The Universal Law of Continuity

Music is proof that nothing dies – it all only changes form…

Kurt Cobain. Joey Ramone. Cliff Burton. Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix. Jon Bonham. Layne Staley. The common thing between these people who are gone from our lives is that they were all musicians, all of them in their own right were rock legends, and all of them blessed the world with their own version of the Light from Within. No matter how dark their lives were, they still gave us their light through the music that millions upon millions of people still enjoy. Music is the thing that can be thought of as the one tie between us that, through our Love for it and certain genres and acts, we are truly One. The  other thing that no one ever thinks about when thinking about any kind of music is that even as some of the people who created all that music are no longer with us in this awareness, they live on through those creations.

Music as energy as well as proof that energy does not die but only changes form

People look at me cross-eye’d when I tell them that indeed, I DO get messages from the Great Beyond, that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that most of the time it is not that we can just talk to whoever we want to. No matter who tells you what…it is when those who were loved by those who passed on want to talk to their loved ones on this side of the proverbial velvet rope that professional weirdos like myself end up getting those little signs and signals that someone who is not visibly there has something to say to the person standing in my line of awareness. But that is not what I want to tell you all about either. What this post is about is that no matter what anyone thinks – energy does not die, it only changes form. Any person who has lost anyone who was very, very close to them knows this because their Loved Ones visit them often. You can think of me as being a nut-job Shaman, or just another one of those people who call themselves a Psychic trying to get more people to pay for what I am able to bring to others in the form of messages (there are people reading this who know well that things like this…like being contacted by those not visible to the eyes in this realm and on behalf of someone standing in my line of sight…it is very poor spiritual manners for anyone to charge money for things like this, things that just come through to us. Now, if we are talking cleansing of houses and buildings, finding out if there is an angry energy someplace…that’s different. Love messages pay for themselves, namely when I am who gets to deliver it…anyhow…), but that is not the way that I work.

Music is proof that energy does not die, it only changes form. Kurt Cobain died a long time ago, but the music from the band which he helped make so famous back in the early 90’s is still being listened to, not only by the generation which made them famous, but also by those who followed us as being “The Next Generation.” Kurt Cobain lives on because the music which he created with Nirvana still is enjoyed. This is what I mean by telling people that energy does not lie, and more than that, it does not die. It only changes form. While we can no longer enjoy Cobain’s music performed by him live, we still get to hear it now, even though it was better than twenty years ago, or at least around that time frame, that the music of Nirvana was made. That first album defined an entire generation, and now that generation has created a new generation of people who are also almost or are adults who now Love the music created by Nirvana right now. Music is the ultimate proof…any kind of art, really….that energy does not die, it lives on and on and is changed by the way that it is appreciated.

Another example that I am using to show you all that energy doesn’t die and only changes form

Yup…Domestic Violence Awareness month…only this example is one that will not make you cry, will not make you angry, will not make the energy that is negative that is created by survivors when we recall the things that have happened in our lives.

You will know when this fact that energy does not die but that it changes the day that you also know and accept the things that have happened to you. When it is that you realize that you are no longer a victim, that you never have to be anyone’s victim, that you never had to in the first place is when that angry and ugly and heavy energy becomes lighter, more tolerable when you do think back to what you were learning back when you were being mistreated in such a violent and ugly manner. When it is that you realize that you can heal from all of this, and when it is that you have accepted that you alone is who will heal you and not a healer, or a doctor, or a therapist…this is the day that you will come to know your own Power. The weakened state that you were in becomes the strength that you thought you never had. The names that you were called no longer bear the same ugliness that they once did and it is this way because you learned well what it is that is the truth of you. The things that you bore witness to no longer carry the weight or the sting they once did.

The energy that you were forced into accepting through physically violent acts of rage, the words of attrition no longer had the sting the very last time you’d heard them, the things that broke you and the acts which could have killed you – those things that you are no longer bothered by that used to break your heart and almost crushed your Spirit no longer bear the same energy. It is not because your abuser’s energy has changed as much as has yours, and that is the proof right there that is actual, that is more valid to me than is much else.

We can be left with trinkets and we can be given words, but there is nothing like our own selves as the proof that energy changes and does not die.

We go from prisoner to warrior, from fighter to war hero, at least in our own minds, and when that happens and the grief that we thought was our mourning ourselves was really only our whole selves shouting out to the Goddess our thanks through our changed, butterfly-like Warrior Spirit which comes screaming through and one day is seen by the rest of the world. We know that it takes time for healing to come and become the thing that we know is ours, time for us, not to forget, but to know that even with all of the ugly memories, even with the nightmares, even with the voices of the past echoing in our heads and reverberating in our souls, we know that we are fine and good in the arms of Spirit, that we are no longer the victim, but instead have released ourselves from the cocoon of our shattered selves and out into the energy that is the Light that emanates from us and outward to the Soul of the World.

My own energy story is as follows…when it all started happening, I was not aware of it, because as a child there were people in my life – no, not my own parents, but people who they entrusted with my care and safety – who bullied me, who used corporal punishment on me when I was merely and only being an actual child, a baby, if you will, and who employed the tactics of what they were taught as children as lessons in getting the respect that most adults in the lives of children are given. When a child is told they will respect their elders, and when those elders, through whatever means it is that they go to in order to get that child to show them respect, those ‘elders’ are in the wrong. There is no reason that any child should fear the adults in their lives. Yet, because we know that there are a lot of people on this planet who are sick in the head and who think it is fine and good to belittle a child because said child does not understand the adult’s expectations, when said child is told that they will obey or they will get punished and the child is then and at that point in a constant energy of fear of those who they are supposed to and expected to and most of all TOLD to trust – this is when the cycle of abuse begins.

