Saturn …Big Daddy Energy

Saturn…we can refer to him as “Big Papa…”

When the energies are super heavy and we cannot seem to shake certain thoughts and feelings and the like, you can bet that for sure, you are experiencing Saturn energy.

Saturn. We think immediately about its lovely rings and imagine, too, the things that we did when we were children and first learning about Saturn and its rings and where it is in the sky. Yet, in a spiritual sense, an astrological and according to each of our natal charts kinda way, when someone tells us that we are experiencing Saturn’s energies it means that we are being taught a lesson by the astrological task-master. 

The question that is asked by Saturn, if it could speak vocally, very dearly is “Who’s your daddy, baby?”

Lord Saturn….Lord Vader can’t even come close to Saturn. Saturn, astrologically speaking, is about our ability and our power to deal with what life hands to us.. Saturn provides us with the tenacity to realize our fullest potential and, as well, is the planet which makes us either be brave and face our dragons, or slide back into familiar discomfort where at least we know what to expect there. I say forget that. I say deal with whatever it is that is being a pain in the ass right now, because whatever it is, no matter who triggered what emotion they did in any one of us, it is not about how THEY feel, but how you respond to how you are feeling. I could explain it like this, and maybe you will get it a little better. 

Say a guy goes to the putting range and he takes his awesome Scotty to the greens with him. While he is there, there is a man, a golf coach spying his putter. The golf coach would like to try it out because he might be interested in buying one. Immediately, the guy with the Scotty Cameron putter is already thinking that the guy wanting to just merely try the putter on the green wants to buy HIS particular putter. So, the guy who owns the putter puts all of his focus on this other guy buying the putter, merely because the other guy showed interest in testing out that particular putter. 

The guy doesn’t buy the putter, because he simply couldn’t spend the money. The guy with the putter is already angry because the other guy didn’t spend any money on HIS putter. It wasn’t what the guy with the money said, but what the guy with the putter THOUGHT the other guy said and was implying. Think about everything that you have heard and what emotions you have gone through over and over again because someone else said one thing, and you assumed that they wanted to buy that thing, and how convenient for you that you had that thing….but wait! 

Wait a minute – the other guy only wanted to TEST the putter. Scotty Cameron Putters are NOT CHEAP, and they are worth every penny spent on one because the simple fact is that they go up in value. I know this. Two such putters live at my house. (No, they are not for sale.) My point is that we have to listen to what other people are really saying, and realize, too, that when what they are saying and what you are hearing are two different things.  It is NOT what someone else said to us that affects us, but is what those words trigger about something else, always. These are normally life lessons that take many, many years for us to really learn, and more than that to master. The guy wanting to test the putter is unaware that he has brought to the owner of that gorgeous Scotty Cameron putter what can be thought of as Putter Guy’s Saturn come to life and served up as the lesson.

Saturn is the bringer, through things and people outside of ourselves, of the lessons that we have no choice but to learn. We either learn them, or we continue to have to deal with the annoyances that eventually become huge, gimundo, pain in the ass lessons that we sometimes continue to ignore.

We remain being akin to a freak on Saturn’s leash when we refuse to learn our lessons. We think that people leave us because of us, but no…it is not us, rarely is it ever us. If someone is going to bail on me, I will know. I will know it by the energy that I receive. There are a whole lot of energies right now that I am attuned to. Earlier today it was my challenge to think about why it was that I had mainly negative emotions. It was not til much later that I accepted as this being an exercise in many things, but nothing more than what can be called the truth of other people and how we relate to and accept those truths which might be about us but are not ours.

Saturn and its influence causes us to deal with what we do not want to, at least in some part, and Saturn is who makes it so that we want to do better, want to make the right choices because Saturn also, like a good father does with his children, will make you finish what you started, no matter what it is. Saturn is the perfectionist, not the bully.  Saturn is the Father influence in our lives, the part of us that makes us know that we have certain things that have to be seen to and that no matter what we want, what needs to be done will get done. It is the influence of Saturn that makes us face our demons and our fears, sharpens us where we refuse to make ourselves better and tells us that we have a mess to clean up.

And Saturn ALWAYS gets his way, just like Pluto always gets its way. Saturn is that bothersome little kid next door who just cannot seem to NOT poke your angry little dog with a stick, making the little dog bark and drive you batty. Saturn are the things that are outside of us that affect our inner selves, that make us cringe and call on us to take action where we know that we need to take action. Saturn, because it is considered an “outer planet,” makes us deal with the things that are outside of us that affect us emotionally, meaning that those things and people are also outside of our control and that the only thing that we can do in order to deal with what is happening outside of us is to deal with how we are feeling on the inside when something Saturnian happens in our lives. It could be ANYTHING at all really, and it will happen not only when we need it most, but  more, at the most inconvenient of times for it to..

Saturn can be thought as the planet which shows us where we will run rings around folks and also where we COULD run rings around folks. It shows us symbolically and with those very same rings what our limitations are, highlights where we need to be more cautious, where we need to be conservative about things that we think about, and it is the great marker of where it is that we need to practice restraint, where we need to be orderly in our behaviors and our reactions to what has presented itself as a lesson for us. It is the Law, of the highest order, because it is that Law that we ourselves must implement so as to exact a bit of change within the part of the world we address as “Ours.”

Saturn makes it so that we have to face who we are through the things and words and whatever else comes to us through others. It is one of those planets that makes life difficult on us so that whatever lesson we are learning we will learn and will not ever have to be faced with again, not with a situation like the ones we cannot stand, but more, the response to that situation. Saturn, like most human fathers, will not allow us to NOT do our best, to NOT give ourselves every good chance that we can have at a great life. 

Saturn, for all of its heaviness, is more like that father figure in our lives, the man who raised us, who always wanted us to do our best and always told us to accept a challenge. This is what Saturn’s purpose in our lives is all about. This is the part of our lives where we do not realize that when we say that we wish so and so would die, that we end up, prior to them dying or upon them becoming ill enough to lead to that point, also having to go through some sort of death, but not in life, but of the Ego. Saturn is that planet that makes us deal with our zipper being open as we deliver a speech and we do not realize why it was that all of our classmates were giggling until we look down and discover the reason. Saturn is that person who, no matter how much we try not to pine and wish for them, doesn’t even look our way until we are no longer interested and now we have to deal with the other side of it, which is the part that tells us that we wasted our time in chasing them because we knew what it was that they did not want, and what they did not want was us in the manner that we wanted to be in their life. Saturn is the feeling we get when we do our best and still, someone else is awarded with the promotion or the new office or the trip to Cancun…

Saturn is not the one who knows that this is what it is doing. Saturn is only there as the energy of what it is that we have to learn through other people, what it is that is outside of our inner world that needs our attention as to how our inner world is affected by the outer world.

Saturn…it is the planet that, if it were a man, and you were a woman, and said man had you in the grips that can be akin to our being Saturn’s freak on a leash, would be the one to dangle your wish in front of you while you begged for mercy and he then grabs a pair of handcuffs and while you are still on his leash, he handcuffs you to his bedpost, blindfolds you, and while you can hear him snapping a whip on the floor in the room he has you in, and in a very, very devilish manner, pulls your leash and demands that you answer his question…and his question is always “Who’s your daddy, baby?”

Who is the Saturnian energy in your present life coming through and what, really, is Saturn’s lesson for you?

Think about it…I bet you know…and I bet you know all of it, just based on knowing, at least now, why it is that what someone else does that they do not realize they are doing, bothers you, even though they are clueless as to why…



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