Love of the Unconditional Sort

Love is a strange animal…it comes in more than only one form

When I Love, I really, truly Love, for real, for good. And it is not the sort that people think it is. Through heartache and disappointment, I have learned that the way to have Love is to Be Love. It is nice to Be “in Love” with one other person, but the reality of Love in and of itself is so much grander, so much broader than only the one definition of it that seems to be the one that people chase, and the kind that we want to believe is the only sort that there is. The thinking which permeates us all is that in order to be fully present and aware of who we are is to be able to see ourselves in the energy that is that of one other person. This is not giving our Soul much credit. I believe this because in order to be able to truly see another person for who they really are, we have to be able to see through our own garbage to our very core selves. When we see ourselves for who we really are, the truth of us and everyone else in our lives becomes very apparent.

The Apparent Truth

Truth is always apparent. No matter what it is that we want to see in others, what always is there that we will always see is the truth of us that is there by us. This means that whatever it is that we can call on in others is also present in us in one of two ways – we are either the reciprocal answer in opposite to their energy, the yin to someone else’s yang, that is, or we are the exactness of their Being – a twin energy, if you will.

The energy that comes back to us is always Love, even if it hurts, it still is Love. Love comes from a place where we have been damaged, where we have been called to come forward in the Light that is our very selves, and because of the hurt there will always be times when we cannot deal with what we think is other than Love. While it is the truth that the Ego is the part of us that reminds us that we are human, it is the Soul within which tells us that we are good now, that will be good always, and that waiting around the corner for us is that nature that we seek, the internal and eternal Being who we are, and when we think about it in terms like that, there is nothing more for us to know than that truly, we are Loved and we ARE Love.

If we were not comprised of the essence that is the very Soul within, and we were not able to see for ourselves the truth that is our love within, we would be in a lot of trouble. Evidence of this being the truth is that for many generations we have opted only to see what our Egos would love and wanted only to have what we thought would  make us look better in a way that is incomprehensible to other people who are not on a mission to find out who they are in relation to the rest of the world. We are who we are, and what we learn is a personal mission for us in each lifetime we make it through. When we recognize the soul of another person and what that soul’s frequency is we feel a completion of sorts, almost as though we have somehow found our Soul’s home, and it is not in someone else, but is a likeness to that which is within another person. We know hurt because we have lived in it, and it is through the eyes and the Soul and the energy of others that we find out that we are who we are because of us, not someone else. They are the mirror. We are the reality. We each know when it is that the time to evolve has come, because we will feel it in our soul like something is missing, like we have to see what it is that is missing, and when we discover it we feel almost complete.

The reality is that we are already complete. We have been told forever and ever that it is in finding someone else on this planet who will make us complete – that this is what we require, when really, what we require is Love, period, of the unconditional sort, and there is no two other ways about it. There are a whole lot of people on this planet who have no idea that they are comprised of Love, that they were brought here for a specific reason and that it is their mission to at least live in the light that is the light of Love, of Soul and of the Spirit which lives inside of us. It is the God Nature within.

The God Nature Within

We are all born with it, the Soul within, also called The God Nature. It is this part of us that will not allow us to do more for others than we are also willing to do for us. When we do for others and it is from an egotistical desire, we know that it is fleeting, that it is not the essence that is the God Nature within us, that we are not meant to feel like we have to do more just to have it. If this is the way that you feel – that you have to work for Love – let me clue you into something now.

Never in your life have you ever had to work for someone else to love you. If you have had to beg for someone – for anyone…parents, siblings, spouse, children…ANYONE…to love you and appreciate you and not judge you, you are working only toward more disappointment. NO ONE has to work for what is so readily available to all of us.

The God Nature within would never call on us to prove that we are worthy of the Love of the Soul, because it is at the soul level that we are able to accept the insecurities, that we are able to look at, through the eyes of the Soul, the perfect nature that is Spirit. It is this part of us that knows, always, that we are lovable, that we are deserved of the greater goodness that is Love of Spirit, that we are good enough to be with ourselves and great in the eyes of Spirit. We are meant for a specific purpose in this lifetime, and if we choose to engulf ourselves with the permeating nature that is anger, resentment and hurt, the only things we will receive from that knowing is the idea that we are only good enough for those things, and those things are the only things that we will ever experience.

If we choose to see things in the manner that they are, and we accept the Shadow with the Light, we find that there comes a sweet balance to our lives and one that is not matched by much of anything else in this lifetime. When we can see with eyes which are the gauge by which the Soul’s measure is known, we also see the imperfections in ourselves, can see the thing that allows us the human ability to hurt and to be whole through that hurt. We find the saving nature that is heartache, and we find the burning white hot pain that is anger, and at that moment we can know for sure that it is all good, all meant, and that indeed there was much Love there to begin with.

Love -The Uncondition

It is not a lot to do for us to Love. We think that Love involves the arms of another person around us, in happy god-like matrimony that is mandated by the Ego and performed by someone who pairs us forever with one other person. We should already know that the one person who is crazy about us IS us, that we are whole in the manner that is “The Soul,” and that more than much else, while it is nice to have one person other than us who is nuts about us, all we really ever need is to believe that we are good enough for us to Love ourselves. Once we can Love us, there is nothing saying at that point that we are not good enough for the Love that is within us because the Love that is within us is the real kind and the kind that never fades.

When we can Love without restraint, and can give of ourselves to others in the manner that is Aloha, this is when we have discovered that all along, we were Loved, because we chose to be that Love we thought was outside of us.

It was never outside of us.
It was always right where it is right now.



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