It is made okay when we are babies in life. I was a little tiny thing…it started when I was a baby, literally, and the comfort factor is a big thing for a child. We have to, as children, know that we can trust people. While it is that I have forgiven those who were misguided when they, themselves, were children, is my proof that on my own, and while time passed, while others came into my life who also were abusive toward me, and most of all, while others like me came into my life recently, there is the idea that victims and survivors of domestic violence never forget what has happened.

There are still times when I end up in tears and it is always when I am reminded, through these new people, the reason that I was born to Survive, was born to be the one person who is the Guiding Light, the Angel in Human Form, placed in their lives to let them all know…and hell yeah they each and all know EXACTLY who they are….not only to be the one person who they know that they and their children are completely safe with, but more, who is also that one person who, no matter what, will never abandon them…emotionally, Spiritually, Physically. They are well aware of this. They know this because they have been told this. They know this because they know that I know their fear and their pain and they also know that of all the people they know who I do not know, that I am never NOT going to be there for them, always. That is what family is all about. That is who they are to me.

That is how I changed the energy from being assaulted with memories made with me by some of my blood relations, to being the thing that directs my own flow in Life. The energy that I have turned from ugly to useful is the very energy which draws others like me, regardless if they are meant to fight the ugliness with me, if they are still fighting the ugliness now, if they are like me and fighting it on behalf of others and still have to, sometimes, fight it on the inside because we cannot ever forget what happened in our lives for long periods of time. The energy that was there and crying is now the very energy which is also now crying out to the masses to please care, to please pay attention, to please not abandon the ones in your lives who are being visited at this time in their lives with the Soul crushing awareness that is Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse.

Yes, like the music lives on and on and changes the way that it is heard by the descendants who were born to my generation, also does the anger, the self-loathing, the confusion, the everything that an abuse victim goes through while they are being mistreated in the most violent and ugly manner, and as well, the metamorphosis they become painfully aware of (because change is painful…we have to let go and that is why it hurts so much, even when you know that you are releasing your own self from the madness that was placed there through the abuse) that needs to take place.

Their abusers will never know this feeling unless they, too, bother with seeing, for the first time, the things within them and alive and well that make them lose control.

The Universal Law of Continuity tells us that everything in life remains to live on, but that they live on in a constantly evolving pattern

Human life. It is the constantly evolving pattern of conception, gestation, birth, living, death and renewal. It is guided by the principles of the 8th house in Astrology. It is the life cycle of everything on the earth. Yes, we know that life itself is finite, but that is not giving us as Spiritual Beings the credit that we deserve. Just like music changes the minute that it is heard by someone who has never heard certain tunes, so, too is it truth that we evolve. We come into this lifetime through means of human intimate interaction, are born through the powerful act of a mother physically struggling and almost dying (been there, done that…) so that this regenerated form of life that is the culmination of two equal life energies coming together and creating it so as to pass on not only our genes, but Life itself. We are, as a whole, proof that energy does not die – it only can change.

We are proof of this because we Love, and we can let that Love change on its own. Sure, some people who are not aware of the way that energy works might think that this is a bunch of bullshit, but when you think about it, even bullshit evolves and bullshit becomes something useful called fertilizer. Fertilizer becomes part of the earth and helps the earth become fortified with the decay that will be transformed into energy that is new and is different and is no longer just something that the guy raising the bull has to clean up. The bullshit becomes a different sort of energy, and the bullshit of life is what helps us create fertile ground for us to plant the seeds of the future, not anywhere else but within.

It is when the beauty that blooms from the energy that was the bullshit is seen in reality, whether it is our own kids rockin’ out to Nirvana, or Hendrix, or Zep, or in the real when we as survivors of Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse wake up and realize that really, even though it hurt, it taught us a whole lot. Even though we are scarred and marred, we fought a long and ugly battle, not only in the real with our abusers, but with ourselves in getting rid of the belief that on our own we are not as Powerful as our Souls keep letting us know through these new people in our awareness that we truly are.

It is no secret that we evolve…evolution begins inside, in the Bones of the Soul , where the aches and the pains of the crushed and battle worn Spirit are held like the ancient relics of those same ‘Ikaika Wahine who came before us. Indeed, we Warrior …Na Ikaika …those who set the Path for the bad-asses who would follow…

…and every single one of you ‘Ikaika  KNOWS who you are in my life, and that I Love you so very much…

We each and all have much in common with butterflies…don’t be scared to come out of the familiar discomfort of the cocoon you bear as your protection.

It is a beautiful thing to see you all proverbially take flight, knowing that you survived going from a worm to a creature of flight, even if only in your minds…

Rest Peacefully, Mr. Cobain…and thank you all..all of the musicians mentioned here, and as well, to the very ones who I now share a very tight family bond with…you guys, like the ones who have influenced all of you, have seen the butterfly who is me…

And for all the eyes reading this, musical or not…you will know when  it’s your turn, know well when the healing is there and ready…

Spirit is not one who keeps secrets.



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