…you can see where you are going by thinking about where it is that you have already been…

There is a lot happening in the Cosmos these days. I don’t want to get into a whole thing about astrology because there are a whole lot of really great ones already. And really, unless you realize it, Astrology will teach us at least what sort of pattern our lives have traveled in from the very moment that we arrived to this lifetime. 

If we bother to pay attention to the patterns that our lives travel in, we will see a chain of events that, even though the time that passes will bring into our lives new people and new experiences, if we thought about where we were about 20 years ago and compared it to now we would see that there are a whole lot of similarities between then and now. This would be the thing that can give light to the messes that we find ourselves in. The revolution of time and the time that we spend thinking that we do not understand what is happening to us at a given time in our lives are distractions of the lessons that we are presented with throughout the course of our lives. 

Our lives follow a certain pattern and when we are right inside of a monster of an issue in our lives we are less inclined to be rational about things than we are about the emotional nature of feeling like we have to throw our hands up in the air in exasperation and ask the clouds above “AGAIN??!!” 

Of course, again…that is how this works. The trick to it all is NOT throwing your hands up in the air as though you were the one to tumble the Jenga tower, but to think back to a time where what was then is also now. What helps is that whatever it was that plagued us back then, or perhaps blessed us, caused us confusion or clarity…well, take a look around you and find out that even though there may be few of the same players in the drama of your own life, the things that are happening are much the same as they were then and the difference from then to now is that right now you have had the luck of the journey of having already been in a similar situation, have had the experience of such the same mess that is your life, or perhaps it is not a mess. It is just whatever it is, and we can see it as “oh NO it is happening AGAIN!” or “Hey…this feels familiar.” 

It is the familiarity which is the key to the recognition of the thing that we have already done but just at another time. It is the feeling that we know what to do and the knowing that we have already done this in the distant past. It is also the knowing one thing that not a lot of people think about – in the time that has passed, you have pondered the thing that was 20 years ago, and your soul recognizes this as it being like the do-over, or maybe it is just a sweet reminder of where you were two decades ago. If the issues in your life at present time mirror that of what was going on in your life back then, what that means is simply that there were a few loose ends that needed to be tied up, or maybe the answer which eluded you back then has shown itself to you now and now you can heal whatever it was that made you hurt back then.

You will notice that there are a lot of same things that happen. In my case, twenty years ago I was  very dearly in love with music, particularly the indie rock scene. I was a promoter. I shared a television show with some people who I thought about through the years and who recently I have been reconnected with by Spirit. I held a dear love for rock music then much like I do now, and like then, now, too, I have a deep connection with musicians. And it makes sense that I would, because I am a dancer. Lots has happened in two decades. There have been gains and losses, and people have entered into my life while others have left and can never return because they went Home to Spirit. Yet, the things that present themselves to us all these years later are the very things that bring to us those memories of the way that we did things then.

We might have needed a reminder of who we each really are, and it was through someone else that this was found out. Some of us moved far from the places that we lived, only to have lost everything in a material sense, leading us to believe that the reason we went to those places was because we thought we’d met our twin flames or perhaps our soulmate when in reality and through those people we met our very selves, and we liked what we saw. Suddenly, the messes that were the thing that we called “life” seemed not so out of place and make sense now. When I thought I lived in the desert for one reason and a person who I could never love, I found that the actual reason was not only so that I could ultimately lose my store bought life, ultimately be shown that it was not the person who we thought it was that would have us move that far from what is familiar, and when we find out who it was that was the reason that we were brought there, we find out that we are not so disappointed after all, that Spirit knew and knows what She is doing, and that all is well when we just get the hell out of our own way.

We do not get to know what it is that we need to know – our purpose, our mission – until it is that Spirit has dragged us kicking and screaming like a spoiled petulant 7 year old to that place within where it is that we can hide from the ugliness of life, can be who we truly are and where no one will hurt us because they can’t hurt us as we have risen above and have dealt with the pain of the loss, the pain of the thing that caused us humiliation, the thing that ate our lives and caused us to have to look at ourselves to see there in the mirror that is reflected back to us through other people the truth of who we each are. 

The Truth of Who We Each Are is a story that only the each of us can tell about ourselves, and we have always had the roadmap of time to show us through our past where it is that we have been, and where it is that we have the option to go.

The only option is where Spirit leads, and not where we are inclined to stomp our feet, cry out in frustration all the time about the tangible proof that we do not see and neither realize is the mirror which we look into, not only in others, but our very selves. The only option is the pattern and our paying attention to it.

The only option is to look back and see where we have been and realize that we made it here, and that here and now is familiar, and more than that, that we are perfectly fine and good and alive and well, and that really, we always were.

We were always okay. We just didn’t realize it at the time. We did not know that what we were doing was not gnashing our teeth but refining ourselves as does fire with diamonds. 

We were being polished, refined, so that we could deal with the things that we met up with twenty years ago, but right now. We were brought there back then so that we would know what to do with right now.

That is a whole lot to think about, isn’t it?

I Love You All !


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