The Truth Which is Yours

Truth is not a stretch by any means…

Let’s get a few things absolutely clear here, okay? Truth is Truth. There is no way around it, and there is no way for it to NOT be the Truth in Fact, and even while whatever is the Truth might not be Your specific Truth, again…Truth is Truth and it cannot be changed.

No matter what, the Truth is the Truth and like the days on a calendar, it can never be changed

Not one of us can change the absoluteness that is Truth. Truth is like water – it just is what it absolutely is, and no matter how many times we try to change ourselves so as to accommodate it and more than that, no matter how many times we try hard to place ourselves into a situation where the Truth becomes the thing that is apparent and immediate, the truth behind The Truth is that there is not a lot that a person can do change the Truth other than to simply live with it and within it.

Living With and Within Your Own Truths

It is not as easy as anyone might think, the thing called Living Within Your Own Truth.

To live within one’s own Truth…well, it is like living within your own skin and having no issues with your own self, really. When we think about all the things and ways of being that we have tried on and which did not fit, we find that returning to the truth we thought was ours is comforting, but the truth about that, too, is that while that which comforts us might have been the truth in the past, more and more we also find that we are itching to at least try also forming a new truth about ourselves and what it is that we are willing to know as the Truth which is Our Own.

In my world, the Truth which is my own is the Truth which I can live with that is about myself. You see, for the most part, we are all taught as children to live within our means and never to go outside of it. To live by that which can be seen as the Truth which belongs to someone else is only a measuring stick really, and in that truth are the kernels of Knowing that we often times are told and taught by our well-meaning parents as being the only Truth there is about a thing – that only other people can tell us what is OUR truth. Really, the only Truth that there is about anything at all is the Truth which we are able to deal with on a daily basis and that is also a Truth that is our own. There is nothing wrong with telling people who you are, and there is nothing wrong with being able to live within the confines of what is a Truth that we can deal with. A Truth we can deal with, even if it is a Truth which was formed by others and which rings like our own does, is a Truth that speaks to our Soul, our Egos, our everything, and is a Truth that we are still willing to live by, even as it is a collective Truth.

It all boils down to what it is that we are each willing to live with, what we are willing to see and to know and most of all, to accept as the Truth as it applies to us and our lives. When we are willing to do all of these three things, this is when the Truth of us is easier to deal with. When we are able to accept that maybe we are not everyone’s favorite person, and when we can accept that we are not perfect, that we are not always going to be right – this is when we are more able, not only as a human carbon based life form, but also as a Spirit, to live within what is our own Truth.

Our own Truth will not ever look exactly like anyone else’s. Our own Truth is one of those things that while we eventually accept and embrace it, we also can never change it. Who we are essentially never changes. The person who is within us is the person who the world does not know. Only people who are of likeness to us will ever know who we really are, and believe it when I say that immediately, and no matter what, it is our Souls which know who it is who has our backs and who are only there to make sure that whatever Lesson it is that the Universe is trying to teach us, we learn. When we can accept who we are, what we are each all about, what we have to offer to ourselves let alone anyone else, this is when life turns out to be the thing that we set out for it to be.

While it is a beautiful thought that who we are will be loved and accepted by ALL those around us we have to remember that this will never be. What will always be, though, is our individual opportunity to be able to learn to Love our very selves, no matter what. We are the highest octave on the string of notes called “Our Individual Life” and we are who makes or breaks us. We can only do so much for other people, but we can do a whole lot for ourselves and for who and what we are and aim to be. It is never anyone else who has to accept us or who we are – that is ours alone. To believe that someone else is who will shoulder the burden of Our Selves is preposterous at best. To think that anyone else is supposed to take the responsibility for how we feel, yes, even after they have been incredibly foolish enough to tell us their truth (and even expected us to just be cool with it…nope…not gonna happen) about who we are.

The Truth which is yours is the Truth that you have created for yourself. If you have a bunch of turmoil in your life, it is time that you stepped back and looked at it all for real and thought to yourself about the Truth that is the fact that you called it all into your life somehow. If you have a bunch of confusion in your life and it is making your head swim with nonsense all the time, dive on in there and ask your Self why it is that you have not bothered to STOP with the looking at the Truth that used to be and START looking at the Truth that is, because the Truth that is IS YOU and was created by You, too. Once we each and all can think this way and more than that, ACCEPT what is the Truth of us we will see the changes. We will notice that while the world around us does not change, our thought about it and our entire way of seeing it as it really is also changes. We start thinking in the manner that is us being able to handle our Truth and our being okay with the idea that while we might not like what we see or what is the fact of the matter at the moment, we also know that like all else, our Truth may never change, but the things that comprise our lives always will.

We will always be a certain way until we are not. We will always believe certain things until we no longer have to. We will always be the person we each are. We will always Know that what is happening in our lives is the Truth as far as our lives are concerned at any given time and for whatever reason we might have. The Truth is that life changes always, and whether we like it or not or want it to happen or not, it is going to change.

The only question you should ever have is not if you can handle the change, or if you are going to like the changes, but rather and only what your Truth in all of it is.

Think about it…

I Love You All !


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