Symbolism : The Meaning of Things

What are your symbols telling you?

All of us relate things, people and events to other things. We ask for signs and for the most part are not aware that always we are being given the answers that we are asking for. Whether we are seeing a lot of one particular animal, or if we are hearing the same song in our heads just out of the blue, or perhaps it is a recurring thought followed by the incarnation in the Now that is tangible, we are always answered. 

If we think about how we doubt our own selves, and how much we do not believe in the power of our own thoughts and our own prayers and our own energy we would see, too, that over the years, from as early as childhood when we could have seen things in a different manner because as children we have what is called an imagination, we would see and know that we, each and every time we prayed or wished for things, were never not answered. The answers to our questions have always been there, have always been waiting for us to see them, hear them, know them, but when we are young we are taught that what we cannot see, that what was not told to us by an adult, that whatever it is that we are trying to find out can only come from someone else. As we grow into who we are we allow this thought to become what is called a belief. 

When I tell people about a belief (as opposed to beliefs that are religious) I remind them that everything that they have thought, judged, pondered, all of it, has come from someone else, was set into our little minds a long, long time ago. The part about this happening that is the worst is that, for the most part, what we are taught by our parents were taught to them by their parents, and some of what they were taught cannot, does not and will not ever apply to anyone, namely us, because always, later on in life, we chafe from the belief that was planted there by another person.

This happens all day, everyday of our lives from the moment that we are born until one day we wake up and realize that the people who imparted these lessons onto us are also and still being taught and made to believe the things that they were taught, and more than that, sometimes these people we call Mom and Dad chafe under the misguided belief that is the belief they still adhere to that not only no longer apply, but more, they are following the beliefs that people who have died and likely never really followed themselves are still making them live by. And they are being made to live by these beliefs out of nothing more than simply the habit of not wanting to disappoint their own parents. 

You read that correctly – exactly what I am telling you is that all of everything that you went through as a child is a result of what your parents were taught and what they, through the teaching of their own parents, through what your parents likely still cling dearly to. Thinking about that one thing will cause a shift inside of you and one that will make it possible that anyone will now think about who they are in relation to where they have been in their lifetime and how they go to the place they are in terms of the soul and in the Now. When we are kids we are told that angels cannot be seen by our naked eyes, but we are not told that we can feel their presence. We are told as children that we have to grow up, study hard, follow the rules of society, or we will not be loved and as we grow up our own souls not only question these rules but also, for a lot of us, end up bucking against whatever it is that is in disagreement with our souls. 

As children we use our imagination to get us through things, to help us make sense of things that our little brains cannot deal with even though our little souls are being taught whatever it is at that time in our lives our souls need to learn the most. It is at this time in our lives where we are still brand new enough to be able to play make believe. In the Law of Attraction we are asked to play pretend and to do so until what it is that we are playing pretend with starts to feel real. This same thing is what we do as kids. Never ever tell a child that they are crazy when they are talking to the air, because what they are really doing is learning their own symbolism. Children are masters of manifestation, are masters at freedom of thought and action, are masterful in their innocence and wise beyond what the concrete adult world allows them to believe is the truth. We want to place ourselves into the competitive ranks of the material world and we are taught that always there is to be a winner and a loser of everything. This is where we learn anxiety, learn to judge others, and learn to be dissatisfied with everything in our midst, but most of all, ourselves.

It is also when we learn to associate what we see or hear or feel or think about the most in terms of what those all symbolize for us personally. We are allied with the cosmos, are cradled in the loving arms of the Mother Goddess, of Father Who is the All that Is, and in their presence we know that we are safe. This is the set of parents which guide us, is the set that sends our way these little happenstances that while some might be the same for others, are unique to ourselves and our circumstances. Learning your own symbolism begins in childhood, when we are still young enough and wild and primal enough to think in a manner that is not encapsulated in the tangible world. Too often we see in our educational system the rigidity that is conformity and ultimately we temporarily rob our kids of the one thing that could be their saving grace, much as it was mine.

I grew up in a rigidly religious home. I knew my parents loved me, but the stricture of their structured thinking hampered my ability to venture into my own thoughts and it was through fear of God, through the threat of burning forever and on in to eternity that my upbringing came with. I shunned the thoughts that came to me again and again, was scared to death when I would begin to see patterns and know the outcome of things. I was always told that psychics were tools of the devil, but that prophets were the mouthpiece of God. These are some of the things that I believed, are some of the things that prompted me at the age of 4 to pick up the newspaper and start reading, and later on, find the dictionary to see what some words meant. When I started learning the meanings of some of the words that my parents used in order to keep me controlled and believing what I sometimes did not believe they also believed, I also began to know what I have come to figure out was their way of making sure that I followed what they believed even though I did not realize at that time that I did not and could not believe, myself.

