Stand Your Ground (18+)

When it comes to the Sanctity of Life and perpetuation of Love through every means possible, there is no other way….
You must stand your ground.

We are all feeling the effects of the Stand Your Ground laws which played a huge role in the most notorious case since the 1990’s. I will not make mention of what happened, because there is no reason to remind the world of parents that a mother and a father lost their son.

We must, people, learn to value Life, period. This is the tragedy born out of the fear that has been pounded into our heads since we were all children – that it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry, even if safety is through lethal means. Sometimes, as has been proved just by judging how poorly people are dealing with this, lethal means is not the best way, because it makes people think they are allowed to take the life of another person  This is a sorry state that we have come to. The only thing that anyone needs to be sorry about at this point in time is the sadness that a young man’s memory will be tainted by what a jury panel decided was important – and you do not need to be told that it was life and that it really is not freedom to carry or use a weapon, and not “justice,” because when there is a loss of a young life, there is no justice. It is life. This young man did not have to die this way. Yet, he did, and now the whole world ….the ENTIRE world…is being told that it is about race.

I am sorry folks, but it is not about race. It is about hatred and having an excuse to act like jack-offs and use that hatred as the fuel that excuses people from thinking, period.

I reiterate – this is not now nor has it really ever been about anything more than fear and hatred, and both of those things, when chosen as the prevailing energy, suck ass.

It is not about racism

This is not about racism. This is about the idea that we devalue the life of another human being so much that we have, again, become divided, and over what? A law that said that guy could shoot someone else if he was afraid? Really? And now we have these big giant shows of hatred, and people protesting…(whatever)….on the damned freeways…in Los Angeles- wake up, folks – this has NOTHING to do with race, at least not the way that we are thinking it does.

That the shooter made this about race is one thing. That the populace should know better than to buy into mainstream media’s idea that we have to fight over skin color, and then they go further to bait the populace is another story all together. Really, what time it is is NOT time to make this about race, because it is not about race, but rather and only about the sanctity of life.

We do not value life anymore. It is evident in the way that people vote for women’s health rights and thinking that the only way to value life is to control ours. It is evident in the way that we look at each other – through eyes that have been seeing through lenses that are scratched and that make everything seem like it is something that it is not. No one said that we have to continue to fight with each other, over the most insidious things – people believe that they should have things handed to them, including the right to take up arms, gather up the hateful masses, and make this tragedy their reason to hate.

Guys, this is NOT A CALL TO FIGHT but a call to think about who we are for real. We are not meant to hate on each other, but that is what we are doing, using this young man’s memory as the reason why. There is not enough talking me into the idea that I should be on one side or the other, but I chose and will remain to choose the side that says we are not thinking about that young man’s family, and we are speaking for them, so to speak, at least a lot of us, when what they really need is to shut the hell up, sit the fuck down,  and be able to let this young man rest peacefully.

It is not enough that his parents already lost him, but to have his memory and who he was to them tainted by all this hate, by all this ignorance, by all these things I am sure that his parents do not want happening is the thing that we need dearly to stand our ground on and against. Yes, the shooter legally had the right to shoot this kid, but that is why this is so terrible – because adults who think they are thinking with their hearts are thinking with a heart that is filled with hatred and believing that because they are a “color” that they have the right and the duty to speak for someone else. I am sorry, but I, too, can be thought of as being a “color,” and I promise I do not agree with ANY of the violence that is happening in the name of the boy, who was black, and the shooter, who was not, and neither do I believe that any one person who is making all this noise and causing all this bullshit has ANYTHING to say about anything other than that they believe that this is about race.

It is NOT about race, but about equality, and if you feel like you should be handed anything, including the right to behave like a jack-off and make more violence become our collective reality, the right to shoot your mouth off, the right to threaten people because of their race, then you are a big giant jack off. A big giant jack off  who does not think with the entirety of the whole of us in mind… A big giant jack-off  who believes that they must be the karmic debt repayment for the sins that they feel were committed on them. It was the shooter who used poor judgment, but it was the jury who people should be considering and NOT the jack-off who pulled the trigger. That the shooter is a panty-waist is one thing, but that we are making his foolishness the reason that everyone else has to behave like jack-offs is an entire other story all together.

This is so not about race, was never about race.

It was not about race until someone said that it was. That the shooter is what he is is one thing, and that the boy was what he was is another, but this is not about race. This is about fear. This is about hatred. This is about anything other than preserving the memory of that young man and more about reviving memories that a lot of us don’t have.

