This is how we do it…

It isn’t like we don’t deserve it….all of it…

Whatever it is, the party’s underway  So tip up your cup and throw your hands up 
And let me hear the party say 
I’m kinda buzzed and it’s all because…
This is how we do it…” (“This is how we do it” by Montell Jordan)

No matter what it is and no matter who you are, you have to admit, these last few weeks have been a very dear pain in the okole, but it was not at all for anything other than to prepare us all for right this moment. 

Right this moment
Right this moment, at least in my world, there is a whole lot going on and most of it is all change. While I do not fear change, I also am not that thrilled about it when I am experiencing it, and right now I am experiencing it on every level of my life. The things that used to bother me no longer are that big of a deal, and the things that I didn’t care about suddenly need my attention. When it was that any of my friends were hurting or in need of something, I was right there for them without hesitation, but these days I find that I am very picky about who does and who does not warrant my immediate attention. Those who warrant my immediate attention know that this is their place in my life, know that when they call on me, I am right there, at the ready, no matter what, and on their behalf alongside them I will fight the good fight with them, will be there to hold their hand, to wrap my entire being around them, make sure that they are okay. They each know who they are, too, and after a long year of “oh NO! not another Shift!” I know exactly who I can trust enough to just say anything to and not have to worry about them being too offended by the idea that I had the nerve to tell them either through my words, my actions, or my energies, that I love them enough to not want to see them hurt or worried or anything that would cause them these energies.

On the other side of that is the idea that there have been a whole lot of people who have entered my life within these last twelve months who have each found out that there are some things that I will not deal with, that I will not ever accept as being okay and will not ever, ever allow into my own awareness, and without my asking them specifically to do so, they have, at least for the moment, left my life, allowing me to breathe a little, rest a little, Be who I am without having to be outshined and neither my issues not tended to because they and their giant egos were too busy taking up every bit of my every free ounce of energy that they had no right to take from me. And yes, take – when we allow people in who are not that great as human beings, they tend to take things from us, energetically and even physically at times, and it is these ones who seem to be the very parts of us that we have to clean up.

The parts that need cleaning up

I like having parties. I like going to parties. I like preparing for them, and I even like to clean up afterwards. There is just something about a gathering of people celebrating for whatever reason, or sometimes no reason, and it is this way because I love to celebrate people and their accomplishments. I love to be in the company of people who I love the most and see them being honored in a manner that is that of the heart and soul within us. And yes, I did say that I like to clean up afterwards and it is because I get to see how much of the food is left over. Left over food reminds me of the left over stuff that we have in our lives that no longer serve us, no longer lend to the learning, and it is time now that we have to clean up the messes that were left by us from the parties in the past, so to speak, and it is time for us to no longer celebrate our past victories because folks…there is a lot coming to us in the coming weeks and months ahead. Some of it is gonna hurt, and some of it is gonna suck but all of it will lead to the life that we are each meant to live, and by my count that RULES !

I would love to sit here and tell you all that it is going to be a breeze from here on out, but I can’t. If all of the crap that is happening in your own personal life at this very moment is not enough to tell you that whatever it is that is buggin’ in your life at the moment is meant to happen, is supposed to teach us each our own lessons of what our lives are all about. Your life is your story, is your best selling novel that doesn’t ever end. This is your life, your baby, you are the creator of it. Right now we all have a bit of stuff to clean up, have things to clarify to the Universe that we want or do not want in our lives. Now is the time that we have each asked for, and there are a lot of us who are just not ready to clean. To those people I have to say that that indeed is a very sad thing, because what is about to happen for the entirety of us all is not going to happen for you if you are too busy cleaning up yesterday’s trash instead of being in the center of your own universe.


STOP being the one person who everyone leans on. This was the sin that I was in, all the time. I was overextending myself to and for all of the wrong people, people who were no way at all helping themselves out of anything and only helping themselves to my energies. This is not saying that they were not worthy of it, but that I had no business trying to save them – that is their thing, not mine. That I shared my energies with them is one thing, but for them to not learn to cultivate theirs is another thing all together. It is not and was not that they were essentially wrong in being who they are, but wrong in the sense that I cannot be used like aspirin, can’t be told that I am supposed to be there for people who will not be there for themselves by the very people who are supposed to be there, on their own, yes, with my assistance, but most assuredly not my shoulder to stand on.

The time is now, guys…right now, for all of us to clean up what it is that is not yet done. This could be anything. Those of us who are already seeing the future as we want it to be are also the very ones who are prepared for this, the last part of the shift in consciousness that is upon us. We have to be prepared for it, all of it, because for a long, long time now we have all wanted dearly to see the changes that we have intuited, and lots of us are afraid to take it all on. Lots of us are just worn out from all of the evolving that we have done and we don’t even see what it is that we have done, and I promise you that what has already been done was done by our own hand, by our own thought process and whether or not we believe it, was done because we called it into being. Now there are a lot of us who cannot begin to think about what is ahead of us and most of those people who cannot see what is there are also not prepared for the changes ahead. The changes ahead call for us to be ready and willing to be everything we are each meant to be. 

None of us can think to stop ourselves from having to change anything about us, because there are facets of us each that have to grow along with the things that are happening to us all, and if we are not willing to deal with it all, we will not ever be and if we are not ever going to be ready for the little things, how can we hope to be ready for the big things?

But there are those of us who have been prepared…

While we might not like it, and we might not want to have to think about there being more for us to do, the fact of the matter is that there is still a little bit of work for us to do, still a little bit more for us to deal with and all of it worth every tear, every time you went into a blind rage, every single little thing that hurt, that bothered you, anything.

There are those of us who are ready for whatever is left, and it is a beautiful thing indeed when we trip over our own selves and when it seems like there is no other way around the things that hurt us, scare us, make us ache.

…so, let me tip my cup to you all, raise the glass and voices to the grand cosmos above for those of us who know the work is worth it.

To the rest of you…well, I hope you eventually get it in terms of what you are going through.

I Love You All

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