Unfinished Business

Like a sink full of dirty dishes…

I hate washing dishes. I hate it. I have been the one person who has had to wash dishes from the time that I was an 8 year old kid, and to this day I am still the one who washes the damned dishes because the truth isn’t that I am great at it, neither that it is just “my” chore, but more along the line of thought that is my not being able to trust other peoples’ “good job” at cleaning up the mess when the eatin’ is finished. 

There are days we all have when we are just too tired to do what we are supposed to do. After a while, that which we were supposed to do starts to pile up on the inside, and after a while we feel heavy in the Soul. It is at that time we know that we have to do some soul searching, have to go within and clean up the mess that is there. We have to go inside of our Selves and see where it is that we ignored the pain we caused someone else and of course, that someone else caused us. While we were clueless to the pain we didn’t know we caused, we have the ache within that is the person who we unwittingly hurt there, in that energy where we are not sure how to deal with it. Dealing with the pain and the garbage that has been left behind by any one event, or even if we hang on to the idea that it was brought to us through someone else, the truth is that what is there now is ours alone to deal with. 

Our lives are very messy emotionally, spiritually, and all the time we are being sent messages and clues from the ether, messages and secrets that are not directly being told to us by others, and in those energies are the things that we collect and hang onto for dear life. When we hang on to the things that hurt us so that we can, rather than deal with it and work through it and get through it, continue to siphon the energies of others so that we may be able to still blame someone else for how we feel is when we also need to think about clearing our own emotional drain, because in truth, it has become clogged to the point where nothing can clear out the way that it is meant to.

The energy of Now is that of finishing up anything that can be thought of as “unfinished business,” but it is not the sort that is outside of us. It is within. We can no longer just sit and wait for time to pass by, thinking that what we are doing and who we are is up to someone else to take care of. My own students of Spirit know, well ahead of time, that when I let them know that now is the time for this, that or the other, that there is no time to waste because my thought and my teachings are the sort which require being done in a timely manner, and you can sit there and snicker, but when we are talking about the clearing out of the broken pieces of the past, and all we can do is sit there and look at what cut us to the bones of our souls and see there the evidence that we have been hurt and we bother to do nothing and do not even acknowledge that there is still some work to do, we are taking away from ourselves a whole lot, but the one thing that we take away is our own power. 

This is what I mean when I tell my students that there is no one who is in charge of them but them. Some of them, even without their saying so, are still in the mind set that the teacher is who is in the lead. The truth is that I am never in the lead, am never the one who is doing the work, and am only the one who, when the need arises, points out things that I know these lovely people will not see because it is not yet, at that time, part of their way of thinking. The one thing that they all know is that I will not do the work for them, that I will never tell them what it is that I know that they need to learn or at least to try to figure out, and while it frustrates some of them that this is how I help them to learn, it is, indeed, the only true way to learn – through living in the truth that they are trying to create for themselves.

During the time that they are learning, however, there is always something that calls their attention away from what they are learning, and normally it is something that calls them away for a good enough reason, and always that reason is some sort of unfinished business. Unfinished business can be thought of as many things, but the one thing that it will not and cannot ever be thought of is someone else’s to deal with. Now, I am not saying that if you need to see a shrink that you can handle things on your own and to not go and see one – not at all! In fact, that you know you need to see one is the best example of what I mean by finishing up what needs to be finished. I did it. I saw a therapist when the time came and I accepted that I could not sort out all the pain from my own hanging on to the past. I did it. You can do it. We are all able to know when we need help.

We cannot leave things left open and festering. Like a sink filled with dirty dishes with goopy, nasty stuff on them that has congealed and is now fodder for every housefly in existence, our souls sometimes need to be cleansed of the weight of things not finished yet. People have heard me say that “things are not yet pau hana,” meaning that the things that someone is working on that is theirs to work on and to learn to use to their own best advantage are not finished being worked on, honed, or, sometimes, let go of. We have to let go of the pain of the past. If we don’t, it sticks with us and weighs us down from the Soul, out, and then what is there begins to bleed out onto everyone within our energy field. When that happens and people are not to inclined to want to hang with us, we can either be ass hurt by their resistance, or we can take what they tell us and use it to Spiritually clean our houses. 

We are the Temple, are the keeper of the flame within. It does not take a whole lot to get dirty, even though it takes a whole lot for us to be able to accept that what we hang on to that is hurting us still is what we need to be made free from, is what we need to purge from ourselves, even if it means that we have to cry some, means we have to rage in private, means that we have to do whatever it is that we know we should so that we can ultimately be free from the pain that we ourselves administer. It is not easy, cleaning up our messes, because we all believe that the messes were placed there by someone else when really, they were merely who pointed out that we have one at all.

We cannot and should not ever depend on others to clean for us, because we know that we cannot and could not do for them what they can do for themselves. It is not our Kuleana to try to make things right in someone else’s life. That is their mess. 

You have your own

Clean up your Self, then go out into your world and tell others that they can also clean up theirs. You can tell them that you were able to do it, that yes, it was, at times, very harrowing.

But look at you now….you shine brighter than you did just a little while ago.

You began to realize that no one else would clean up your mess.

Niiiice ! 

I Love You All


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