This is fear at its finest, because there is a large majority of us in the United States who have taken this up as their own fight for equality, and the only equality that they are claiming is that they, at one time in their lives, because someone else said so, believed what they were told about themselves, about the color of their skin- they believed it. I know this is the truth because I am a recovering closeted racist. My excuse a lot of years ago that I had made up was not one about my hating on white folks, but my hating my own self because I was not white. Yep….you read it right…I used to think that I was not right, because I was not white. I am not that person anymore, and I am very proudly Keiki O Ka’aina…I am fiercely, proudly Kanaka…fiercely proudly Hawaiian, and I am not scared to let people know that no, I am not white, and that yes, I am proud of my roots, but no, you have nothing to do with the past that spoke of the slavery of my people on our own islands. If you do not believe me, ask a real historian with Hawaiian roots and not one that is not of that origin. Not because of anything other than that you will get the entirety of the truth about the Hawaiian islands. That is neither here nor there, because I love me and I love where I came from.

I found out a lot of years later that I do not need to be anything else but a human being, because that eliminates anything “race.” I am not a race. I am a human, and the majority of us on this planet are also human. If you feel like you have been made less human by anyone it is because you believed what you were told, believed what someone else said that hurt you, and you carried that with you, all this time. I could get ass hurt, be a whiny bitch about how I feel that the justice system failed this young man, but that is not the truth. It is a tragedy, period. No matter how anyone wants to look at this is irrelevant, because it is all based on an opinion that really is not the fact.

The fact is that people who think that they need to spend their time behaving as though the outcome of this whole entire travesty has more to do with 5 white jurors hating on people of ethnicity, let me remind you that the more hatred that anyone puts into this mess, the more we mock the life of that young man, of his family, of ourselves, and the more that we choose to believe that we are inadequate because we have skin color, the more that we make people who really do feel like they are better than “colors” will ever be, and the truth about those people is that they are not worried about things as much as the rest of the world of colors is, because theirs is a quiet hatred, one that is as old as would be ANY generation and ethnic hatred would be and is.

…yes…I have a place to talk…because when that verdict was handed down, suddenly I had skin color…again. I am not a color, and neither is anyone else. Period.

I have skin color. Period. I like it. It goes well with my black hair and my brown eyes. I could sit here, angry at the whole white race for things that their ancestors did to the Hawaiian Monarchy and our last sitting Monarch, Queen Lydia Liliu’okalani Paki of the Nation of Hawai’i, but why? Why should I bother with the idea that a long, long time ago, business interests from the United States went over to the islands and took them. They jailed our queen in her stateroom in her home – ‘Iolani Palace – and to this day Hawaiians are not only up in arms but in a somewhat quiet manner we are divided, and this should just not be. Where some of us fight to keep the Hawaiian Spirit alive by passing on our treasured traditions and ways, there are a lot of us who are tying hard to take the islands back. I wish them luck. .

My thought is that we should not be showing our babies and the younger generations of Kanaka Maoli how to hate, but that is exactly what is happening. We, not me, not really any mainland Hawaiians, and a few on the islands who are more worried that our beautiful culture of Aloha and of Lokahi and Ohana are going to be lost in the fight for our sovereignty as a nation, when instead we would be better able to preserve our culture’s ways. We should be passing on our spiritual traditions, and while I get it with the idea that we need to be recognized as a nation of people, what I do not get is that we have to fight with each other over things that will take generations to make right.

To perpetuate the fight within our children is one thing, but to encourage them to hate strangers for something that said stranger’s ancestors did a long time ago is preposterous to me and a monstrously huge amount of time and energy wasted on people who just do not care what we think. We would sooner fight for a label than the truth. We are supposed to be teaching our kids to love, but instead we are instructing them on who is to be hated, because of the color of their skin, and this just breeds an entirely new sense of self-hatred and makes a kid question why it is that if they are so special, why is it that they cannot claim as theirs what is rightly theirs?

Hatred is not theirs, but it somehow belongs to the whole of us when we decide that one tiny group of people have made a choice and that that choice makes it okay for us to go out into the streets and behave like stupid assholes.

We need to stand our ground, be proud of who we are as humans, not quietly angry that this is a setback for racial rights. It is not a setback. You are an asshole if you think that this is yet another person trying to make peace by kissing ass. I do not kiss ass. I am not an asshole. I know how to be angry without hating people for something as stupid as our own beliefs about what someone else told us was the truth. It is not the truth that the boy died because he was black – he died because the shooter is a chicken shit, and I really don’t care what the fuck anyone thinks about this, do not give two shits if I lose readers, could not care one little bit less if anyone goes off on a rant with me about how I have no clue about the reality of racism in this country.

Really, asshole? I think I might have a tiny little bit of a clue…now run along before I cuss your sorry ass out!

Get on out into the world and create peace, not lies. Create Love, not hurt.

Get on out there and create a new life with us, and stop hating on yourselves because a long time ago someone named “Al” told you that it is the white man who holds us back. I promise you that it is not the white man, but that it is men like that fucker Al who like stirring shit up and making minorities feel like motherfucken minorities.

And to THAT fucker…I say that if he wants to debate someone, do it without cameras, or at least without all of his “people”…dude, you have no people…you ain’t god damned Moses.

If what you want to see is the creation of a new world, it has to start with a new thought, and we are the ones who have to come up with that thought…

I Love You All!
(Even though at this time many of you are pissing me off)



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