The Magnificence of NOT knowing what is to be revealed

We learn a lot of lessons in life. Sometimes, the sweetest thing is waiting to be revealed. It is not up to us to guess, but only, to wait for the revelation of it all.

In my personal private life, the one which I share with a few people who I connect with on a completely different level than the physical one only, much is revealed to me, at least, as far as what anyone will learn in their lessons, through the actual physical manifestation of things. Some of the things that were revealed to me while talking to a woman who I will refer to only as “Rose” were things that no one, not even my cousin Kai who knows me well enough to know the truth in this, could possibly know without also knowing me as well as Kai does.

Her name is Rose

I took it in the manner that is the Rose of Sharon, this meeting of this lovely person whose name I only know as being Rose. She wore a Harley-Davidson bandana on her head to cover the evidence of her physical frailty. In her Spirit, in her heart, this person is anything but frail. This person revealed to me so very much about who I am and more, the things that she read for me and while I was in her presence astonished me, because in those words, in some of those things that, at the moment, I am just beside myself about, I found out that there are things that I did not know why they needed to be done, why I have to do them still, and why it is that those things keep cropping up. “You don’t need me to tell you why, lady. I just have to tell you that whatever it is that you are afraid of will not go away unless they are done…”

Of course, I sat there as she explained to me what she saw, who she saw, and told me her reasons as to the reason that I have no idea about and more, the reasons that I simply am just baffled over, and it has everything to do with the person who I am becoming. Rose told me things that not a lot of people who do not know me all and only know, and she told me that the moment that these things happen for me, and not TO me, that there will be a bigger truth that I have been waiting to know, that I have been racking my brain for months about, and it all has to do, not with the people that these things have to come to pass with and because of, but more, with the things that I teach and I Spiritually give to people on a daily basis.

A Drive on that Place Called “The Wild Side” 

We didn’t drive anywhere, me and Rose. But it was way wild the things that she told me, and much needed to be heard by me, even though a whole lot of it made me squirm uneasily. The reason that it made me uncomfortable is not because this Wisdom Keeper knew me so well, but that she knew, that she knows that I, too, am part, a big part, bigger than I know or realize, of the grand Universal thing about things.

Without leaving La Verne until about 10 P.M., I took a ride on the Wild Side of things for a minute, and saw through the eyes of this woman named Rose those things that I just do not want to deal with at this time, things that I am not ready to go through, things that have to be done. She told me that when the time comes, and I am ready to see them for what they are and even as I already know what a lot of those things marked as “they” are already, I was challenged in the Soul by her words, and eagerly, I listened to what this person had to tell me. She struck me as a Wise One, as a piece of belief called “The Rose of Sharon,” because her words, for me, were not marked with anything more than the Love borne of Wisdom, the Wisdom from someone who, even in her frailty, is her strength.

It was an outer strength so marked by an inner peace, a reserve of things unknown and a Soul which refuses to take itself to the depths of its physically assumed frailty. Rose, by any means, is anything but frail. She saw this about me and told me that no matter what, I know what to do, that I am exactly where I need to be at the moment, and that while sometimes, things hurt, sometimes, things make no sense, and sometimes, the things that we cut ourselves from are not meant to be severed but embraced. Even though I know that the shadow side of me keeps on prodding me to do things, think things, make light of things, there are things that, without my needing to really, truly know why, have to be done, and they have to be done so that I can finally be done with the level of things as they are. In order for things to climb to the places that they need to climb to, I have to, you have to, we all have to give in to the things that we work so hard to not deal with.

It ain’t that we are not willing to face Truth and stare it in the eyes, but that we want to pick and choose when we will face them…

Now is the best time to make sense of things rather than to make light of them. I know this is the thing that this woman was telling me, because in her machinations of the way that energy works, I found out that I fear a whole lot of things, but that I am well on my way to finding out why I fear the things that I do. I fear what I fear because of the past. If we can let go of the things that are scaring us, asking ourselves questions about why we are so afraid, and asking ourselves what we can do to make us not afraid of them anymore, we can then bother to also know what is the lesson therein contained for us.

