Let me break it down for you like this, fellas…

A beautiful woman is not a hair style or the tag in her clothes…

My heart just breaks when I hear that someone has decided to be way, way creepy and has told a woman – any woman, namely one who is just looking for someone to be nice to her, that how she looks is who she is, is what is the most important thing to any man.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you are not beautiful just as you are

The line in the song says that we are beautiful, no matter what they say, and this is the damned truth. I think the most upsetting thing to any woman is not that she is not anyone’s preferred type, but that someone has the very audacity to tell her that there is something wrong with them because said woman is not the ideal of one man. I say to hell with that person, and to hell with anyone else who cannot get themselves past the idea that who we are and what we are made of and what we are each all about is only important if we look a certain way with a certain hairstyle and a certain number in the tag in our jeans.

This is hurtful is what it is. It is hurtful for anyone to tell anyone else that what they look like is the thing that matters the most, and I am here to tell you that the only person to whom that matters is someone who cares what other people think of THEM, not you. They are worried that the woman on their arm is not someone who their stupid friends would think was beautiful, and the last time I checked, there is no real woman alive who would not be hurt by the words breathed by an unenlightened guy who only goes by what is seen of a woman. It is hurtful for us to hear that someone thinks that there is something wrong with us because we do not match up to their ideal of what is a beautiful woman.

What is a beautiful woman

…or rather who, is more like it.

A beautiful woman can be seen and known, not by what her hair looks like, and not by who designs her hair, not by the tag on the ass pocket of her jeans, and damned sure not by the tag on the inside either, but only and truly by who she is on the inside. A beautiful woman is a woman who is human and capable, is one who can accept her flaws without making an issue of them, and this is also the woman who, with a little time, will be the one who the man who hurt her feelings with his insensitivity and his boorish remarks watches walking away from him, and when that day comes, it will have been after she has told him that he is just not ready for her and quite possibly will never be.

He will never be ready for her because he is the man who needs to collect certain types of women, like we are prizes or notches on his belt. He will never be ready for her because he is too busy with being the guy who everyone is judging by the things and the people he is with, and he is the guy who might be easy on the eyes but in the heart and the soul he is like sandpaper on a fresh wound. He is the guy who will, eventually, be the one who thinks that he has all the answers, will be the one who expects a good woman to kneel to his own perceived greatness and he will be the one who will tell this woman, the one who he hand picked and the one who he also used his hands to pick on, that she is good but that she is not as good as he is, and he will be the one to tell her that she needs to act a certain way, and be a certain way, and he will also be the one who, if she marries him, will make her life a private living hell, just from the things that he tells her that she is not.

What she is not

What she is not is his property, and what she is not is not the one who will make him look good because guarantees are that if one person thinks he is a douche bag, there is likely a whole lot of other people who think he is, too.

What she is not is the representation of all the things that he thinks he deserves, and what she is not is his show pony. What she is meant to be is the culmination of the love within him and not the culmination or the prize at the end of the game called “I have goals and a hot chick to my specs is one of them…”

She is not a goal. She is not a score. She is not something that is not tangible at the same time that she is an intangible being because she is not a thing and she cannot be owned.

A woman is not a thing, but a human being. When the world realizes that we are powerful in our own right it will also know that this has been the truth all along.

I Love You All !



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