There’s a lot going on right now for all of us. Sometimes, we need assistance. Be nice to people – you have no idea who you are dealing with and those “people” may be of the angelic sort…

No doubt about it, things are strange these days. More and more of us are learning to use these new strange gifts that we only now have found out that a whole lot of us have. When I say ‘gift,’ I totally mean of the astral sort. Things that we should not know, we know, and things that we want to know, we learn, almost immediately. That which is meant to teach us comes to us like a feather on the wind. And all of these great things that come about just at the moment that we need them to, along comes into our lives these new people. Some of these new people are strange to us when we first meet them, and it is because our whole lives long we have been given to the idea that what we are told that we should believe we end up no longer believing, and this is actually a good thing. It is a good thing because too many of us want to believe that someone other than us has a clue that is more trustworthy than is our own measure of who we are.

Our own measure of who we are becomes evidenced by the people who come into our lives at this time in our collective lives. At this moment in time, collectively we are being brought to the task of elevating our very selves, because very soon the reality will be what the majority of us believes it is meant to be – globally, we will finally be One in thought, in heart, in soul, and always in Unison with one another. As it is, there are people within your own inner circle whose lives you actually feel, whose emotions you are well aware of, whose very thoughts are like your own, and this is not something that is a bad thing, because anymore now we are not so inclined to think thoughts that are damaging. I mean, yes, there are always going to be people on the planet with us who will always just roll that way, but for the majority of us right now, the truth is that we know who we are and yes, we found out this much by the new people who have arrived in our lives. Some of them are meant to be only a lesson, while others of them are permanent because at this time in our collective lives, too, there is a great awakening and soul families are reuniting on this plane for the purpose of carrying out our mission.

Included in these soul families are people who you have never known on this plane or in this lifetime but who you know upon first glance, and it is the familiarity with these people that keeps us there, because we are that same familiarity that they also know. We know each other upon first glance. There is always just something there that never leaves us, and we also have this thought in our heads, not that we will lose these people, but that we have to be able to be with them, no matter what. We have to be able to do our work in this lifetime with them because that is what is going on now – we are meeting up with our soul families, and it is a beautiful thing. The thing about a soul family is that, outside of the idea that we are all of the same spiritual “stuff,” so, too are we given the thoughts in our heads that some of these people are not just human. Some of these people are Earth Angels, and all of these people serve a very important part in our lives. I can think of a few of these people in my own life right now who know that this is the truth because they also know that since we have shown up in one another’s lives, no matter if it was 5 years ago or last week, that there is just something about them that we cannot ignore, will not deny and have to be around, no matter what.

It is the familiarity, the energy that is shared between us that makes this so. It is the idea that one day we cried out to the Goddess and in kind, while we were thinking that She was ignoring us, like the Mother Who She Is, Spirit sent us an angel in human form, sent to our lives someone who could, without being too hurtful to our pride and our sensitive ego, help us grow and help us evolve and help us to become who we are for real.

Who we are for real, the each of us, is the Higher Self. That we come in the package that we do is one thing, but that we just seem to know who is here to help us and more, who we are here to help, is very, very cool. That we instantly Love these new people who come to our lives is not something that is sick and demented, but literally sent by Spirit to our lives, because the truth really is that Mother Knows Best. Mother Goddess knows always what and who we need, and also knows who is to be in what roles in our lives, knows who we are for real, and wants us to also know who we are for real. This is the reason that we are sent who we are sent. This is why it is that sometimes, while we are in the throes of whatever magnificent BS we find ourselves in, when it counts and when we need them the most, Spirit sends us these people to our lives who become permanent and who are also and can totally be thought of as the Angels who we asked assistance from.

That’s right – in our midst in this time in history we are literally being visited, gifted, given other people to help us understand who we are, help us see what is the truth of us, help us understand the higher thoughts we are all having at this time in our lives. It is not a midlife thing, and neither is it because you might not be with the person who you once were with, or that you no longer, by choice even, hang with the same group you once did. This is Spirit at work, is the Goddess in us each who tells us that we are so not alone, that when we cried out to Her for Her help, instead of Her being that Who came to us in our time of need, She visited us with others who are like us, who look and act like us, who love the same things that we do, who might even know the very same people we do. None of what you are seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing is a mistake. The way that you feel about these people is not unusual. There is always going to be this familiarity with them, all of them, and no matter what, wherever you are, they are there, too, and you know this because you feel it and can sense it all the way down in the bones of your soul.

We know who it is who is and will always be there for us. We know that we can count on Spirit to bring to us what it is that we need, and for the most part we also know that we can do just about anything that we try to and if we find that we are not able to get through some things, there is always someone there to assist us, no matter what. Think of the last time that you ran into something that just bothered you to no end, and that one thing kept just creeping up your okole, and then one day you cried out to the bigness that is Spirit.

Then, one day, almost magically, they showed up, almost on the wings of angels, in human form, right there in your face, and you could not believe it.

The moments that we find ourselves in the throes of anything that is ugly to us, that is hurtful to us, that makes us crazy from the sameness of it all, remind yourself that never have you been alone, and that always, somehow, there was help.

Always, somehow, Spirit knew what we each needed when we needed it, and always, as we now know, we have never been truly alone, never not been cared for …never ever not been Loved….

I Love You All


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