The Church of The Individual

Can I get an “amen” and a “TESTIFY!” please?

Why should we not Love ourselves? There are entire populations of people who believe that it is a sin to love the skin you are in. Frankly, I think it is a gift if we can pat ourselves on the back from time to time, right?


I think that I have had about enough of the idea that really, there are certain people on this planet who seem to believe that we are not allowed to be very dearly happy with EVERYTHING that we each can call our own – all of it, no matter how very little it might seem to a lot of people, that I would be so inclined to be very happy with my broke-down lifestyle, I will tell you now that I am glad for it. I am glad for it because I know how to appreciate things that used to have value for someone else. I can see a person’s whole energy just in the way they choose to glorify their Temple. I may not always be the reigning Bell of the Ball, so to speak, but hey – I am DONE with the idea that I have to question people if they really meant what they said. Of COURSE they meant it! Duh – they SAID IT, silly. If what someone says is good, they are probably correct, but I promise, unless it was an action taken by a good person, who probably did not know the depth of their own Shadow, believe them if what is being said is about you – and believe it NO MATTER WHAT ! If they are complimenting you, say “Thank you.” Shake their hand or give them a hug. Be on your way. Take the kudos, guys – you earned it.

STOP BEING ASHAMED of being good at what you do. Stop disagreeing with people when they tell you that you did a good job on something, and start telling them how you got inspired to do whatever it was that you did that you KNOW you did good with, that you chose to stick with and to follow. We were brought up in a time when sacrifice was the highest good, but this is not that time anymore. Anymore we are learning what to do with what it is that at one time we saw as sacrifice and are now seeing as opportunities. This is the moment we all have waited for. BE INSPIRED TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT INSPIRES YOU ! This is not bragging, this is called sharing. There is nothing wrong with it. Sharing is a beautiful thing, really, and only now are we starting to do this, a lot, and I know this because if there is anything at all that is a common thing with all the people who I love the very most, it is that we all not only know how to share, but really, we WANT TO SHARE….we want to share what we know with YOU….yeah, it is weird, isn’t it?

So, go ahead – take your props – you earned it. Think about it. You got through a lot. I got through a lot. We all, everyone …all of us – got through a lot! This is the truth. Six weeks ago NOTHING WAS LIKE IT IS RIGHT NOW – THINK ABOUT IT !

Nothing today is the same as it was just a month and a half ago. An entire generation just became adults.

Think about it.

Nothing today is like it was ….three weeks ago…really…think about it….think, too, about all the crap that you have gone through and even though the crap is still crap, you are not in crap mode – you are in “go mode.” And really, there is no stopping you, at all, and again…

…you’ve earned it. You have earned the right to stand in your earned and self-righteous-but-for-a-moment pose, and as quickly realizing that as big-in-the-soul as you might be now, and no matter how much you hate the circumstances, if you thought about it in a different way, and in a way that is learning you would also see that you have been here before. You will feel a very vague familiarity that you cannot place. Then one day, usually a few days later, you are snapped into an awareness that draws you to your answers and you recognize it and it feels like home. And you realize that it is not an external feeling but a real one that grabs you by the Soul and shakes you into your own Awareness and you realize that no matter what, whatever it is that is happening, not only in your life, but collectively, you truly are not alone.

Think back to this time last year and you will know that there are new people in your life who share old memories, and with some of them there is an instant bond that is familial in nature and feels from time to time like you were brought to that one moment just for that realization of whatever it is that is bugging your brain these days.If it’s in your brain, it is meant to be pondered. If it is nagging at you, you are meant to want to know why and meant to not get the answers just handed to you. There is no magic book with answers because we all have all our own answers. It is not a time for being frivolous with anything. It is time for the changes that are waiting to take place, and if you are not paying attention at least to those things that you need to be paying attention to, then the time is NOW to wake up. WAKE UP GUYS !!

Wake up – you are needed…stop sacrificing so much…start believing that you are no longer sacrificing but rather, you are sharing and being involved, and you are being part of life, and you are learning at a lightning pace, and that no matter what any one of us thinks, even if things suck right now, you are meant to be there. And I really have a good knowledge about how sucky life can be, but I can no longer think of it as a day wasted, as long as I know that if I am somehow Loved by the Universe, and I am still here, and you all are still here, then obviously we are all here and with each other for higher reasons than we have yet to come to realize a THING about…

It really is time to pay attention ! I say it a LOT…’Auhea wale ‘ana ‘oe….

Pay attention to the patterns, to the people in those patterns of your life, and see there that also, this is you, and they are you, and you are them, or at least, your WERE them and now….nope…

…you are no longer them….you are You….

Okay….you are LEARNING that you are You…You and I…we are the same, really…all of us…we are the same…

Worthy. And To Be Loved…

I Love You All !


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