Hangin’ in the Balance

That thing you feel right now that seems abnormal is anything but…

A funny thing about us humans is that for generations we have believed that what was the reality was also the truth in that reality, but it wasn’t and it isn’t. Someone asked me last week why it seemed that things were all…nutty…but the truth is nuttier than what this person orated to me, that things in their world and in the world, period, were out of whack. Of course the world seems like it is on its side right now – and it is this way for a reason and that reason is going to be different for each of us, no matter what. 

Imagine the look on both his face as well as his friend’s face when I replied “The reason that things seem like they are crazy is because at the moment, we are experiencing what we have been waiting for – that thing called Balance, and my only thought at this point is that literally, we cannot hang with it.”

We need to learn to hang with it. There are a lot of people who “can’t hang” and this is for those of you who are not understanding the current energies. The current energies are the sort that are making it seem as though what is going on in anyone’s world right now is somehow not manageable, is somehow too much to get through. Now is the time when we need to learn to hang with the balance and learn that everything and everyone on the planet is also just like we are. We are not comfortable. I mean, really, look around you and the world and your place in it, and think about how you, yourself, feel about all of the global happenings, both the sort that are naturally occurring as well as the sort that are orchestrated by the few who fancy themselves “the powers that be.” If we could take a moment to look at everything happening in the lives of those closest to us, and we could see how our lives mirror theirs, and we can find a little bit of comfort in knowing that we are not alone in all of this shifting and all of this evolving to our higher selves, in that energy we would also be able to gauge when it is that our own lessons will be either coming to us or leaving us.

This is the reason that other people in our lives are there – to show us not only who we are but also how it is that those in our soul families handle things that are not that great to deal with. In my own soul family there are many similarities between us, and some of us even look like one another in some fashion or another, and all of us knows that where there is discomfort, there also there is change about to happen. While it is that we are not too enthused about having to deal with whatever it is that we are confronted with, we also know, just from watching the things in their lives as those things occur, that there is a time frame in which all of these things happen. Recently we have had a lot of cosmic stuff going on, and while it has not been too comfy, it has been very well needed. 

We are not used to things being just exactly the way they are meant to be, at all. For the majority of our collective lifetimes we have all been told what to believe, told how to handle things, when in reality we never really needed more than just some simple and clear guidance on things that we cannot change and things that must change on their own. When we are in control of the things that visit our lives and we are not versed in how to change them ourselves it is at that time that we have to take a step back, look at everything in our midst as “in flux” and know, down deep inside, all the way to the bones of the soul, that we are in the middle of the greatest time of our lives. We are on the brink of our singular and personal as well as collective and Universal greatness. Make no mistake…We are scared as hell of it. 

We are dearly afraid of our own brilliance, and we are not able to hang in the balance. We are so accustomed to the idea that in order to get what we want from our lives, so as to help better the world, we have to work too hard at it. While this is, in part, the truth, the other truth, the truth that does not hurt is that in it all the only thing that we ever have to do is pay strict attention. Paying strict attention causes us to scrutinize the things that bother us, to ask why it is that we feel so out of sorts. The real reason that we feel out of sorts, basically, is that we are so used to things being out of whack that we cannot recognize balance when it is staring us in the face. This is what is happening now. The entirety of the whole of mankind is in a balancing act. Some of us can hang, and it is our job to let others in our midst know that while it seems like things are upside-down, the truth is that this is the first time in any of our lives that true balance is ours. 

We cannot handle true balance. We are used to the chaos, used to the drama, used to the pain that leads to nowhere other than back to the start of it all. We are accustomed to the idea that in order to have peace on all levels, in order to know Love in its Truth and as itself, in order to know anything and to be anything real and good, we must suffer for it. If we could look at the suffering as what it is – purging the old for the new – we would be able to hang with the changes. But we can’t. We can’t because for the whole of our lives together on earth we have been told that things are a certain way, that things are to be scrutinized in the manner that is our judging them for what we assume they are. This is a time for the all of us to not look at things that hurt us as anything more than a lesson and a chance to purge and let go of the things that broke our hearts and made us crazy with the things that we did not want anymore. 

Our not being able to hang with the balance causes us anxiety, causes us to not trust in what we know is the truth of things. Sometimes it is not readily revealed to us because the trek on the Path through the pain is what is needed in order for us to also know what we so dearly wanted was worth it all. Always, by the way, it is worth it all, and it is like this because we are meant to learn, meant to go through what we will in order to get to the other side of things. This is not meaning that we will not each and all go through the “grass is greener” stuff, and no way is it to say that we will not hurt anymore once we have learned to live within the balance that we are not used to. It is to say, though, that things become easier to deal with once we do. It is not easy, learning to accept the things that we have shunned for so long.

We are so afraid to think that we have achieved the balance we sought out, and in that seeking we have found out who we are for real, and who we are for real scares the hell out of us. We had no idea that we are creations of power, are the manifestation of the perfection that is Spirit, and for the very life of us we cannot believe that this is the very truth of us. We look at our physical selves in the mirror each day, thinking about what we can change so as to please the eyes of others, and we do so without the thought in our heads that what we are looking at is only one reflection. We have yet to understand that the people who have come into our lives and share them with us are also our mirrors, are also the reflection of our perfect selves, are the very epitome of the Love which resides within the all of us. 

We cannot even begin to think on the level, at least not yet, that calls for us to believe that what we have been told that can be called “another person’s opinion of us” is not our truth. We cannot believe that what we see in the actual mirror as well as in the mirrors that are other people is the very truth of us. We cannot believe, because we have not been taught to do so, that we are as magnificent as we want to believe we are, even though we each have all the proof that we need. The mirror does not only tell us the truth when it is not that great, but more, it tells the whole truth when it is awesome. We cannot believe that all this time, through all the heart aches, through the things that offended us, the things that we did that we thought might help our hurt, might make our loneliness dissolve, might make us know, without a doubt, that we are every bit as great as we have been told we are, that what we feel and deeply know is the truth, is the actual truth. We have believed other peoples’truths, and in that time, made no effort to see the difference in our selves. 

The difference now is that we can totally believe it and accept it as that one thing that we are scared to deal with, because we have already dealt with it for so long, that we cannot see that what we hear is correct.

Seriously, we cannot handle the truth.
We cannot hang with the balance that is our present reality.

Believe what you see and what you hear, because you worked very hard and went through a whole lot just to get to that one thing that you cannot believe is real…

…that one thing is called the Truth.

I Love You All!

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