The Universal Law of Accountability

We must realize that we alone are accountable for our lives

“…you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need…” (“You can’t always get what you want,” by The Rolling Stones)

I hear it a whole lot, as does anyone, and always it is from someone who is unfamiliar with the way that Spirit works, or someone who is just saying something that they do not understand, even though their misunderstanding and the energy behind the intention are very different. Where someone says “I can’t wait til their Karma catches up with them,” what is really being said is that the person wishes something bad would happen to whoever it was that they witnessed whatever it was that they witnessed. 

No one who is not truly very familiar with the Law of Accountability is going to agree with the idea, the scientific fact, really, that everything “other than good” that happens in anyone’s life was actually and truly created via the Law of Attraction, and more, by their own means. Basically, what the Law of Attraction is, at least in my own thoughts, is more like a shopping transaction. Those closest to me know what I mean by my saying “Here’s a receipt that you are going to LOVE.” For those reading this, I will explain it this way.

You go shopping (the thought or intention). You spend money (the focusing on the intention and the truth in energy). You get the stuff you bought (tangible energy). You get a receipt (proof of manifestation or manifestation which is coming into being). In Spiritual terms, a receipt can be thought of as evidence needed to support the Karma that is on its way to anyone. I get many receipts everyday, sometimes all day long, and my attitude after the fact depends a whole lot on what it was that the receipt I received confirmed for me. A Spiritual Receipt is simply evidence that you are in process of manifesting anything at all. For me it is always about how many people I am reaching with this blog. My receipt is the tally at the end of the day where I can see the number of people who have read what I have written. Confirmation that it was read is that I get emails which ask me the questions people are seeking answers for. This is evidence of the LOA at work in my life. There are other markers, naturally, but because of who I am and the Universal Laws which I follow, the example of readership to my blog is my best example. 

There is the other thing, the “other than good” thing, and that is what today’s writing is about. 

Basically, seriously, people dearly need to be very careful with what they intend, because Spirit has a sick sense of humor and we need to be VERY clear on our intentions when we are manifesting ANYTHING AT ALL. Case in point…for a long time now there is one thing that those who are closest to me know I am currently helping manifest, not only for me, but for my kids, and even for the person about and for whom these intentions have been set. I took a lot of time, much talk and discussion with a fellow healer who is one of my very best friends in this lifetime and on this planet. I took care to think very dearly about why it is that this particular intention had to be set, took the care needed to ensure that my intentions were NOT negative and after a lot of thought, a lot of teeter-tottering, a lot of weighing the pros and cons, I chose the way that I would set this intention so that the highest good of all would be the end result. 

Don’t get me wrong – when I first had this intention, first had this wish upon this heart of mine, I wanted this to manifest in the most horrible, ugly, painful way that it could. To an extent, I got what I wanted, but my intention was not right and my reasons were all for myself. So, since I knew then what I know better now – that because of the Universal Law of Accountability, my intention, until I recognized my own ill intent, set in motion these last five years for me. 

And let me tell you this much – Karma is no joke. What you sow, so shall you surely reap, period. There are no ands, ifs or buts about it – what you intend upon (think, speak, wish, know, whatever) whatever it is that is alive and well within you is what will be the marker for what you will see materialize for that person as well as your very self. If you wish illness on someone else, and you are not clear about your own intentions, you could be setting up a manifested end result that has you as the primary caretaker of someone who you have been trying to no longer share energy, let alone breathing space, with. If you wish that someone else becomes destitute and poor and left with no material means, you, too, will end up experiencing what that is like in some fashion. What you put out into the world, you will get back many-fold. 

Whatever it is that you want to happen for others will come back. The Law of Accountability will not allow it to be any other way. There are a lot of people who do not realize that when they say horrid things about people on welfare or on disability, that they are setting themselves up to have to experience what it is like to have to feel like society’s pariah. When people say things like “it serves them right – they deserve to be on welfare and be looked at like they are trash,” they are telling the Universe what it is that is in their heart and soul, and it is coming through loud and clear. When what we intend is in our heart and soul, and it is really how we feel, Spirit listens and the Universe gives to us what it is that is in our hearts and souls. 

