Make Room in Your Life for your own Greatness

Greatness scares people who cannot see it in themselves

You have to be able to see your own Greatness, hands down. You have to know at this very moment that what it is that you think you do that makes people leave your life is not something that has been orchestrated by you, at least not in a direct sense, and the reality is that it may not be that they are leaving your life but that they are vacating a space that is too big for their own greatness.

By this I mean that we are more inclined to see what we are not by seeing what others are.By this I mean that there are people on this planet who, for the very life and soul of them, cannot and even are not willing to believe that they have their own measure of Greatness. It doesn’t matter what it is that any one of us is Great at. The only thing that does matter is that we all understand that no matter who thinks or says what about us, no matter who thinks they know who we are, and more than that, no matter who wants to compare through the Ego’s idea of Greatness who is “better” than who, we all have our very own thing – and some of us a few things – that we are great at that not one other person on this planet can do quite in the manner which we can. This is not a mistake. This is not some sort of sick joke that the Universe or God or the Goddess have played on any one of us. This is nothing more than our being able to see, for real, through the fog that is the lie of someone else’s sense of what is NOT great about them, that indeed we are all meant to carry out a specific and Divine Purpose, and one that, like everything else in this consciousness, is also Divinely Timed and Planned.

I am often called, by people who do not know any better, that I am the Queen of Excuses, but only because I tend to see things in a different manner. Of course, the “making excuses” thing is not really what it is and in fact is nothing more than my ability to see things as they are, my gift for helping people how to learn to elevate their own awareness, not only of things that happen in their lives but more, to see the reality that is the beauty that they are. Once it is that anyone sees who they are for real and in a different and more positive light is when the people who like to hate on other people come out of the woodwork, and they do so because of one thing – they cannot handle being out-shined by anyone else, and if we are in their line of sight, I promise you that if they are more inclined to leave your life because they are having a hard time with keeping up with you that it is not you who has to think about why it is that they left, but they who have to figure out how to strengthen the light who they are.

Greatness Is Meant to Be Ours – embrace it

The level of shininess that you have is there because you made it that way. No one else on the planet has the very same level of shiny that you have, and unless those people who call you on your Greatness and tell you that it is anything other than Greatness have the courage to no longer look at what is not theirs and choose instead to ponder their own Greatness, they will never know what it is that you know that is the truth of them, much as it is your truth – Greatness belongs to us all.

Greatness belongs to those of us who are willing to not look at what we are not and only to look at what we really are, and what we really each and all are is a testament to the fact that we are here and in each others’ presence because in each others’ presence we get to know who we are that is not according to ourselves. If who you are for real bothers someone else enough that they feel threatened by you or perhaps the thing that will make their ego tell the other ego-idiots in THEIR tribe that somehow, you are not good enough because something on the outside of you tells them so, that is THEIR problem and never was yours. You have no business trying to dumb yourself down so that someone who is not willing to prop themselves up so that they can see their own greatness as it really is, pits, dings and divots included, so that they can do like you have done and turn that empty hole in their lives into a container which will hold their greatness.

It is not your issue that someone else has recognized in you the thing that lives there in your Soul that they are having too many arguments with themselves as well as with other people who also have no idea of you or who you really and truly are. It is not your issue that you have done what you must in order to be where you are at this point, and if they are telling you about things that you know are not your own but that they think they see and that they feel matters more for them than for you about who you are and what you are possessed and comprised of, that is on them, not on you. It is highly creepy that there are people who will choose to make an issue about something that is awesome about anyone, turn it into a detriment just so that they can feel better about their very sorry selves, and it is not okay that people think that it is their right to opine about who they think you are in relation to them and make it anything that is “wrong” about you because it does not apply to them. My thought about that is that they need to see what they think is wrong with them because we know there is nothing wrong with you, at least not the way that anyone wants to think or to believe is essentially “wrong.” You simply and only were being magnificently you and the sad fact is that there are people on this planet who feel that in order for their vibration to be elevated, they have to knock someone else’s vibration down like so many dominoes.

No one has the right, and it is no one’s life purpose to knock anyone else down. This creates so many negative realities for people that it is shocking that it seems that no one realizes it yet. There is no reason for anyone to feel intimidated, to feel like they are threatened, to feel anything negative when we are talking about peoples’ greatness.

Our greatness does not stem from what other people tell us is the truth of us.

