The Universal Law of Right Action

Listen to Mother and BEHAVE RIGHT !

“No doubt about it, Spirit is UNMATCHED and not an imitation or a fake. Whatever kind of energy that you put out into your world you will also receive in return. If you emit bad or impure energy or energy that is just not right or right intended, you are guaranteed to get that same energy in return and a lot more of it. However, if the energy you put forth is for the benefit of the workings of Spirit, so, too, will you benefit. Don’t stop thinking good thoughts or taking action with right and pure intent…soon enough, no matter what, we each harvest what we have planted! (Galations 6:7-9, N.A.T.)

If ever there were a time in our lives both singularly and collectively, that we would be best served with our own right intention (so as to benefit the entirety of the planet) it is now…RIGHT NOW.

The Universal Law of Right Action is basically the old adage that “what you sow, so shall you reap.” There are no truer words written anywhere that have meaning to the moment that is right this moment. In fact, it is wise of me to tell you all that at this moment in time we are all faced with a whole lot of things that are going on in our inner worlds that a whole lot of us do not understand. The reason that we are not understanding things is because we have, in a very short time, gone from things being and feeling like we were not wanting to deal with breathing anymore, let alone getting up everyday and facing our lives. 

Yet, we have to face our lives, have to, because in our lives there are people there who either need us or we need them, and even if we do not realize it, we have, by ourselves, and without knowing, manifested everything that is within our awareness at the moment. Yes, all of it, good, bad, ridiculous, confusing…all of it. The things that make our souls sing and our Spirits light with contentment and satisfaction are those things that, at one time or another, chose to manifest through our words and our actions, done so with something called “Right Intention.”

Basically, what Right Intention is is a thought that is filled with energy and Joy and Love, is placed within us with a determination of Spirit and is something that we know we need in our lives. We find out what is, or was, the truth in our selves, in our energy and with our intent when we find that (a) what we wanted has materialized in our lives, and has done so without really any major blehs and we have done what was needed in order that Spirit could help us with that manifestation and everything is cool, or (b) we find out, through this manifestation that is now in our face that perhaps we were not really that honest or pure with our intention when it was that we intended whatever manifested in the way that it did. 

For instance….

A little kid in a toy store gets what he wants, always. And there is a lot of the Law of Right Action in the energy that this little kid has in seeing the thing that he wants. First he sees it on television, and then he thinks about the toy and starts imagining himself playing with the toy, and poof! One day, he and his mom are at the store with the big red bullseye and he sees the thing, does not have to beg for it because his mom bought it for him right then and there. His mom tells him that she saw him looking at the thing, and thinking about the thing, and telling her, without any manipulating on his own behalf, how much he would love to have one of those things and won’t it be a great, grand hoo-haw when he finally gets to have the thing? While it is that he is desiring the thing, he keeps on behaving and he keeps on being a good boy and he keeps on just not trying to talk anyone into the thing that he wants and just keeps on keepin’ on, all the while, holding the energy that is akin to “wouldn’t it be awesome if I could have that thing?” and does not put any kind of other energy to it. 

He gets the toy. 

This is called right action. Right action basically means to behave and do unto others and we would have done to us, even in the way that we think about things, situations and people.  

The other way, or “(b),” same thing but….the little boy makes deals, and makes promises, and does all kinds of things that he is not intending on doing and is only telling his mom that he will do them to get what he wants. He still gets what he wants but after he does, strange things start to happen. Things like his mom has to remind him that he told her he would not have to be reminded to do his chores, and things like the thing he loved and manipulated enough people to own is somehow lost, or perhaps does not work, or something just is not right.

When we choose to take right action, and we follow what it is that we know, all the way down into the Bones of our Souls, that what we want to see is going to take work, patience and everything else that we know is right intended in order to see what we want materialize in our lives. This is not a “duh” thing, is not something that all of us does not know about. If we spent any time at all in church in our lives, we know that Spirit knows what is in our hearts and how we will go about anything at all. We should know that when we are more inclined to do what we know better than to do in order to have anything at all, while we might end up with what we want, we will end up with conditions that we don’t see or realize are there because we were not completely honest or upright in our thoughts about how we would go about manifesting it into our reality. 

We do not realize that when we are impatient we are being called to take Right Action. We do not think about it when we are tempted to do anything that we know we shouldn’t do, that, then, too, we are being called upon by Spirit to do the right thing. We do not realize that when we are uncomfortable in any manner, that when we are meant to wait, to pine, to hurt…to do whatever it is that we are prompted to have to think about for a moment, in a rightly intended manner, that in that moment we are being taught patience, we are being taught that we do not have to have what it is that we see in front of us right this minute, that who we are and what we want are one and the same and that when it is that we are at that decision making point – to do, or not to do – is when we are being called upon to allow Spirit to sharpen us, make us perfect in Her ways and through Her mighty hands and with Her Loving Power. 

When it hurts is when we are being taught. Having to be patient hurts. Denying one’s self that other set of gorgeous 4″ chain strap heels because we need to get sensible heels, hurts. Having to go through temporary pain in the butt pain always sucks, always hurts, but if what it is in our lives for is purposes of honing us to our best and highest self, then the hurt, which, again, is temporary, is worth while. This does not mean that we have to hurt every time we need or want something in our lives. It means that once we go through what we have to, we never really have to go through it again because we will have learned how to deal with things that bug us.

Not only that, we will know exactly what it means to Be, In Love, because believing that what we want in our lives takes right action, and part of taking right action is the belief that we are good enough to have certain abundances in our lives. True, we will always have to, in some manner, “work” for what we need in our lives to make it more filled with joy and abundance of everything that makes us joyful, but it doesn’t have to always feel like it, and we can always change our thought about it, no matter what.

So, guys, basically, what the Universal Law of Right Action means is simply just to be mindful, paying attention to our thoughts and what we are willing to do, good or otherwise, or not do, in order to have what it is that we need, want and desire in our lives.

Now…about those 4″ chain strap heels….

I Love You All!


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