Another way to intend this same ‘welfare’ thought with rightness is to state something more along the lines of  “it is really too bad that those people have to be helped by the state like that. Maybe they will get lucky and find a great job or win the lottery or something…” Statements like this, even though they mean almost the very same thing, carry very different energy. It is the energy, even and as much as the spoken words, that carry the intention and bring about the manifestation tangibly. It is the actuality of the Law of Accountability, is the receipt we look for always, and with that receipt comes either the manifestations that we will see as either being “good” or “other than good.” 

It is with our greatest Love within that those who we care about the most are the recipients of this intended thought for them – the Love, whether it is pained or otherwise- even when we know that it might hurt them in the Soul. The hurt, while it is not intended, is meant to teach. The other kind of hurt, the intended kind, is meant to do damage. If you intend that someone else should hurt because you hurt and they are who you are blaming for it (because they were the catalyst for that pain) and you intend that they hurt, not only will they get what they have coming to them (depending upon the intention they had when the thought first occurred to you), and as well, you will also get what you have coming to you.

It is with the Love within that we want to see those who we hold the hope of them creating their lives for themselves, so that they can go on to teach others how they learned what they know, and it is with the greatest intentions which are sparked by that same energy of hope for them that they, and we, also, end up with the greatest lives we can create. It is not until we intend with the purpose of getting back at someone that our Karmic reward will be nice or not so nice. It is with the intent that we have that our accountability, not only to Spirit, who is the greatest debt collector of all, but to ourselves and our Path, is set. 

We want so dearly for our lives to be with purpose but without Karma that too many are willing to believe that they know exactly what Karma is. We are not very aware that we cannot control or undo the Karma we have created. This is why I repeat this to my own students, and even to my very self, “Do no (intentional or spiteful) harm and no harm will come to you.” Most of the time they get it, but some of the time they are not thinking that it is not the spoken wish that carries the most significance, but the energy that is the thought behind it. When we realize that everything is interconnected, and that everything in existence is proof that we are as mighty as creators as is the Creator Herself, we also see for the first time how it was that every time something happened in our lives that was not the most pleasant or even comfortable, sometimes even dangerous situations what our role in that manifestation was.

I remind my Students of this all the time, that what they want in their lives is theirs and waiting to be manifested, but that there is a lot of cleaning out of the skeletal closet that they need to do and that they are not required to confess anything to me, but that they are required to learn Right Intention, because without Right Intention, while they may well realize what it is that they dearly and truly want in the tangible sense, it is themselves who they have to confront every time they look at the manifestation they bring about to their lives. Getting what we want is not that great when we finally figure out the other side of deserving what we have in our lives, good or otherwise. It is almost like when a child finds out that there is no real Santa, that the big guy in the red fuzzy and fancy pajamas is only a mythical character who lives in them and is also called “The Spirit of Christmas.” It is almost like a parent who watches their child go headlong into a situation knowing what is going to happen, and after having begged and pleaded with them, they still go ahead and do the opposite of what they know is right intended action.

When we act or think without first having also the thought that we get what we wish for and that we had best be very clear about not only what we want, but also, what our very intent is with that thought. We need to know and believe and accept that we are who creates the world in which we live, and that we are who makes it so we will believe that what we have manifested is either “good” or “otherwise.” We can no longer blame outer forces, including how other people help us to bring about the harsh energy that is judgment, because the energy is ours alone.

The Universal Law of Accountability is something that we should all take heed to, and more than that, take to heart the next time we wish anything on anyone else at all. Whether it is the wish that someone become well or realize themselves as a Soul without a body, or that we wish to no longer hurt because other people say awful things, or whatever is the truest desire and the truth of our selves, it pays for any one of us to really think about what intentions we are setting, is wise to question our motives which birthed the intention.

The Law of Accountability will always show us proof, always give us that receipt that we so dearly need as evidence that our manifestations are in grow mode. 

We never get what we want unless other people will also get what they want, too, if the only thing that we are intending is that other people, but not us, will get what they both need and deserve.

The Law of Accountability will always be that one thing in your life that seems like it is just a pain in the ass to deal with. It is at this point where the reality that is the Karma you created so that the lesson from that Karmic energy can be realized and learned.

I Love You All !


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