Ravens and Dragonflies and Beetles, oh my !

Our personal symbols come to us in a language that we each can singly and personally understand, even though we do not realize it

“Signs! Signs! Everywhere! Signs!” (Tesla’s Cover of “Signs!” by 5 Man Acoustical Band )

I sat outside these last few nights listening to the music of Nature. With my eyes closed I could hear everything, from the chirping of crickets nearby, to the call of the corvid in the distance. 

No matter what, with my eyes closed, I could totally hear that the world is a living, breathing entity. With much reverence, silently I sat there while my Soul drank in all of the elixir that was produced by the calls of the birds from their nests and caves, the crickets which accompanied their minstrels in the distance, the bats in flight, the owls as they cooed. As I sat there, I could hear the flapping of wings, and I could hear the faint call of the wild coyotes in the distance, and all of this phenomenal energy was produced in the very vicinity of CalPoly Pomona. All of this nature was to be had in a place where wild animals are synonymous with criminals and their activities. 

Yes, all of this wonderfully gorgeous nature music was heard and produced in a place where, on the top of things, is more akin to producing a strange mix of intellectuals and ruffians, of eccentrics and hard-asses, and in all of these things there is a song. In all of these things that you have read here there is a song, and the song is different for me than it is for anyone else. While I am sure that there were a whole lot more animal noises going on, the only ones that were prevalent in my awareness were that of things which live their lives mainly in flight. One of those things was the flock of Crows which, until the night I was given the gift of a natural symphonic orchestra, were just crows. I mean, it is not like I am not aware of someone else’s symbolism, not like I am unaware of the meaning that the crow, the hawk, the owl, the anything at all carries for others. 

I was, however, not very aware of what my own symbolism of those creatures were. Until I was visited by more than only the feathered winged creatures of late, I was only readily available to accept someone else’s version of what those creatures symbolized for me. My own curiosity got the best of me, and the moment that I chose to study the biological and social ways of all Corvid, I had no idea that the similarity of creatures, of creatures of flight and night, were giving me the answers that I so impatiently have waited for and to that end, answers that I have been seeking for likely many, many years, if not the most of my adult life. Immediately, the thing that I noticed about these creatures, after having read about their nature and their abilities, I knew that communication with Spirit and me came, literally, on the wings of creatures of flight. 

The symbols that come to us are not hard to understand. In fact, they are normally sent to us blatantly, in our faces, and sometimes they like to buzz in our awareness and literally in our ears. Where I live, here in this area, there is a field which can be seen from the children’s tree house out back. Naturally, there are going to be LOTS of critters. This time of year it seems that the critter which is always around and in anyone’s face is a common housefly. At one time I could not stand flies. They are dirty little things which are disease-carrying and for the longest time I saw no issue with smackin’ ’em with a fly swatter. It was yesterday as I washed the dishes that three different times a fly would not get out of my face. I shooed him away, but there he was, and more than one time did he buzz in my ear and fly near my face. Needless to say, in that moment, I thought that maybe, due to the hummingbird, the dragonfly, the crow, that maybe, because this, too, this fly, was a winged creature, I needed to do some searching, both of the biological and scientific, but also and more importantly, the sort of the soul where I needed to find out what all of these creatures were whispering to me.

While normally I would have been looking for the nearest fly-swatter, this time I wanted to find out what this ugly little disease carrying rodent with wings was trying to tell me, and when I read up on what a fly’s spiritual attributes and symbolism was, not only was I very impressed with this little insect, but at that time my respect for what they symbolize came dearly into play for me. Where it was that the only thing that I could think about when they were around was making them no longer be, there was a new thought for this nasty, dirty little creature – called respect. When we think about all the things that this tiny little creature can do, think about how very limited his time is on this earth, and how much as a group these critters get done, how resourceful they are, and whatever else it is that we think about when we think about things that are meant to dissolve that which is dead or no longer useful, we begin to see their very importance in the grander scheme of things Universal.

It was at that moment that, which was about two hours after I had been encountered by a hummingbird, a dragonfly, and a crow, I realized just how many winged, flying critters had been in my awareness in the last few weeks. There were many, many winged creatures. The thing that these all have in common are not only that they are winged creatures, because we all know that not all winged creatures can fly – all of these could – was that they all mean the same things. Sure, what they mean to me might not be what they also mean to you or anyone else, but there is always a message from them that is specifically for us alone. 

