Other peoples’ time is valuable

When it comes to things that other people offer, no matter what, it pays to value them and their time…

You could sit there thinking to yourself that what you do is very valuable, and it likely is. Yet, there is a huge portion of the population for whom it is nothing at all to take what they will from another person without compensating them for their time, even in a small way. People love to be appreciated. When we appreciate others and are grateful simply for the thought of our helping them get where they need to be we are exchanging Love on a higher level.

An exchange of higher energies

There is nothing quite more deflating OR defeating to another person’s Spirit than to undervalue who they are by undervaluing what they do. If anyone does anything at all for another person, a kind word is wonderful, but to be appreciated through that person telling another person of how great a job they think you do is pure bliss. It is wonderful to be recognized for the things that you do. When a person is valued not only as a person but also for the things that they do in relation to other people, regardless if it is in a business sense or otherwise, a person will always know that they are valued because they will want to continue to help others, even when they, themselves, are without a whole lot. I know this animal. I have known this animal my entire life, and most recently was introduced to the idea that sometimes, even though we might be Loved and cared about, even though who we are as a Spirit might be valued, there is nothing at all like being valued for the work that you do.

There is nothing like seeing the smile on a friend’s face when they come to you, saying thanks for hooking them up with their last gig. There is no feeling like the overwhelming sense of pride in one’s self when they know that they were able to help another person, especially if that other person could really use that help.

We don’t realize how important we are to others until it is time for an even trade of energies. This could be anything. An exchange of energies traded for time spent on someone else’s dream is the highest form of gratitude that there is, and it is because when we do things for other people, automatically we are doing for ourselves. When we give to others a piece of ourselves so that they can realize what it is that they have always wanted to, we immediately get the gratification of knowing that what we have done for someone else is valuable enough for others to take notice. When other people take notice of what we do for them and they tell another person that we have done anything at all, this is when the compensation of who we are versus what we do comes into play. Even as who we are sometimes melds with what we do, we are no more recompensed for our work than what we expect.

If we expect to be respected in the manner that we care to be, we have to expect that as the reality and without a sense or an inkling of doubt behind the thought. When we doubt something, it will always be that we will get what we need, but the thing is, it won’t be as grand as we want it or desire it to be. It will be what we think it is. When we decide that we are valuable beyond even what we want to believe, this is when the fun starts. This is when we start to see that who we are is more valuable than what we do, and at that time what we do becomes that much more noticeable. It becomes more apparent that who we are is shown in the work that we do.

It might be shown in the work that we do, but…

There are always going to be people who believe that somehow, they are owed by us. There are always going to be people who will grace the planet thinking that they can do what we do but why should they bother since we are doing it for them?

Well, with that line of thinking, why would anyone bother to do anything further for anyone else if they were not going to be evenly recompensed for their time? It is an insult, not only to a person’s intelligence, but also to their Spirit. It is an insult to believe that the person who does anything for someone else is going to be willing to do more when their time is not valued, and it is going to be an insult to anyone who takes pride in their work and for whom what they do matters. It is an insult beyond anything imaginable when we do something for other people and when our work is not appreciated and more, there is no energetic exchange for the work done. When we choose to believe that what we do is more important than what another person does and that person is helping you with your dreams, and you decide that you do not need to trade energies with them that are positive, MANY things can and do happen. It is at this point that people either take it out on the other person by not only no longer doing what they did for them, or worse – they “undo” the good by chasing it with vengeance.

We create our own Karma when we choose who is doing good by us and who is, by our own definition, doing nothing at all and when we choose to act on it, or not act on it, behaving as though we could do this all on our own. The last thing that anyone wants to believe is that on one hand our work in undervalued, and on the other hand, in the thoughts that would be those in the Karma creator’s head, that we can do just fine without their help. And this is not illegal, but it is immoral and unethical. To believe that someone else’s time is not valuable just because they happen to be happy doing what they do is WRONG. Lots of people are happy doing what they do because they are doing what they want to do AND being compensated for it. This is what is called an even exchange of energies.

How can anyone POSSIBLY think that to have someone else do them a favor is somehow the joy -to have been asked….?? HOW? That may happen, but it will only happen one time. No one I know likes to work for a pat on the back. Eventually, and no matter what, those who we decide whose work is valuable versus who we think is valuable and can live without compensation…yeah…those are two very different primates…one primate is funny and behaves like it and the other is primal and angry….think about it.

When we value a person but not their work it creates resentment and people get angry.

The Other Side of the Coin

When someone’s work is valued and people take notice, we find that in that value is the seed of trust, of Love, of wanting to be part of the bigger energy that is the All That Is. When we choose to recompense that same level of energy to others, that also shows. It shows not only in the work they do for us after we have chosen to not give them their just due, but more, it also shows in the way that they treat themselves. It makes a person feel like they are not valued for the things that they do, and when we expect that they will do it just because we expect them to, this is where the resentment begins.

When we think that who we are is enough to make a person treat us fairly is where the onus begins on our part. There are a whole lot of people for whom I do a whole lot for, and most of those people are grateful and almost all of them somehow compensate me for my time and my talents – and these are talents that not a lot of people can claim to and no, they are not of the Spiritual but of the actual means, meaning that my work with words and pictures is some of the best around, or so I have heard.

Yet, there are those few smaller companies for which I have done a WHOLE LOT for and who think that giving a person no choice in the compensatory energies is somehow okay.

No. No it is not.

.Other peoples’ time and talents are valuable to them. People charge real money and expect an even exchange of energies for the good work that they do. When that does not happen, resentment becomes huge and the drive behind the action becomes the dive that the person who needs to be compensated becomes easier to delve into, and that is a very hard place to be for a person. I know this animal, because I am this animal, and it is one thing to be rabidly on fire for the work that we each do…

…yet it is quite another beast to think that what we do on either side of the energy is somehow not as important for the person it was done for as it was for us and more, as it was for us to be finally recognized for it.

I Love You All

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