Cheap-Ass Tip : You’re only wearing it one time….

Wedding Gowns …ugh !

A beautiful gown does not have to cost an arm, a leg and the first born child of your first born child. Here are some things to remember when you are shopping for yours !

Everyone loves a beautiful bride, and in the years that I have performed weddings for marrying folks the one question I am asked the most is where the intended and impending bride-to-be should go shopping for her gown.

The fact of the matter is that you are only wearing that dress one time, and unless you have a daughter or if your future children will include one, the idea of anyone spending THOUSANDS on a dress that she will wear ONE TIME just makes my brain itch. I have a few thoughts, and you might balk at them, but if what you want is a wedding that is both perfect AND affordable, the other idea is that you might not think that my ideas are such a wash…here they are…

My first thought is The Thrift Store…yes, the thrift store, and it is because you can get a gorgeous gown with a lot of ugly little beads on it, take it to your friend who is a seamstress, and you and that friend can rework the way the gown looks with a few alterations. While it might seem like the ultimate in Cheap-Assedness, it will save a whole lot of money and will whittle the time seeking out the perfect dress if you could see the possibilities. A lot of the time, what we see in the bridal mags are mainly dresses that are newly designed and created for those brides who can totally afford taking out a loan in order to buy it!

The Second thought that I have is to go to the downtown Los Angeles clothing district, because that is where a LOT of those “loans for a one time wearin’ it” type dresses will be found, and in that case, it won’t be thousands but actually hundreds of dollars.

The Third is,, and of course, – buy your dress online…and while I get it that this can be dangerous in that it might be too small (yikes) or too big (not as yikes) you can refer to the first thought, back to that friend who is handy-dandy on a sewing machine.

The Fourth? Of course !! That same friend…you know the one…she is awesome on a sewing machine, and she is going to charge you a whole lot less than will anyone else who is NOT your friend. This is not you being cheap…okay, maybe a little, but in reality, cheaper is smarter, and smarter means that you have saved some money. If you have a friend who is an amazing seamstress – pay them for making your dress. The two of you will have a great time designing or reworking the pattern and buying the fabric that you find together, and more than that, you will have a great memory of a precious friend who became a permanent part of your special day.

No one likes to think about low-balling the money spent on the day that will change your life forever. At the same time, you cannot have an affordable wedding if you are willing to save on everything BUT the dress. Wedding planning is not a simple task, and planning an affordable wedding is not any easier. However, when thinking in terms of how long one plans to wear this dress as opposed to all of the other more wonderful things that the money saved on the dress can be spent on -perhaps a tropical honeymoon?- the dress seems to pale in comparison. When you look back ten or twenty years from now, and you look in the closet, at the box where the dress that got worn one time will remain, and then realize that you could have saved a LOT of money if you would have thought of your other options, somehow it makes it seem a lot less important that the dress is more expensive than it is beautiful.

Beauty is created and shared, and should not cost a minimum of your first born’s first born child…

Just sayin’ !

Happy Nuttiness~!
Reverend Roxie

Reverend Roxanne K. Cottell is a Southern California Native with Hawaiian Roots and a Penchant for all things hula and all things rock and roll. If what you are looking for is a whole lot of fun and not a lot of drama for you and your guests, Rev. Roxie and her Minions can help you come up with the most affordable wedding that you can all think of…and she can even get an actual ROCK BAND to your nuptials that DOESN’T SUCK !!! You can hit her up by sending an email to her. Please visit her website…and of course – there is a page in her site that is all about AFFORDABLE WEDDINGS THAT DO NOT SUCK !

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