Living a Life Led By The Soul Within Us Each

We are far more than just what meets the eyes

Human Beings …we are a silly lot. We think that we have to prove to the world that we believe in things outside of ourselves, and never are we more inclined to NOT tell people that we also need this proof. Proof of what? Of the Great Spirit, God, The Goddess, Godde…Love…the real kind which comes from somewhere inside of each of us, that’s what. We want to live peacefully, our needs met, everything perfect.

We do not realize that to live the perfect life we must accept that in a human, carbon-based life form way that we are anything but totally perfect. We are perfect in our imperfections, but that does not happen for anyone unless we are willing to accept these things about us and everyone else, too. When you choose to live your life by the seat of your beleaguered Soul is when the meat of things begins to soften, is when where we have been and what we have seen and all that we have ever gone through, while it might no longer matter, very suddenly it makes sense….perfectly imperfect sense, at that.

WE are magical and special and all of those other things that we do not want to believe, and we do not want to believe these things because we were never taught to accept that we are imperfect, but we are also special. We were never taught that we can appreciate who we are and not only to appreciate other people. We were only told that we need to have respect for other people, but rarely were we told or even taught that we each deserve respect ourselves. We were taught, told, shown, some of us had it beaten into us, to respect others, but in that respect, which, for some of us, was not good enough for those who were demanding it, we were not given any. This is the soreness in the Soul, and this is the collective broken heart that together we choose to remain held onto and to suffer through.

And the reality is that we do not have to suffer for anything, anyone, any reason. We will hurt, but we don’t have to suffer for the sake of someone else.

Following the Light of our Selves

How about you guys? Have you all had enough of this garbage that calls on us to sacrifice til we can’t see straight? Have you had enough of feeling like you do and have you realized yet that someone else’s crap is not your own? I am learning this daily, and daily it pains me to see the things that I see and to know what I know and daily, too, I know that this is almost done, that we are …I am…spinning my wheels for nothing, worried that Spirit does not hear me and does not know what She is doing. She knows what She is doing, and I know this because even when my days start with the energy that makes me want to slink back to bed, and when I am faced with putting gas in the Wonderbucket or buying what I need to for myself I am aware that I am fine. Even though my brain might hurt from all the things that it has taken in and filtered through it as being “bad” and even as I know that there are things that could be better than what I have in front of me right now, they are, in essence, getting better, or at least getting a little more palatable for my Piscean brain to digest.

If there is anything that I needed to learn these last few days it is that I had to return to that place where Spirit is Who leads me, Who Guides and protects me and my great big Soul. It is the Soul within that has never let me down and never for one moment given up on me or given in to the whims of the Ego, and too, it will always be the Spirit Who will help me when I need it the most, because no matter what, Spirit is the thing that my life is lived by, and it will always be that part of me who is in control.

It will always be Spirit which guides me through tears, even if it is sent in the form of a text from a 19 year old boy who calls me ‘Mom,” and who texted just to know that everything is okay.

It will always be Spirit which guides my words when speaking to a child whose eyes look like mine, whose face is the semblance of my own, and who, for her 15th birthday, only wished for my own happiness.

It will always be Spirit which wraps my own human arms around a little boy for whom monsters in the darkness can be slain by his mother’s Love, and it will always be Spirit who will always Love that I Love these three young people so much.

It is the Soul within us which speaks volumes through the actions on our behalf by others that will always also be the proof of Life lived through, with, by Spirit. It is through the eyes and the Love of the Soul of a person who you love more than you know you do that is the guide to all else.

I Love these children far more than I Love anyone, anything, else…

I Love You All !


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