It is because we are manipulated as children that we fear the things that we believe, fear the ideas that we are told to believe. It is because we so dearly, as parents, want our kids to do the right thing, and the one thing that, looking back on my life tells me, I knew and now have manifested was that no matter what, while I knew that I needed to raise my kids to be fine and upstanding, I also knew that if I wanted them to be the free spirits that I never was allowed to be that I had to allow them to become who they needed to become. My kids are masters at the art of deciphering their own symbolism, are masterful at the art of playing pretend, because my kids also know that in that game of pretend there is much wisdom to be had and that it is not my right and neither my kuleana, their own soul’s responsibility,  to ensure that they understand it all from their own perspective. The only way that anyone grows up to follow their heart is if they had been raised to do so to begin with.

This is not at all to assume that parents who follow certain religious beliefs are also parents who will not allow their kids to be who they are even if who they are seems like they are becoming someone who we would not ever like. It is to say that we as human beings do not like being wrong, do not like being alone in our beliefs and if we have people who were raised in a belief that our own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs will be carried on into the future. No one thinks about it in terms that not only are nice things carried off into the future, but other, ugly things are, too, and this is also something that we are taught as kids. 

We are taught that if something is not going our way (not necessarily the right way but only what we are taught to believe) that it is wrong and that it must be dealt with harshly. We are taught to hit and to hate and to hurt others and we are taught that the rules of life are more rigid than what is the truth. The truth is that life is only harsh if we believe it is, and if we believe it is we only do so because we were either taught that it is, or, it may well really be harsh for us. 

In order for our little selves to make sense of the harshness or to make sense of things that make us happy, we play association games with ourselves. We do not realize that the pictures we see, the butterflies that we chase, the worms that we dig up, the flowers that we smell, the cat we call ours, the entire world is the answer to our soul’s wish. We do not realize that all these things that come to us give us clues to the things that we want to know. We are told that our imagination is only for our play time and that we need to be serious when it came to our homework. From this was begat generations of people who, because they ignored the things that kept creeping up on them in whatever form they would, are clueless to the things that will salve the soul within. 

We do not realize that what we imagine are our own Guides telling us what we want to have answers for, and we do not know that when we are talking to our imaginary friends that what we are doing is having dialogue with our inner selves and that our inner, higher and untouched self is guiding us and is doing so through hints and clues and telling us that we need to investigate what it is that we see and what we feel and understand is what the answer is. As children our saving grace is our ability to pretend that what is happening has other meaning that is not there and in our faces. We pretend that what is going on is somehow a fairy tale and in that time of our lives we learn to cope through the measures of our own imagination. It is at this time when we begin to learn symbolism.

When I was a kid I thought of butterflies as being the transportation of the faerie realm and I imagined these higher beings, both the faeries as well as the butterflies, somehow saw us as people who were at their service. I would talk to them, would chase the butterflies through the garden in the backyard, and sometimes, I would be back there with the neighbor’s cat and together the cat and I would chase these little people who rode on the backs of butterflies. I did not realize that really, what I imagined was there may very well have been there, and at that time in my life, I did not realize til recently that the message that I was being given was that there is an entire other world within our world, that it is possible that there are faeries who ride butterflies like some of us humans take the bus everyday. It taught me what I know now, and what I know now is that what we see on the surface of things is not always what is only there. What else is there in this world are people – different people – who think and act and do things differently than we do, but at the same time, who also feel and love and such the like, like we do.

In knowing my own symbolism about things at all I know now what I was not paying attention to then. With my own little imagination I came up with the thought that there is a whole other world and one which we might not understand, but that in that world we have certain similarities with one another and that at the core of all of life is Love, is Life and is the machinations of the everyday world that we see through our own eyes and with our own thoughts about it. I was taught diversity and acceptance, of a higher sense of respect, because as a little girl, I did not know that I was not waking the faeries up, and what would happen if their tiny little faerie children were late for the butterfly to school? 

We are taught things through symbols. 
What are your symbols telling you? What is catching your eyes the most and what is in your thoughts all the time as it pertains to things within your life?

‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe….pay attention…you are about to get your answers…



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