That they were all winged was one thing, but that they all meant that my own destiny is Spiritual in nature is what caught my attention. That ALL of them were the very natural epitome of transformation is not coincidental – it is a sign through symbols. All the critters who have visited me are symbols of big giant changes, are indicative of my own Soul’s growth, of the Goddess Spirit within me and the Prophetess, the Shamaness, the Healer who I have grown to be.  Normally when I see anything that can be considered as a critter, I want to make sure that it doesn’t hurt me. Yet, after these last few weeks, I have come to appreciate their message, for their message is that of Spirit. 

Paying attention to things and people and events that come into our awareness is the one of the most important methods by which we are communicated with by Spirit. When you think about where all these creatures come from (Spirit, essentially) it is of little wonder that any one of us should have the problem that is waiting for an answer that we so seek. In my own life there is much happening, and in my own life I am seeing the exchange of players in the drama of my life, and in that exchange I find that many of these people who are part of my Soul Family mirror the attributes of these critters. No, not the icky things we know of these creatures, but the things that are part of who they are and what they do in a biological sense. In a biological sense, a housefly is nasty, is dirty, is the thing that you know will show up whenever something is rotting and needs to be made gone. What we are not thinking about when we see the housefly is that this is a remarkably resourceful creature, that he must act on a whim because his time here on this earth is extremely limited. Without flies there are some things that cannot decompose and return to the earth from whence it came. 

This same thinking can be applied to all creatures who enter into our awareness. We can think of carnivores in the same manner that we think of that which dissolves and destroys for the benefit of mankind. We can think of water animals as teaching us how to deal with our depth or our lack thereof of emotion and feeling. We can think of lumbering land bovine as being the absolute example of manifestation and our intentions at work in the world we call ours. 

When we think that we are being annoyed by a person or a situation, and when it is at the same time we are also being visited by critters and creatures and we cannot figure out why it is that we are seeing so many cats, or birds, or why it is that we keep on seeing commercials about fish or sharks or dogs, it is at that time when we should be inclined to look at these things and wonder what they mean to us personally. When I encountered this giant mass of flies a few weeks ago, it was with a lot of annoyed energy that I have approached them with as well as thought of them as. Yet, when I started seeing many other winged creatures, I started to think about how these animals came into my life, at what time they came into my life and what issues were also prevalent.

Our answers are always there, no matter what. Our answers come from us, and always our awareness of these things is meant to highlight the things that draw us to think about them. It is not a mistake that we will see a lot of cats or dogs, not strange that we will see a sudden dearth of birds and flying insects. It is not a mistake when we notice certain flowers, trees, and not a mistake when we see things that make us think of the ocean. If we know that we need to be near water, it is almost automatic that Spirit will send that element, in some manner, to our lives. (I have heard it more than only one time, from more than only one person, that they need to be near water….imagine my own surprise when I blurt out the words “I am water…I am a Pisces…what can I do for you?”…at the same time, you can imagine the perplexed looks I get when this hits their ears…we always get what we need and want…no matter what…)

What we need comes to us in the strangest ways. We ask, and we are not aware that we receive, because we have to look at what it is that is en masse in our lives and also, for the absolute  opposite to that thing that we have asked for. We are not ever just given the answer directly as Spirit does not work that way. We are given a reason to wonder, to question and to be guided.

When I saw the crows in the field behind the house, I envisioned a drumming circle, a fire, my Soul family present with me. I saw there elders of a time and place that was not now, but that was so, so very real to me that I could almost reach into my thoughts and into my own Spirit and touch them and ask them what it was that I so sought out as my answers. I could hear not only Native American drums, but also, Maoli drums, playing in unison with the others. I felt a sense of peace, of belonging. Most of all, I knew, too, that it meant change, for in the group that I saw with my third eye, there were people who, at this moment are still there physically, but who were not there in the vision, and this brought me peace and told me that these scavengers were there to help me clarify and clean up a mess, there to clear away the things that make no sense anymore, and there, most of all, to carry to me the messages of Spirit that very dearly came on the wings of Spiritual messengers disguised as birds, bugs, songs, thoughts. They were there, not for another reason other than that I asked questions, and I needed to learn that I have always had the answers. 

And they are the right answers.

Ask away, Loves….and pay attention….because you will get your answer the moment that you become curious as to why it is that there are so many spiders, or crickets, or beetles, or birds in your awareness….

I Love You All !! 

Aloha nui

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