That which seems impossible to believe is actually the Truth of Us

It is impossible in the collective and unenlightened energy of the populace of humanity that that which seems like it does not fit will eventually fit, will eventually make sense, and that which we resist will continue to persist, and we are all being asked, without being actually asked, not if we like what we see or if we accept what we know to be the very truth of us, but instead, we are now being prompted to at least bother with the idea that right now, we need to do something with the things that we have learned.

There is nothing quite more beautiful than knowing for sure that the things that we see, the things that we want, the situations as they are are also building up to the things that we want and the things that we need. We might think we want something, but Spirit always and only gives us what we need, and always what we need is much, much better than what we want! And this is where the impossibility in our limited human type thinking makes us crazy for the things that bring us clarity. And clarity is something that we need, always because of the way that we humans are- basically clueless to our own symbols and signs. We like to resist, to judge, to question everything, namely when it is awesome, and namely when it is safe, and namely when we think we cannot have it.

We might resist something, but again, that which we need, and, believe it or not, AND want, those things are being shown to us right now, and right now we are doing our best to resist them, all of them, even though we know what is best for us. What is best for us is that we follow the lead of Spirit and not bother with the ego and not intend to be so stuck to an idea or an outcome that what we want and what we see in our minds that represents what we want may only be the conscious example of what it is that we are desirous of. While it is that people and things are the representation of our power to manifest, what we see there rarely is the thing that we actually need. I need a whole lot, and what my mind’s eyes see – the impressions that come to mind, that is – are only symbolic and not absolute. Absoluteness only comes when we have the absolute manifestation of the thing that we want but always, the thing that represents it is totally different and usually way, way better than what it is or was that we thought about all along.

I get the question a lot, and more than that, I get a LOT of people who come to me for Soul fixin’ services who all have that very same energy of “but that is not the one that I want…I want that one and only that one!” to which I must first take a deep breath, think quickly of what it is that I need to tell them, when really, the only thing that I know they are going to hear is that I told them “no.” Yet that is not the issue here either. The issue is that no matter what, Spirit always knows better than we do, and the more that we insist on our knowing what we think we want, our believing that we know what is best for us (we do, but we need help with it) and the more that we resist the energies of that which we also know is better for us and more inclined to be the better idea all the way around – well, we resist it because very simply, change is scary, and especially change that is going to make us look a WHOLE lot better to everyone else. I know this monster, the one who does not like change, the one who likes to be comfy in the idea that where I am right now is good for me and while it is that I may not like where I live, the person who I am and the people who I choose to spend the most time with in general…it is all good, it is all meant and they are also all good and all meant.

The reason that we are afraid to look better to everyone else is because then we, at least at this time, are scared that we cannot live up to it. The thought at that point should only be that if Spirit it brought it, we got it, that it is ours, and that if it is ours, then obviously we must have the tools at this time in our learning to live up to it, no matter what it is. For a long time I feared being this person, this empowered woman, because I knew that I would have to live up to it. I knew that I would have to adjust me, period, from the top, down, and I knew that it would be a lot of work, but more than that, all along and yes, even and especially now, I realize that I was being made ready for it. I was being made ready for the thing that I wanted, and the thing that I wanted had always been part of me but I feared it, because really, I thought I was not good enough. I thought it was an option for me to be able to choose, but it isn’t. It is not my choice anymore, because I chose a long time ago to do and be and feel better than I was only but a short six years ago, and dammit if I wasn’t right and more than that, if it doesn’t fit. And really…I like it.

I like that I was right in that what I grew into is so much more than what I asked for, and it is more because of the work that is involved with it and the work that is involved is on myself so that I could become what I aspired to and more, manifested into my own reality. Things fit now. People in my life fit better than they used to because I, eventually, accepted the idea that it was not they who were wrong, neither I who was wrong, but that I just did not do the work yet, at least enough of it, that is, so that I would fit into the role that I alone decided was the one that I wanted to live and to be and to have. I alone wanted to be empowered, but because of the abuses I’d suffered, I could only see the end result. The end result is not what mattered because I know now that it is not the end result but the work in getting to that point.

