Perfectly, permanently imperfect

No one will tell another person that really, it is our imperfections which make us perfect at being who we are

I say a lot about how things affect the world and the consciousness of abuse survivors. Today, though, I am addressing the entirety of us, men included, and today I am standing behind my proverbial pulpit, preaching to the masses about the reality that there is not one perfect person on this planet, that not one of us is better than anyone else, and most of all, it is high time that ALL of us decided that we will just Love who we are and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

To hell with what anyone else thinks

To hell with what others think of you, because you are as perfectly you as you can be. No matter who says what to you, and no matter who says that you are not good enough, smart enough, this or that enough, you are you because you have a purpose, and while none of us, maybe including you, really knows what that purpose is, the truth of the matter is that so long as we live WITH purpose, we can never go wrong, and that is where we will find the beauty that is our imperfect nature.

It is our imperfections which make us unique, and it is these same imperfections which make us each uniquely who we are. Why on earth would anyone want to keep up with the world’s ideal of beauty, of charisma, and more, why would you just not be in Love with all the charm that makes you, you? Why would you want to touch-up such a beautiful person, the one who lives on the inside and the one who keeps on telling you that you are somehow not good enough? Let me put it to you this way, folks – if we were all as perfect as the media clowns tell us that we should be, and to you ladies, if we were all a perfectly slim size 3, and to you men, if you all were one kinda guy, what the hell kind of world would we really be admitting to helping create if all we are is a clone to one another?

No, not a mirror to each other, because in that mirror that we are to one another there is the beauty that is the people on the other side of the reflection that we see with our Soul’s eyes. We see ourselves in other people, and my question now is only – why do you not Love You just as You imperfectly are, right now? Yeah yeah…I know…we can all admit, right now, to not being as fit as we want to be, and we can all admit to not having all the trinkets in life that we are told makes life “comfortable,” but in the mix of things and of the All That Is, we are a great big part of the Great Big All That Is!! When you think of things in that manner, it makes sense now, doesn’t it, that you would be just perfect as you are.

Without you being the you who you are, someone like me would not be able to see the Me who I am, and I Love the me who I am. The me who I am came into being because the You Who You Are was good enough to show me the part of you that is the Soul, and the You Who You Are made the time to make sure that you showed me myself by simply showing up in my life.

Yup…totally how it works….we show up in each others’ lives and suddenly we can see ourselves…it is just that simple.

The Me Who is Me and the You Who You Are are Two VERY special people, you’ll agree

It is about time that ALL humans STOPPED with the self-defeating ideas and thoughts that make the ugliness in life more prevalent and more pronounced than it needs to be. The me who I am and the you who you are are two very special people. We are special because you have in you the me that is me, and I have in me the you who you are. As confusing as that sounds, it really is simple when it is broken down into simpler terms. Very simply, I Love You as you are, because you are like I am in that you have much to offer other people just by being your very kick-ass self. We are so much more inclined to see in ourselves a deficit that we cannot see the side of us that is gorgeously meant to be the beacon that is the light which guides us to the thing that we want to be, which is just a higher purposed version of our imperfect selves.

Our imperfect selves in all of our own perfection, from the Soul of us all, cannot see what is not there within us, and since it is that I cannot see the things that my Ego wants me to use as a competitive edge against someone else then I guess the imperfections that you think you see in you are not really there because those things do not exist in me. I cannot see a way to hurt other people on purpose, and if the me who is trying to be perfect needs to be perfect, then that me is always going to only see the flaws that I have to point out to other people. If we can point out our flaws to other people and those people cannot see these flaws, then why it is that we choose to see that which is not even there but to our own eyes….well, why the hell are we worried about it?

Why the hell are we worried about it?

Why does our imperfect nature seem to be the only thing that we alone can see? If anyone else can see it, that means that we have either pointed it out to them or that they, too, have this same thing about them that you think you have about you. What is not there is just simply not there, and when we assume that it is there and we want other people to see it, too, we are only and all about the idea that who we are is meant for other people to judge, and what the hell is up with that?

I mean, really – who really wants to look like anyone on television anyway, right? Have you seen these people lately? I am not talking about what they look like in terms of what they look like, but more in terms of the idea that these people cannot hide the darkness that they are, and while I am all for vacationing on the Shadow Side of life, I am not one who prefers to stay there too long because it will wreck my perfectly imperfect tan ! No one I know likes being sad or angry, likes being mad or upset, so why is it that we are so inclined to make ourselves that way through the use of someone else’s opinion? If someone else has an opinion about us that we don’t much like, and we want to call them out on it, STOP ! I say STOP because you will not change their minds, and you will not change how they feel. The most you can do about how they feel is learn about how you really feel about you.

You cannot possibly agree with everything that the world tells you is the truth, namely not when it is that the entire world does not know who you are. If the entire world does not know who you are, then is it not also the truth that there is an entire world outside of our own smaller personal worlds that we can go out into and invade with our measure of imperfect greatness. Think about that for a minute…all the people who you know now, and all the people who you knew before now….those are not the only people on the planet, and this means that there are a LOT of other people who will…WILL feel about you the way that I want you to feel about you, and how I want you to feel about you is that you are the greatest you on two feet that you have ever heard of and known.

Don’t worry if your pants don’t fit, because it is not your ass that does the loving – it is your heart. Don’t sweat it if you are not exactly the picture of perfectly sculpted health, because even the perfectly sculpted have imperfections, too. Don’t worry if your teeth aren’t the whitest, or if you have a little bit extra around the mid-section more than you did just a few years ago. Don’t worry if you are not married to that first person you married. Don’t worry that you do not have that job you just lost. Don’t worry that you are not the you who you think is the very truest you of all, because it is the other You…the one who Loves unfailingly…it is that version of You who you should Love the most, because that is also the You who I Love the most.

The You who is unpretentious, and the you who might be a little less refined than you want to be, and the you who is impossibly hard-headed and does not want to change your mind…this is the You Who I Love because this is the You who You really are. The You who thinks that she has nothing to offer a new man, and the You who thinks that every woman on the planet will judge you because you are not like all the other guys…this is the you who I Love the most. The you who sings off key when you have had too much to drink, and the You who paints pictures when under the influence of your own anger…the You who calls me crying over something as silly as your hair won’t hold a curl, and the you who thinks that who you WERE is better than who you are becoming….this is the You who I love the most.

The You Who I Love the Most is the person who I speak to, is the person who I party with, and is the person who I would do much for, or maybe have done much for. The You who I am talking about is the You who is Me, and the You who is Me is a person who just cannot imagine why it is that I think you are the coolest you that you can be, and that me wants to know why you don’t think that way, too. The Me who is You wants to know why it is that we know each other if how you feel about you is not the way that I feel about you, and the way that I feel about you is impossible to think is somehow not okay. The me who is you wants you to know and to believe that you have nothing to be ashamed of and that who you are on the inside matters the most. When the you who is on the inside learns that the you who is on the outside is created by the you on the inside – this is when the two Yous will be able to see what I see, and the only thing that I can see in you is Me.

Be Kind to You and know now that You are the most perfect You that you can be, that who you are matters more than what you look like, and that what you look like depends on a lot on how much you love you. If you love you as much as I Love me, and I Love me a LOT, then you will know, too, that you must love you as much as I love me, because I Love You as much as I Love me…

STOP with only seeing what is so magically imperfect about you as being anything other than the gift of imperfection that is indicative of the blood that runs through your veins and makes you know that there is not one other person on this planet who can be You.

Only You can be You.
So what are you waiting for…an invitation?



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