…some words about the current evolution of you

A Message to us all…

There is a lot happening in the Universe right now. Lots of us are seeing the end of some things, the end of relationships that no longer serve a purpose (meaning that the lesson provided by it has been learned), and when I say “relationships,” I am not only talking the romantic sort. The truth is that those whose mission and purpose in our lives, and ours in theirs, have been seen to, and now it is just time to move on.

It is time to see things in a new way, to see things that you might not think were what they need to be at the time that they were first seen, as they really are. As they really are, remember, may be one way for you, but a totally different way for someone else. You have evolved to the point where what you need in your life at this point – no matter what it is – is there. More than that, what you no longer need in your life is no longer there, and this is the part that most of us have a problem with. 

Some of us want to hang on to things so dearly, and it is so that we don’t have to feel the hurt of our no longer being around for some people in the manner that we had been in the past. This is not something that is not normal. In fact, this is something that is SO normal that for us to ignore it, for us to want to hang on to the “hoped for in the past” outcome that we once had, that if we ignore it, no matter what, the Universe WILL SEE TO IT that where it, or they, need to be, they or it will be, even if where it or they need to be is no longer in any one of our lives. 

We have to believe that through the hurt that will be caused to others in the parting of ways in each others’ lives that there is something that is like salvation for the each of us. The people who are meant to be in our lives are here, are present in a regular way, and are not going anywhere. The people who are not meant to be with us in the same capacity they were in the past will simply, through and by the grace and the hand of Spirit, no matter what and no matter how much we try to fight it or try to go back to what was, no matter what, that which is no longer of good service or purpose to us and our life mission simply are just on their way out. Period. There is nothing that any one of us can do about it. It just is happening and it is happening with a quickness and most of us do not realize it.

Most of us do not realize that EVERYTHING we asked for over the course of each of our lifetimes is about to happen for us in the most surprising kind of way. That which we could not foresee having happen is in the works as I type, and that which is no longer of any kind of working good for us is being taken from our lives with a swiftness. Even though some of it will hurt, for the most part, we know that it is for the best. We know that we have each evolved to the point where what we cannot see fitting into our lives we apply serious thought to, we take into consideration, and even after all of that, we still end up at the same conclusion that what was, no longer is, and what is sometimes makes no sense even as it makes absolutely perfect sense. And we are, more than much else and even without our realizing so, ready for all of it. 

We are ready to live this life that we each can see with our mind’s eyes and while some of us are scared, the majority of us are so emotionally exhausted from everything that has transpired over the course of just these last twelve months that the only thing that we can do now is take a deep breath, sit back and wait for it all to happen for us. 

The things that we wanted are here. The people we needed last year are here. Everything is meant as it is right at this very moment, and for the life of us, we have no clue that there is so much more that is waiting to happen, that is meant to happen, that is ours and all we have to do, really, is wait. For those waiting for the love of their lives to show up, they are here, you just don’t realize it yet. For those whose lives have been modeled toward the most awesome life career for yourselves, you are about to embark on a journey toward that mission in your life and the outlook is awesome and far more promising than any one of us ever dreamed. 

All the way down to the material is where this is all felt. If it was a new car that you needed, you likely have it or are looking for it. If it was you needed people in your professional network who were not there last year, this year they made it to our lives and the fun part is that these same people are JUST like we are, even though they might be on the other side of the planet. Those who were trying to see love and romance from another place can now see that this is what awaits them just nearby and that if you wait a little longer, the truth of what you see before you will be revealed, no, not by the other person, but by you, yourself. This is such a markedly important and exciting time for us all. We are all about ready to be shown this second half of life and some of us are scared as hell of it all, scared of the changes, trying hard to be happy and harder to have trust in what we see happening. 