I know that I was correct in choosing the life that I now have, because very simply, it fits. It fits that I am a misfit, and it fits that I am strange. Yet, it also fits that I am this Loving person who is not scared of herself, not scared of the Love that she has for the rest of the world at large and more than anything else, I fit into the family which I chose to call “ohana,” and which I know is mine. I know it is mine because I called them into being, and I called them into being into my life because I needed them as much as they needed me. I know I am right because if I were not, they would no longer be there, would no longer wonder about me when I have not contacted them in a few days. I know I am right because everything just plain old fits.

The way to know if you were right on the money is to ask yourself “Does it fit?” and more times than not, it will fit, regardless of who thinks what, who does what, who resists what…it will fit. Period. This is what I mean by “it’s all good,” and it is, almost that is, all good…there are still some leftovers, but for the most part, it’s all good…all pono…

Most of it is all good, but the rest ???

The rest of that which is other than all good is what we are fixing now. The rest of the crap that we are going through right now is a clearing of the crap that we either do not want to let go of or accept (there’s that comfort thing again) or is stuff that is new and scary to us and the crazy part is that the new and scary part of this all is TOTALLY what we asked for to come to our lives. We wanted to be challenged and we wanted to have new experiences and dammit if we also didn’t want to hang on to all that was familiar to us. We hang onto the old like it is a comfortable old hat, and in keeping with the hat analogy I can only say that sometimes we would rather wear the old and tired and ratty hat when what we really need to do is learn to not wear the hat and allow our crowning glory of beauty be what is seen by all.

We would rather not have to endure the growth that comes with newness, even though we want dearly to be with the new things and just not have to look at the old. The old is easy to deal with , because that is all we have ever known. We want the new, but are scared of it. I know this one well, because it is new to be out and about in the world as a Woman of Spirit and NOT the retired pastor’s oldest daughter. It is new to me to even think about the word “Shaman,” but that, too, is yet another thing that at the moment, Spirit is gearing me up for. I am scared of my own creativity, afraid of the thing that tells me I can create a new life and fearful of that one thing that I have chased forever…success…not only in my ventures, but more, in the creating a new thought with people who are wanting a new thought, a new clue, but who, themselves are scared to death of it. We want the newness and the rebirth of things that we call into our midst, but for the life of us we are not aware of that which is ours in manifest, and that which is ours in manifest is the seed of the future, the thought of creation which lives within us all, and that one thing that brings about change to our lives.

We are more willing to live in the comfortable old when the new is beckoning us like flies to the purple light in a bugcatcher. We are more willing to not look at the things that scare us because the things that scare us are ours and ready and willing to be ours in the manner that we want them to, and it bespeaks our own power, our own miracle of manifesting that we can claim to, and we fear it dearly. In fact, we fear it so dearly that we do not realize that the thing we want so much is masked in the things that can go wrong, is cloaked in the darkness of “what if?” and is there and ours for the taking, and our issue is NOT that we do not know this, but that in our heads it is the Im-possibility that is ours. Remember – people in our awareness are the very mirrors to who we really are, either exactly we are the match or we are the match in opposition bringing the same velocity of energy in equal opposite to ours.

So basically, what I am saying here, in long form, that everything, no matter how impossible it may seem to be in your own thoughts, in your own energy and in your own mind, is EXACTLY as it needs to be at this moment in time, because at this moment in time we are all very much squarely in the throes of a Shift that has beat the crapola out of us all collectively and while it might seem like things are a little on the messy side, know now that no matter what, it is totally how it should be.

And yes, this madness will ensue and as it does, you will know more and more everyday that what you thought was the truth was really only a symbol of it and not what it is in manifest.

I Love You All !


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