Insecurity – it’s that thing you are shrinking from

Society has only shown us what we are not able to do, what we cannot have, who we are not. It has yet to tell us exactly just how kick ass we each and all are

Fear. It is the greatest crippling thing in the world. Fear makes us think and assume and ultimately do things that we otherwise would balk at. Fear makes us think that we are not as awesome as we truly are. Fear makes us say things that hurt other people. Fear makes us become the thing that we cannot stand, and the one thing that no one can stand is being afraid. This tangible world has us all believing that no matter how good we think we are, that there is always someone who is going to be better than we are. While this is the truth it is not a truth that needs to be heard or said by anyone at all. While it is the truth, what is also the truth is that there is not one other person on this planet who is just like you are. You are an original. You are mighty and powerful in your own right and in your Soul you are like anyone else is – brilliant.

Yet, you want to believe what you have been told that you are. You want to believe that you are as stupid as you have been told that you are. You want to believe that you are not beautiful. You want to believe that you are a liar. You want to believe that you are a cheater. You want to believe that you are not awesome. I am here to tell you that you are very well quite awesome.

Most folks are too scared to see that there is the off chance that we each might be absolutely bad ass. Think about that for a minute. When we are told by anyone at all that we are not possessed with certain ways of being, that we do not look as good as this person does when they wear a certain color, that we are not as smart as someone else is when said person is doing what they do best, that no matter what or who we are, that we are not the greatest version of ourselves that we can be.

That sucks.

Knock your crap off. Do you not realize that when you think the way that other people manipulated you into believing that you are giving your power and control of who you are away? Are you not aware that while you might not be the ideal of one person’s preference, that you might be exactly what a whole gang of fools might actually be all about? No one ever thinks past the last horrible thing that they were told, and what they were told is probably a lie, is just the thing that a person who has manipulated you into believing otherwise than that you are bad ass and awesome. 

If you feel threatened by someone else’s presence, that is not the someone else’s thing to deal with. They were just being their damned selves, and it is not their fault that they have grown out of the idea that anyone should have to prove that they are worthy, yes, even you. If you feel intimidated by someone else, for whatever reason, that is on you, because it is not the other person doing anything other than being who they are and being who they are for all the right reasons. And no, none of the right reasons are or even sound like “to bug you.” That is such an egotistical stance to take, namely when it comes to someone else, who they are, what they do, that they are loved by many. You can have this, too, but you have to stop believing what it is that you keep telling yourself that someone else told you.

Yes, I know, a lot of people lied to you, and you trusted a lot of people, and all those people ended up being less than pure and honest with you. So what? What about you? Why are you so worried about what you assume other people are thinking about you, and more, you don’t realize it but when you decide to feel threatened by other people, decide that someone is intimidating, you are judging them, harshly even, and I know this is the truth because I have been on both sides of that ball court and lemme tell you this much – it is NOT worth it. 

It is not worth all the pain, all the emotional crap that you are going to not only put yourself through, but everyone else, too, and you will put them through it all for an assumption. I go through it a LOT, more than I think I deserve to, and it is because for some odd, weird reason, I happen to be yet another human being on the face of the planet. In fact, there are many of us here, and we are all here NOT to make anyone feel like they are going to lose anything to us, not to make anyone believe that they are going to have to live up to who anyone else is, not, not, NOT for all the silly reasons that anyone else would assume, and then choose to hate on, another person.

Just because someone else looks another way, or is more intellectually inclined than another person, it is not permission to be an ass hat and make the lives of the people in our lives miserable by making it seem as though anyone has to live up to anyone else at all. When we put the weight of our own fear and our own insecurities on other people so that they can bear the weight of our pain and we end up hurt, this is the point at which we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves and not only ourselves, but other people, too. This is the funny thing, here, guys – we all have to accept that there are other people on this planet, and we all have to get used to the idea that there are going to be a lot of people who will not change who they are for lil’ ole us.

Lil’ ole us has to realize that we are not the only people here, that people who we share a closeness with also have other people in their lives and those people are there to share with the world who they are, and you are part of the world, meaning that those who would be welcoming like this would probably not be as bad as one might want to believe they are. The thing is, when someone thinks that they have anything or anyone to live up to, it is time, at that point, to think past who we think we are and who we have been told we are and just be who we really are. 

You might surprise yourself. You might actually like you. In fact, the people who you might have seen as a danger to your soul may actually be ones who will cause you to want to meet someone you have never really met before, and that means that you cannot possibly know them.

That someone is You, silly….

Stop assuming that you are in danger or threatened by that which and who is not you. You are just as special as anyone would be, and you have a lot to offer the world, just as much as anyone would. You should also stop letting those damned ear gremlins into your brain…they are in there messing with your mind and making you think things that you know are not true, and even if they were true, you cannot change what has happened, can’t change other people.

You can only pull your head out of your ass and realize that the reason things seemed so dark and shitty was because you had your head up your ass….


Somethings never change…thank the Goddess that we humans were born equipped to evolve at our own pace…

Stop being afraid of what you cannot control, and stop feeling threatened or minimized by people who you don’t care to even want to know. 

They may very well be exactly what you need.
How will you find that out if you keep on assuming that they feel about you the way that you presently do?

Good question, right?

Be You…and not this …meh…version of You.

You are not a shrinking violet and you never were.

Come out of the darkness and see the Light…it’s nice on this side…

Don’t be afraid. Slide on into the evolution that is You.
I promise, this side of the velvet rope isn’t so bad once you realize that it was put there to keep others out of YOUR happy place and not the other way around…

Yeesh !



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