More about the ache called "Letting Go"

Ever wondered why it seems that some people just have no time for you anymore? The other side is crazier to think about in that, it might not be that they do not have time for you, but that you are not realizing that you really have no time for them!

The thought came to me over the course of weeks – it is time to let go of a few things and a few people, and yes, doing so will hurt. 

While I am not one who is good at goodbyes, I know that now is when I have to do this, is when I have to let some people go even though I do not want to. The reason is that while I am so busy trying to find out how to get them to bother with spending time with me, with nurturing that which I seem to be nurturing on my own and in my own time, the truth is that they are not likely doing that same thing for me that I am for them. While I love them immensely, there are things in my life that I have to see to, that calls for my attention, and people – of course, there are new people in my life whose attention I have no matter what.

We are sent these new people so as to refill, so to speak, the energetic void left there when we feel the time to let go has come. We are at a loss when we choose this, at a loss when we recognize that which needs doing. The reason that I believe it needs to be done is not because I am mad at anyone, and not – for sure NOT because I do not love the ones whose time in my life, at this point, has come to an end. It could be for a lot of reasons, but the one reason that it is meant for is that everyone who we let go of, and every one who we allow to leave our lives energetically, is so that they can grow. No one thinks of things in that manner – that maybe if we let go of things and people, that somehow, what they needed was just that. They might need us to let go of them so that they can grow. There is no rule that says they cannot return. There is no law that says once a person is out of our current awareness that they cannot, when they are brand new and have grown through the crap they have to grow through, come back to our lives in a different manner, and with a new, brighter outlook and a new lease on life. True, they might not be able to see us the same way they had when we thought we needed them or that they needed us, but the truth of the matter is that always, when there is a void to fill, the Universe always compensates us somehow.

We are such a hard lot to let go of things that weigh us down, and a lot of the time it is our own thoughts and our own energy that leaves us bewildered and thinking that somehow, since it is that they have no time for us, that this must mean that we have done something that they did not like and now they are ignoring us. No. This is not the truth. The truth is that people have lives, and the truth is that people have lives that are and can be messy. Evolved people, we tend not to show ourselves as being needy, because what we were at one time we can no longer be. The weight and the seemingly endlessness that is the drama in our lives sometimes, whether you believe it or not, may not even be ours. Sometimes we are shown someone else’s drama because we need to see, not that we love them or that they need us somehow, but that the only thing that they need from us is the release that we provide for them in letting them go.

No, you needn’t say any goodbyes to them. It is not needed. It is not like they wouldn’t know because the moment that we let them go and let them learn and grow there is a weightlessness about a certain part of their lives that they will not be able to place their finger on. This is what happens when we lift our heavy and thick energies from them. They are relieved, even though they might not know why. We know that they will be, and that alone – that they will no longer be feeling the heaviness of our weight on them in our not letting them go – is a whole lot to have piled on to a person. You, too, will also feel a lot lighter, will feel as though there is now not a lot you cannot do and it is because of the fact that when we let go of people, no matter who they are, and those people have helped us create an energy that is other than good, not only are we letting them go but also we are letting all of their cares, and their worries, and their issues go, too.

No one thinks about that part. No one thinks that when we let go that we are gaining and not losing, and what we gain is the peace of mind in knowing that no longer are we the reason in either their lives or our own lives that a person cannot get to their own lightness, their own wholeness. We do not think about it in terms of a brand new, minutes old newborn being cut from his mother’s nourishment through means of cutting the umbilical cord. Thinking in those terms we know that while in the womb, the cord can become wrapped around the child’s neck, choking him off from the oxygen provided by his mother who is still carrying him in her body. We rarely think about it in terms of our helping other people to birth themselves through the canal called Life. We want to hang on to people for the sake of hanging on to them, but this is not okay for you OR them. In thinking about the newborn, we must also think in terms that while the child is still connected to his mother, he is dependent on her for his life. Yet, when the cord is cut, he has to be on his own and will be able to grow outside of her, allowing his lungs to become strong enough to carry the air to his lungs, his heart strong enough to pump the blood through his body, his skin thick enough for him to be able to one day brave the elements.

This same thing is true about people in our lives who we have held in our hearts and souls for many, many years, and here, in the Now, we find that while they are yet in our hearts, minds and souls, they are far from our lives, far from our being able to form any new kind of bond with them. This is when the realization becomes real that maybe the reason that in some parts of our lives there remains a stunting of the growth in the soul. We are hampering ourselves with our inability to no longer think of ourselves as the nourishing mother to people who might not need us to nourish them but rather, allow them to go and be and grow. 

The moment we let them go energetically a new energy begins, and it is an energy that allows us to go on into our lives and our mission and to live our purpose. This is the same thing that they are also allowed to do, all from that one less-than-simple little act based in Love, but not in loss, and filled with hope that they will grow as you do. To let them go is to let them be who they are now. To let them go is to be able to accept that you simply have no more lessons with them and that at that moment, your time with them is done because the lesson that you needed to learn has been learned. And who can say if whether or not they are or are not having those same thoughts that you are, that they need to let you go, too? Who is to say that a year from now they won’t come back into our lives, brand new and ready for the second half of their lives? 

Who is to say that letting go, while it is not the easiest of all the things in this life that we human type folks have to do from time to time, is not exactly what you needed quite possibly more than they needed it? I speak only for myself when I say that these last two weeks have shown me a whole lot, not about other people, but about me and about how much I am willing to do for other people who are not willing to think in that same manner. It is not their fault. They have lives. I have a life. Together we need to go our parted ways and create a life that will be filled with laughter and joy and togetherness. This is what a lot of people in my lifetime who were not my blood taught me, continue to teach me, and it is a gorgeous thing in and of itself. 

When we choose to let go of people who we so badly want to hang on to, we give ourselves one more reason to be happy. No, not happy in the sense that we are rid of them and their baggage, but rather, happy that they can now go freely, that there is no hurt, no heartache, nothing that would cause a rift. This is the beauty that is letting go of people so that they can grow and become all who they are meant to become without the weight that is our energy.

Love can be heavy, mainly if it is needy. Do yourself a favor and lose some weight in your soul.

It’s time no longer to indulge in the manner that you have come accustomed to. It is time now to let go of things and people who, even as they cause no havoc, they cause a feeling that is weighted down. Let them go, so that you can also be let go of.



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