It never will. It will never be that way because very simply and truly, you are too grand and shiny for people to NOT notice you or who you really are, and when that happens and people knock you because of it …well, only thing that matters at that point is if whether you ought to drop them like a hot rock or try dearly to not believe their truth as it applies to you.

Which, it doesn’t. You are not beholden to anyone and you are not obligated to believe what other people say about you. You are not obligated to believe the things that make you hurt or cry, make you feel like someone took your snow-white evening gown and painted a big red “X” on it that everyone can see, point at and make you aware of. When we are dealing with people who are in our lives but are not like us and all they have to say about you or anyone else for that matter are things that they are not sure are the truth of you and according to you, it speaks a lot about what they are not rather than what you are in their eyes. In their eyes you are not good enough, and in their eyes you have to live up to their standard, but in the eyes of Spirit you are perfect and whole and lovely to see, because Spirit does not look at what we are on the outside, only the inside, and on the inside we all look exactly alike, no matter what. On the inside, physically, we are alike, and on the inside, Spiritual, we are also alike but the way that we perceive that likeness to one another will be, without a doubt, markedly different. If we were all exactly alike in terms of how we feel and how we think, there would be no reason for the world to have healers, Shaman, Kahu or Clergy, and there would be no need for a degree in Psychology. There would be no need for these things because they would not apply. We are comprised like one another, and that alone should be enough to make anyone with a huge ego realize that there are a lot more people than only themselves on this planet and a lot more chances that we will run into and have to deal with people who will try to tell us that we are not as Great as we are meant to be.

What they are really telling us is that because they do not know their own Greatness, that there can be no possible way that anyone else will know theirs and it is simply because when we are unaware of what is the truth of others we are also not able to be aware of anyone else’s awareness. Let that sink in for a bit and wear it for a little while and you will see what I am saying. When we are more inclined to only see things from our own limited point of view and we are not willing to allow others to see things without our involving ourselves and imposing onto them who we are as opposed to who they are, and we impose ours onto them without allowing them to be who they are, we are wrong. Period.

Anyone choosing to see only what they think is there that will cause you to feel like you have to defend, that will cause you to think that somehow you are not the best version of you at this moment that you know you have been and have striven to be, anything that makes another person feel badly or angry…while those things might be the truth for some, they do not have to be the truth for you unless you want to believe that it is, and yes, Loves, it really is that easy to believe otherwise. No one has the right to make someone else pay for the Greatness within them that they want to see there but are not willing to work to make it shine.

To which I must say that it takes so little to clean up our own messes than it is to see that we have a mess but that we believe someone else’s messes are more important for us to judge and compare ours with, when in reality what we are doing is just excusing ourselves from seeing what is there that is ours. What is there that is ours is meant to keep us from being a pain in the okole to others. What is there is meant for us to create from a mess the beauty that is there and is ours.

Most of the time though, most people are inclined to see that someone else’s mess is not like ours, because if we live from the ego only, everyone else’s messes are the only ones we will see because we believe ours is not a mess and that nothing needs to be cleared out.

If this is what you believe to be the truth of you, then perhaps it is not that the person who you are judging needs to clean their mess, but that you need to stop throwing more and more blankets on top of the pile of your own crud and that you really need, maybe, to call in a professional crud cleaner because while it is that you are pointing at the tightly coiled pile in your neighbor’s front yard you have ignored the big stinky pile in the litterbox you hide from the view of others just long enough to make sure that the rest of the world sees the mess on the lawn and not the quiet stink which emanates from the closet which you insist there is nothing in other than things which have no use.

Okay, so you are right on one end…that those things have no use, but you are wrong in pointing out the pile your neighbor is now cleaning up while you ignore that putrid smell akin to cat litter that is not cat litter but is your Soul.

Life is indeed messy….so clean yours up because eventually while you point at the pile that is no longer in your neighbor’s life, people will begin not only to smell your quiet stinkiness, but soon they will be able to see it, too. Think about it in terms of a cat litter box versus a grassy yard…one is hidden…

The other is out in view.

The other will get cleaned up.

The litterbox will continue to fill up, you will continue to ignore it, and well, yes, pretty soon…. hiding your own stink.

I would imagine that Greatness smells a lot better than the remnants of too many cats tellin’ other cats what their business is…right?


I Love You All!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Healing with Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui – The Sisterhood of The Soul. She is a blogger, book author, choreographer , Public Speaker, Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse Survivors Advocate and Spiritual Coach. If you would like to contact her for speaking engagements, Spiritual Consultations, or for anything else, please send an email to 
(c)  Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved

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