My fears are quite ridiculous, as Rose confirmed for me, and again, I was told that the thing that I am doing now is the thing that I am supposed to be doing anyway, and that the things…there is more than only one thing that is scaring the crap outta me at the moment…that make me want to crawl into that zone called “safety” is the thing that I have to deal with. I am not afraid of things in the literal sense. I do not bodily fear these things. My soul…the shadow portion of it, that is…fears being revealed in the sense that is the sensual and provocative and all of those things that can be marked as being the regeneration of things, the renewal of the energies that were prevalent and only for me a little over a year ago last month, and those things which were as they were last year at this time…well, they are the same, but not, and they are “not” because of the things that I have given to them.

The things that I have given to them

We all give a whole lot to the things that we think about. I think about a whole lot, all the time. I think about how many times I have changed my mind, only to come right back to this place called “home,” even if it is only in my mind. I have gone over, in my head, at least a dozen times a day, the things that I want to do and the things that I have already done and always I know that we are all learning, all the time.

It is in the things that we are willing to give to a situation, to a person, to ourselves that will always reveal what they are meant to when they are meant to. I see a whole lot of change, and I sense the same fear that I have about certain areas of life, and all of it boils down to the idea that the only thing left that makes these fearful things go away is me. I am the end component in the fear, in the mistrust, not in other people, but in my own self and in my abilities to see things happen as they are meant to and not fret over what I am not seeing that I would love to see. I would love to see that every single one of my friends would be able to be happy and comfortable in their lives at present moment, and I would love to know that my kids are always going to know that patience is the most important thing when we want to see changes. I would love to know that everything that I do and have done and will do are all somehow going to end up with my getting exactly what I want.

Wouldn’t we all?

Wouldn’t we all just love to know all the answers to the questions that we have that have been haunting us for as long as it all has been, and wouldn’t we all just want to know that what we see in our minds is the absoluteness of what is to happen rather than only a representation of what is to be?

Of course we would. We would all love to know what is going to happen next, and for the most part the majority of us are savvy enough to pay attention to the patterns which visit our lives at a constant, but then no one would be around for me to show these patterns to if we all bothered to really think about our lives to this moment.

If we always knew what was going to happen, life would be boring, we would not be able to taste the thrill of not knowing, the thrill of everyday being “6 year old on Christmas day” excited. This is what we should be like, everyday – a 6 year old, anticipating his parents waking up so that he can rush to the side of the tree and gleefully and unmercifully and with total glee and excitement, rip to shreds the paper which hides the truth of the gift beneath.

If we could approach each day with that sort of energy, just imagine the things that we would see in our lives. If we chose to wake up daily and see what is ours as the challenges of the day, we would see, too, the path that we are not only following, but more, the path that we chose and it is the path, we find out, too, that we alone are building.

And alone, what we are building is nothing short of this thing called being magnificent!

This is called Being MAGNIFICENT

This is called being magnificent. This is called being able to deal with waiting for the best things in life to come to us and this is called trusting who we are is good enough in the eyes of Spirit as well as ourselves, to just simply wait until the best comes to us. Period. We cannot force things to happen for us. When they are meant to happen for us, they will just happen for us.

What else we cannot do is force other people to get it in terms of our happiness, to understand where it is that we are each coming from and more, to know for sure that who we are matters, that what we think is all going to make sense for us each one day.

Being magnificent, by the way, is something that just comes naturally to us all….we just need to stop believing the lies we have been told. Being magnificent means that no matter who thinks that there is better out there, at least for them, that who you are is the best version of you that there can be. Being magnificent means that we have accepted who we are for us and not for anyone else. To be the most perfect rendition of who we each really are is the most precious gift which anyone could ever have. The very moment that we can each and all give ourselves that one little chance at grabbing on to our own light and hanging on to it for dear life and realizing that we alone are the only ones who can change our story line from “bleh” to “YEAH!”

We are who makes all the difference in our own world. This means that we alone will be who figures out first just exactly how magnificent we are.

No one will know it until you know how magnificent that you really and truly are!

For anything like that to happen, though, it is important that you just learn to chill and wait because the best is yet to come!

I Love You All !

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Healing with Hula Program for Women and the Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui – The Sisterhood of The Soul. She is a blogger, book author, choreographer , Public Speaker, Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse Survivors Advocate and Spiritual Coach,  and also a group trainer for business in the area of etiquette, person-to-person communication, office group trainings in proper etiquette and clear communication. To reach Rev. Cottell for any reason at all  please send an email to 
(c) 2013 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved

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