Make no mistake – we can ALL see what is happening, and no matter how much we each try to hide it, we are happy as a lark when we think about what the future looks like, because the future that we saw just a short five years ago is here, is about to begin to come to life. All we really needed to do was wait and see, and we did stellar with the wait and see part of all of this. We did great, going through all that we did, only to end up right here with the same thought in our heads that we have had for months now, and that one thought is always going to be “this is awesome and totally way better than I had hoped for.”

I do not have to ask anyone if any one of you are ready. Of course you are ready. You have been ready for this moment and these times in our lives from the time that you were sent by Spirit into this lifetime. We are ready for the awakening. We have been met with the people who, even while some of them are not aware of it, are meant to help us on our path to our Selves. This is what is meant by “finding yourself.” You didn’t need to look too far – just to the nearest people to you to see that you have been here the whole time, that there was no reason to go looking for you. You were never lost, even though sometimes it might have felt like it. You were never NOT on the Path you have seen for many lifetimes now coming into fruition. You were selected by the Divine, and through your Soul you called out to Spirit and in kind She returned to You the things that you needed. 

The new people were not all the way evolved either. It took you being in their lives to make this happen. It took your presence, your Love, your Trust, YOU, to help them while they also helped you. And the coolest part, again, is that for the most part, you know who is who in your life. You know these people, have known these people, for a multitude of lifetimes. You see  your own life as being assisted by them and you cannot see your life without them in it. Some of them have a starring role, while others are bit players. It doesn’t matter – they are all important to the continuing of your growth of Soul, your maturation of Spirit, your walk with the Universe and lucky you – you are not walking alone.  

You are now in the company of your Soul Mates, your Soul Family, and in some of these families are also your Twin Flame. You are meeting up again with the same souls you did in past lifetimes, and in those lifetimes you planted the seeds of the future, which is now. You planted what needed to be in the Now, and in the Now you are a magnificent culmination, the perfect show of what Spirit and Her glory is able to do. What you wished for is here, you just don’t know it yet. What you wanted to no longer be here is either on its way out or is simply just gone. And when it is that you have been undecided, it has been Spirit, through this reconnect with your Soul Family, Who has been orchestrating it all. When you felt alone, immediately there was someone there to hear your tears. When you needed no one at all, and when someone instead needed you, you were just there, and you didn’t even need to call or text or send an email…it just was.

If we think about the people in our lives and how they came to us, we find that it was on the whims of the Soul and by the grace of the Universe and by the mighty hands of Spirit that these people who bring so much to our lives are here. It was by the very same grace that is Spirit that handily, and even in this very moment, is removing those who are no longer needed there to teach us what we so dearly needed to learn, and it is like this because the lessons we were learning have been learned by us. 

It hurts to say goodbye, but sometimes, it is the goodbye to the old which is the only energy needed for us and by us to realize that the New has always been here, always been present and always been exactly what both you and Spirit needed in your life. If you are in any kind of denial of it all, just take a look twenty years back and see who was there, what kind of people were there, and what it was that you were doing, and immediately it will all make perfect sense to you. You were in practice mode at that time, and you were nowhere near knowing that you were in preparation for right this moment.

Right this moment, if you thought about it for a bit, is perfect. It is perfect because we each and all have the right tools, the right mindset, and the right players in the drama called “Life.” Some of them showed up with intentions that are only being seen now, and they are gorgeous, the intentions are, no matter what. The intentions were set with Love, with healing and with the Light from the Soul within, both singly and collectively. 

Those who are meant to be here are here, and those who are not meant to be, somehow, even symbolically, are not. Thinking in those terms, you can also see, sometimes in the real, just exactly who these people are, what they meant to us, what their lesson was, and now, there are new people to add to it. New people are here to assist us, to make our lives better and to show us who we are through them and who they are through us. Kind of makes you wonder what it is that we each really are in relation to one anyone else. Again, no matter what, it is, on its own, gorgeous. 

Welcome, all of you, to the beginning of the second half of your life. 
Stay tuned…it’s about to get really real up in here….

Aloha…I Love You All!


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