Don’t judge others because they are not like you

“…don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do…”

                                                                                                                             (Dieter F. Uchtdorf)                                                

We all make judgment calls on other people. It is a part of life. If we do not use our ability to discern who is good and who is other than good, we are not allowing our intuitive side to do what is its only job…to discern. Our intuitive measure is the thing in us that Science calls and which activates the “fight or flight” within us all. There are times in our lives when we have to make a quick judgment call because our safety relies on it. There are times when we have to use it to gauge the energetic temperature inside of our own homes so that we can see what kind of day the rest of the Tribe is going to have based on the energy at the time of the day.
Yet, there are many, many times that we are more given to judging someone else based on a preference that may no longer apply to us, our lives, or the people we are calling judgment on. There are times when who we are in an egotistical sense takes over and makes us make not only a judgment on someone else – normally someone who we do not know – but that judgment on them is harsh and ugly. And we have the audacity to believe that they cannot feel our weightiness, the very nerve to believe that without our even bothering to ask a question of them (you know, such as what their mother named them, for starters) we judge them for things that we really have no clue about. If you are an Empath, which I am, and you are only in the beginning stages of learning to use your gift and how to know what you are honing in on in someone else, it is common that you will make a judgment early on and it is simply and only because of that scientific thing that I mentioned just a bit ago. The problem with empathy – yes…problem…is that when we are learning to use it to our advantage (so that all others may benefit, too) we cannot know yet whose energy we are feeling, ours or someone else’s, and more than that, the “difficult” or heavier energies may not be who they are but instead may be someone who they know and who they are thinking certain thoughts about. 
I know this one very well. Being a strong Empath is great, but it can also be the thing that, without practice and without that practice toward our abilities, we judge others by the energies they emit without also asking questions of them that would help us to clarify a few things. Being able to empathically know things is a great tool to sharpen, but it can also be a very dangerous one if we do not bother to practice, literally, what we preach. 
Practicing what we preach

We have all sinned in the house of judging other people, all of us. We have all come short of the glory that is being fair and open with strangers. We have all made a quick call on someone else without first getting to know them, thereby also getting to know what their trip is. We love our abilities, we empaths and healers and ‘psychics,’ a whole lot, in fact, but there are those among us who, new at it or not, use them the wrong way. Televangelists are very good at making judgment calls on people, and the bad thing about that is that they have an audience who agrees, and sometimes in that audience there are people like we who can look into the energies of other people and see what is there that they don’t want seen. It is this crowd – the ones who listen intently to any leader in the area of Spirit – or at least a few within it, who take what their guru tells them to heart, take it to the mat, if you will, making judgments on others who they do not know from Adam and only by what their eyes tell them is the truth. 
Then the fun starts. These are not the only ones who do this. Arrogant people, leaders in business, college professors, basically anyone, but really – namely those who are in some sort of power position – these are the people who, because they have a following, are very inclined to allow their Ego to take the reigns. When this happens, and because they speak to an audience of people who believe their tenets, we end up with a group of people who believe their own bullshit because they were told to. They were told that what they heard was the truth and the only truth that there is, and they believed it because it was written in a book by groups of people who told other people that they are an expert in whatever field it is that they find themselves in.
While it is that my name is not followed by “PhD.,” and is instead preceded by the letters “Rev.,” I cannot, ever, because it has been done to me throughout the course of my lifetime, judge another person harshly, if at all, just based on what I see with my own human eyes. My own human eyes told me to judge another person because they were different than I am, because their hair was not the same, or maybe their habits were what they were, and my arrogant ego told me that I was right and that I did not need to talk to these types of people because they looked different than I do. It was when I turned 40 that it all came rushing to my thoughts that maybe I am the reason that people are repelled by me, and maybe it is that quick rush to judgment that I habitually honored without realizing that I was hurting people, that I was hurting me, that I was creating Karma and making it so that others, through what my human eyes saw and due to those letters that come before my name, would also judge others in that same manner. 
It was when I took someone to the ER a few years back that it hit me the hardest, when the physician’s assistant on duty wrote what she did in her notes that struck me where it hurt the my pride, and at that moment, due to those letters, in my calling. I learned a whole lot about rushing to judgment. 
It was because of the person who I took there that this woman chose to assume that I was an addict, and while I know that because of her notes I can sue the hell out of her specifically, I also know that it was a reminder that I could take the time to talk to a person first before I just go with what my intuition tells me, and that I have the right and the option to love them instead of reprimand them in my Soul and with my energies. Yes, me…this is what I was doing. My big fat ego and me were busy trying to save the addicts of the world without first knowing the reason for the addiction or without bothering to talk to them first so that I might find out that the energy of their soul was not theirs alone, so that I would know for sure that I was being wrong, that I was not right in the mind or the soul at that moment, and that truly, I was a televangelist in my own mind and in my own world and in my very own overblown -albeit quietly so – arrogance. 
To believe that we can save everyone is one thing, but to believe that we are able to make people think that we are the best in the world and do so through our own words and our own actions and using only the whims of our egos is quite very much another thing indeed. 
The televangelist who all of us are, have been, have the potential to be and also who can be stopped, either by our own Selves, or, on the other side of the slap-happy coin, that bitch named Karma…

