The Universal Law of Absorption

You have no choice but to be like a sponge…

Lots of folks wonder why it is that cartoon character “Sponge Bob” is so…I don’t know….Sponge Bobbish in that he is always happy, always clueless, always coming up with hair-brained ideas. It might be that we are not really paying attention to what is going on around Mr. Squarepants, but when you think about that TV show that most adults who were born in the early nineties til now, and ask them what they think of old Bob, you will finally find out about the things that Sponge Bob does and why it is that no one realizes why he is so, so appropriate for this writing.

The one thing that this “Bob” does is absorb, because he is a sponge and that is what sponges do. However, what a lot of us fail to do when we are laughing like loons at this pretend talking sponge is take in the outer goings on that Mr. Squarepants is in the middle of. Good ole Bob-o is always around all those other talking creatures who, in reality, do not talk at the physical but at the ethereal level, like all animals do. They talk to one another through their energies, through their actions and through their primal ways, and whether we believe it or not, we humans also do this same thing.

If you have ever wondered why it is that we end up with the soul families we end up with, and why it is that we all tend to mirror one another perfectly and why it is that somehow, eventually, we all just fit into one another’s energy, it is because we are, at that moment, seeing in action, The Law of Absorption.

When the vibes being felt and honed in on are good vibes, and when the pleasantries we share on our own can also be reverberated to us through and by and from others is when we see this reciprocal action of energy at work, and like good ole Bob, we absorb all of it, and, as well, most of us are clueless to this fact. 

Basically, we are all connected. Everything that we think, do, love, hate, get angry with, ruminate over…every damned thing connects us to others and also to the things that we need. When we get good enough at recognizing and differentiating between the things that we need versus the things that we want we become more sponge like in that it becomes easier to take on the energies of the things presented to us, take on the being that we are when we are being with other people. By “being with other people” I DO NOT mean the sort of ‘being’ that is here and now only, but the sort of ‘being’ that is us as them, and them as us. This is not something that we can avoid, because the planet is filled to the brim with other people. We are part of this group called “humankind” and within that energy are the kernels of learning that we are required to engage in, are required, much by the prompting of our soul and known by the force of resistance that is the energy of the most needed lessons. 

We absorb EVERYTHING, including and especially other peoples’ energies, and while it might not be that we care to do so, we still do it, because in that absorption is the lesson we must learn that is essentially weeding out that which is no longer useful, which can no longer teach us, which might have been something that was or someone who was who we thought we loved for whatever purpose it was that we held on to them in that energy. The fun and ugly part is learning when it is that what we have absorbed is ours to work on or is someone else’s to work with. Take in that last sentence and feel, deeply, what this means to you. When we are in the company of other people, namely ones whose energy is so very much like our own, we begin to see and to recognize exactly who these people are in the grand pageantry called Life, who they are and what they bring to the drama of who we are. 

When it is that we need to take off our protective mask and reveal truly who we are to anyone else, and when it is that we hurt so dearly and so deeply is when who we are according to the energies absorbed becomes a testament to the reality of our lives. The reality of my life, I recently accepted, is that while it might be strenuous, it is indeed enjoyable. What I asked Spirit for many moons ago I now have, and that energy that is emitted by me draws those to my life who are there for the purpose of furthering the message of building peaceful and loving communities in the world, one person at a time. Everyone has a reason for being, and in that reason for being are planted there the seeds of who we are and who we have always been and more than that, who we have had the very hardest of times accepting because it is not what other people are used to. We can go about doing all that we think will impress others, but the truth is that we need to impress ourselves. 

You see, even I, the Love Maestra, even I have issues by believing that I will be abandoned by the people who I love the very most, but I will not be, will never be, and this was made evident to me over these last few weeks and more, the last five days. I know that I am well Loved, that people like to be in my presence and sharing in my energies as much as I like to be in theirs. Sometimes the energies are so very hard to deal with because the energies are what bring us to the ring and make us battle with our selves for what we want to believe is the truth versus what is the absolute truth of us. The one thing we can never hide, make different, sometimes even block out, is our truth.

When we are absorbing these energies from other people, we either get the feeling that they want to be around us, and when that energy is confused and brittle, it means that someone within our circle of things is in flux, is doing what they have to in order to fit into the energies that we have given them. I have always believed that our energies do not lie because they cannot lie. Energy only does what it is meant to do, which is basically make it possible for us to live peaceably with one another through the acceptance of who we are through them. We color our lives with people who fit into our lives. We narrate who we are through the people who we spend our valuable time with. We do like fish do and swim…and we are, every one of us, like fish in that we school with those who are like us, come together and become the same energetically charged souls, and in that energy, in that thought, we are made whole, not by them, but by our taking in their energies, and they, ours. 

We meld with each other, take time to gather information and absorb it, channeling it through the places it needs to be within us, and what we have left over and know we no longer need is what we give to others, unwittingly, and no matter what, we cannot hide who we are, what we are about, what we love, who we love the most, because it comes back to us and in our faces when we are in the company of other people. We draw who we are to us – nothing less, nothing more, and when it is that it hurts the most it means that somewhere in those other people there is something in us that we are being told we must learn. When it hurts is when it is most important. When it feels like our souls are bleeding out into the blackness that is the pain is when we are actually our very strongest Being. When we must come to terms with things that we no longer think we need to deal with is when we have completed the process of absorbing the ugliness so that we can process it and make sense of it and turn it into something beautiful and our own. 

I will not lie to anyone and tell them that my greatest fear is NOT being abandoned, because it is the biggest fear within me and has always been, and by abandoned I am not talking only about literally and physically being walked away from, but rather the other sort that stays with you for a long time. I am talking about when someone vacates the love they have for anyone else, no matter who they are and what their place in our lives is. Yes, I have always had this issue because I have, until this last set of days, had a fear of being emotionally abandoned, and it was proved to me through my own silliness, my own human failing, that I Am Loved beyond measure, that people think highly of me, and that no matter what, they are there for me. 

I learned that I am not alone in the feeling that is floating in the middle of the dark sea of life, feeling like I am floundering there and not knowing which way I am supposed to swim, that feeling that I am so tired of swimming that the only way to go is down and sink, or allow the tide to bring me easily to where it is that my soul needs for me to be. I am very dearly where I need to be at this time, dearly in the company, not of strangers who fear my eccentricities and neither the truth of me, but with people who are as afraid as I am, and it is indeed a beautiful thing to behold. 

Fear teaches us not to be afraid. Pain teaches us to deal with the pain and the more that we deal with it, the more we learn from it. Abandonment teaches us our value to others. All of these things teach us to Love, ourselves, most of all. When we think it is that we are vacating our selves for other people is when we are really being prompted, not only on what our trip is, but also what theirs is. We mirror one another. We show Love rather than fear when we are in the company of those who are most like we are. We think we are originals, and for the most part, we are, but there is always a mirror nearby to show us the parts of us we would rather not look at. I know this lesson, because I presented it to my very self this past weekend.

A lot of things hurt us, all of us, and those things teach us our hardest, most needed and most valuable lessons.

The one thing they teach us most of all is our capacity to Love and to Be Loved. If you are told you are Loved, believe it, because it is what you brought and what you need to absorb, always. Believe it, because saying it is one thing, feeling it is another, and more than that, knowing it is harder to believe than you think it is.

Learn well. 
Love always.
Absorb who you are…

Be like Bob.
Be a Sponge.

I Love You All!

Spongebob Squarepants is a copyrighted character owned by Viacom (c) 


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