We are almost there

Hang on, guys…we are almost there

So much has happened to us in so many ways just in the last few months and weeks that it is almost impossible for a whole lot of us to really think and more, to believe that indeed, we are almost there. We are almost “pau hana” with this weirdness and this craziness where things that make sense also do not make any sense at all. In the time that has passed, and it has been a lot longer than any one of us realizes it has been, we have changed a whole lot. Where it was that we had massive misunderstanding, while we still have a little confusion, and where it is that we seem to believe that what we have in front of us will not budge, it is budging and is doing so at a terrific speed. While our intentions are what they are, were what they were, became what they would, we did not see one thing, and that one thing is that we have made it as far as we have, and in that time we have found out a few things about who we each are in a Spiritually personal way.

A Spiritually Personal Way

There are things that happen in our lives that, when they happen, we are at a loss for words because what has happened is either too much and too painful for us to think about, or, conversely, it is so great that we cannot begin to think of it not being the reality that we have brought to ourselves. We are either worried that what we did is bringing the “other than good” to our awareness and that we did something wrong and so now God is punishing us, or, we are not wanting the beauty that has come to our lives to not be real and not be ours and not be all we want to believe it is and know that it is that we cannot look at it to believe that it is ours. I promise you – whatever it is that you are seeing and experiencing right now is the truth of you, is a lesson and a reward all at one time, and that it is your Kuleana, no, not only to learn from it, but more, to embrace it and to know it and love it and feel it and most of all, to trust it.

The way that we have all been taught is right and good is to not let our guard down, to be vigilant in sniffing out those who cannot be trusted and to avoid the things that hurt. This has robbed us all of the ability that we all have to being able to just Know who it is that we can trust, to know who is just like us in ways that we never thought about, to know, for sure, that we are whole, that we are the essence of our own Perfect Love.
We have been called upon by the Cosmos to give to the world, but in that giving we were not privy to much else than that giving, and in that giving we learned, or at least most of us did, that when we were doing this, we were learning. We were learning what it means to be the ultimate sacrifice, and we were learning our own limitations, and we were living in the energy that was ours alone and we were finding out that who we are is limitless.

We have always known that what we are meant to do is somewhere in between where we left off about five or six years ago, and where it is that we are headed is right there in front of us, but like the carrot on the stick and the horse which chases it we thought that it would be just that easy – we thought and believed that Spirit was finally going to just give us our way. When it was that we had to accept that no, this time will not be any different than was any other, we behaved like petulant children. We had tantrums, and we cried, and we lashed out and we whined about what we do not have. We looked at what we do have and eventually realized that it was us who brought to our lives, and that it was the moment in which we felt most vulnerable that we were at our very strongest. And this was not something that we wanted, at least not in the form that it came to us, but that more than anything else, was something that was well needed and well deserved by us.

Good or Other Than Good, Me, You – WE created it and brought it into reality

I am fond of saying it – and I am about to say it again…I said it, so deal with it. We brought everything to our lives that we see in them. Where we know that we have changes to make, we learned what they were through the trials and tests that came our way. When we looked to the sky, hands up like we were being held at gunpoint by our very own energy, and asked “Why me, God?” we got our answers, and our answers didn’t look like our egos wanted them to. Our answers came to us in the manner that is one more thing to deal with, and our answers came in the form of a person who we loved and who did us wrong, and our answers became the lesson that we needed to get to the answer that we wanted. Our answers were never cut and dry and no way were they anything that we did not have to work toward getting to.

We create all that is in our lives. I have said it, written it, intuited it…it is the truth, and I like the truth, because the truth is that what we see is only our version of it. Where it is that we might think that someone else has it better, there is yet one other person on this planet who sees what you have, even though you refuse to see it yourself, and thinks that you have the world and more. We have been taught our whole lives to love the tangible things, even though those things cannot love us right back. We have been taught that if something has a price tag, that it has value, but no one ever said that with time things lose value, but that people and Love and Spirit never do. The thing that the entirety of us is up against is NOT who we are now, but what was, and those who are still living in what was are the ones who continue to permeate the world with the bigness that was when instead the bigness that we need right now from EVERYONE is NOT how many more toys any one person has more than another person, but really and only, how much of a material loss will we endure when it comes to the idea of having to choose – Spirit, or Material things?

Spirit – or Material Things?

Now is the time when the question of what it was that you really were asking for comes full force into play, because right now we are all able to see the wounds and right now we are able to feel the pain from the past and the present and we are worried for the future without a good enough reason to be OTHER than where we have been and what we have experienced and what we know is our truth.

If you thought that the material things in your life would make things better and make them stay that way, by now I am sure that you know otherwise. I am sure that you know that it is not now nor has it ever been anything in the material realm but that what you see and sense and know in this awareness is the absolute show of what is going on inside. Where it is that many have felt like they had accomplished something because they had….HAD…a lot of nice things and had…HAD a lot of great people in their lives the truth is that while those things were nice and while those things were the things that you thought would be the Soul’s response to a request, the truth is that no, the things that came to you were the beginning of the learning, of the learning to live without them and the learning to be with only you and your soul.

We are made up of the tangible, but we live in the intangible nature of the things that we most dwell on and think about. We can feel the hurts that are given to us by anyone, and it is ours to fish through in the most tangible sort of way, but the reality is that our feelings, our thoughts, our moods, our everything, is in the intangible world. The intangible world scares people who have never had to deal with their own thoughts by means and measure of that which is tangible. This is where most addiction comes from, the idea that there is a tangible way to deal with the intangible world, and we would only be partially correct because we are the tangible nature of our own intangible world. We are the ones who bring the tangible to the intangible. We are who is responsible for the way that we think, feel and do things, and we are, that is, a lot of us are not, capable of dealing with the intangible things that affected others by what we needed and expected from and by them in the tangible world.

The tangible world has many people still believing that the things that we can see, feel and touch are what matter the most, but that is not the truth. The truth is that without what we are thinking, there is no tangible world and there is no judgment to be made on said tangibility because without our manifesting those things into the present we would not know what it is like to feel the way that we do about a thing that has materialized for us. Whether we want to believe it or not, we are who makes or breaks our lives, our hurts, our fears, our awareness, and it is not okay that we take it upon ourselves to tell other people how it is that THEY are the ones who brought this, that and the other to our lives. No, no, no…you see, when we see what we don’t want, don’t like, don’t understand in our lives, we are more inclined to place responsibility of that weight of that knowing on the person who is representing that part of us and our thoughts, and it is SO not theirs that we see them as the thing to be blamed when in reality, we brought them to us.

We brought them to us in the form of asking Spirit to please teach us who we are. We brought our learning to ourselves, and well…what have we learned?

Seriously…ask yourself that question….what is it that you so dearly wanted to experience in your life and from that experience, what was it that you learned and what is it that stays with you now that you cannot stray from because you know, too, that it was the Soul’s wish that you learn those things?

What is it, dearest darling Lovely Ones, that you called into being from your own intangible Greatness?

I Love You All


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