That Bitch named Karma really, really is out of control, and we let it be this way. We let it be this way because for the life of us we do not know how to get out of our own way. Arrogant people are the worst at telling other people what they need to do but not doing it themselves. I was this way for a long, long time, allowing my title to be the thing that led me instead of my utilizing what power is given to it the right way. The right way to utilize any kind of power at all is in equal measure of both kindness and common sense. We hear a whole lot about common sense from some of the most nonsensical people, and we know that the majority of them mean well…yet there are those ones who have a need to be worshiped, and adored while the world looks up at them as they stand up there on their ivory tower. I know this animal, too, because I was this animal. And hell yes I can see the whole herd of this creature from a mile away.
You know who you are. You are those people who like to tell others what to do, and you expect them to carry things out in the manner that you would because only your way is the right way. There are some of you reading this right now getting very offended, very angry with me, because you think or believe that I am pointing my skinny little finger at you, and you would be right in that I am calling you out, but not right when you think that I am talking about you specifically. To point out the lot of you who think that you have the ultimate last word and are the expert in anything at all and to go out into the world and impose this energy onto the rest of us is wrong and egotistical on the mild side, and rage-raising and insulting on the other side. 
You don’t know it all. I know this because while I know a whole lot, I know that I don’t know everything that there is to know about anything at all. Things change everyday, and everyday we get a new chance to do things differently, but most of us just stick to our own regimen and this does not stop at our habits that we do each day, but it is also applicable to the things that we think, say and know. Many people in power, no matter what that power might be…it could be job related, or it can be in the community of our family at home where we are the breadwinner…it can be anything at all, really – take for granted that somehow theirs is the only thought to be had about a thing, that they know everything about that one thing, and that dammit – no one is going to tell them that they are wrong. And why would they? Why would they since they are the one who calls the shots? Why would they because every major decision made is theirs to make, even though they “call a meeting” and ask for everyone’s input? Why would they? 
They wouldn’t because they have not been questioned about the things that they know, and they wouldn’t because their arrogance and their ego have taken the reigns, and they wouldn’t because to do so would make them human instead of a minor god in the eyes of those who they have this strange feeling of power over. Parents are horrible at this. Again…I know this personally. We parents have the nerve to believe that we did not bring our kids into this world so that they will make us look good. That is not the job of our children. That is not the job of anyone, but it seems to be the job that we all want to have. It is not the job of our descendants to undo all the folly we did, all the wrongness that we think, and it is not their job to make us look good, even though we expect them to. 
It is not their job to make it seem as though if they do something foolish, somehow we are to blame. They are kids, not machines. They are gifts, not minions. They are blessings, not people who we are allowed to lord our assumed power over, yet because society has told us that the truth is that our kids have to do as we say and not as we do (good gravy we would be in trouble collectively if that were the case) we forge on into the darkness of Control and Judgment on the one group of people who we also expect Love, respect, “honor they father” from, and we have the balls to not give it in return. 
This, people, is the reason that we hate each other, and this is the reason that we try to one up each other, and this is the reason that all of us are in this bitter competition with each other, and more than anyone else, our very selves. We fight our selves each and everyday with this. We want to do right by our kids, and we want them to be happy, but we want them not to stray from who  WE are and we don’t allow them to grow to be who they are meant to be. We want their love, but we settle for their worshipful glances, and we think we are right in that energy. We are not. It is not okay to think that we hold the ultimate truth in what is right or not right for everyone on the planet and even everyone in our own world. But we think we are right, and we do it anyway, imposing onto the most important people in that world, what is right and wrong for them by what is preferable to us. This is not to say that we have no rights to offer our opinion, but we have no right to offer our opinion to our brood as being the facts indeed. 
It all starts where the heart of us collectively is. It all starts with those people whose life depend on us and our call to action and our sometimes rush to judgment on them and everyone else. 
It all starts at home.
It all starts with us.
I Love You All


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