, was not one that told them to get ready to fight, perhaps even physically.

When you take away the power from them, you take away everything. When you take what they perceive to be everything and you are the one with the Power over yourself …yeah…it is not pretty. They will do everything within their power to try to make you see that you are bad, or wrong, or evil, when in reality, all they really need to do is let go of things. They cannot let go of things, To an abuser the things that they hold tightly to are the very things they believe make them live. (This is called an energy vampire…google it) You are not the Life Force, not the Source, and no matter what you have been told, you really are in control, but not in the manner that you thought you would have to be.

The Universal Law of Correspondence tells us that no matter what, we remain being who we are, even though when we are in the company of others we end up merging energies with them, and those energies either cause a reaction or a response.

The reaction or the response….which will you choose? How will you choose to go about the way that your energies correspond with the mix of energies that Is The All That Is?

Whatever you choose, don’t forget the reason why.


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