Itchy twitchy icky nasty but all needed…

That tension you are feeling right now…

Yes. Yes, you are feeling some planetary pull right now, and yes, you are irritated and you are weepy and you are a bag full of mixed emotions. Even those who live their lives from the Soul, out, are feeling what is collectively the very energy of the moment. And the energy of the moment is erratic. There are those of us who know all about this madness, and others of us who greet this maddening energetic mix of “I Love You/I want you to cease to be, ” and “come here, no get away.”

I promise, while it might seem a bit on the deep end of the pool and while it is that one moment you are grandly in Love with Life and all its inhabitants, and the next minute you wish there were no laws regarding hunting other humans for sport (you know it is true, some of you), the truth is that this is normal. The truth is that we are at this moment flushing out all the Soul’s toxins because very dearly it is that time, right now, in the Now, that change is happening.

Your whiny demeanor followed by your “kick you in your okole” demeanor and then which is followed by laughing like a loon and then the next minute you are thinking that you are the very loonies that Pink Floyd talks about in the song Brain Damage…all meant. That’s right, I said it, and you can either deal with it or cry about it or whatever, because no matter what, this is normal and you are just fine and safe in the arms of the Cosmos.

The tension you are feeling at the moment is called Growth, can be thought as being evolution, change, growing pains, whatever, and no matter how much any one of us wants to avoid it, it is here, it is real, and a lot of people are stuck in the middle of their own version of it. For some of us it is in the manner that is those in our lives who can be thought of as our “elders,” while for others it is that group of people who are Hanai to us, who were our students at one time, and who we consider as being family, mostly in a parental type way, and many of us are just as confused as we have ever been. There are some of us who are physically ill right now and that is on a wide scale, ranging from mild to life-threatening, and there are those of us displaying attitudes which are so not the norm for who we usually are.

Yes, we are all mightily uncomfortable, and yes, we are all very excited. Yes, we are all sad, on the one end, and on the other end, we are happy as larks. We are all in this madness called evolution together, and the only way that we are going to get through it is also together, with each other and with the truth that is the idea that we are going to be just fine, no matter what happens. Some of us are sensing things we do not recognize and this is okay, and others of us cannot understand why it is that every time we think about a person, we are, at the next moment, dancing gleefully to a song that both we and the other person in our thoughts both love and for whom that song holds much meaning. There are some of us who already knew all about this thing called “The Shift,” and even though we are terribly uncomfortable, ready to rip the head off of those who we are most in contention with at the moment, even though we might not know why, we knew a long time ago that this, The Shift, was going to come on a whole lot more intensely than we imagined it would, but none the less, we are fine. We are okay because we know that soon enough, it will – the entirety of Life on Earth – balance out in the most magnificent way that it can.

We are all learning patience, and acceptance, mainly of the things that we cannot change. We are learning to be with one another without judgment, not only of each other, but more, ourselves. We are learning the meaning of Aloha (Love) as well as learning to use those things and ways of being which we have always known all the way to the very cellular level of us. We are learning what we need to do so that we can also know who we are in relation to one another. We are learning those lessons which we did not want to learn in the past, and we are reliving days gone by, not only for the lesson involved, but more, just because for some of us, what was happening twenty years or so ago, those things still are very much in play for us, and all we needed was that simple little reminder that yes, this is who we are and who we have always been.

We are learning, once and for all, those things that our egos told us we already knew about or worse, did not need to know, and we are learning that we are not better than another, that we are not anything more than what Spirit has chosen for us to Be in this Lifetime, even if what we are meant to be is a good example. We are learning that we need each other, and we are learning that this body we live in is not the truth of us and that it is only the thing which would be most effective and helpful in our ability to do the work we came to this lifetime to do. We are being taught, we are being shown, and we are being stretched, and we are growing, and it is happening all at one time, all during this time called “Now.” Now is when the choices that we make for whenever “then” is, and Now is the time that we know that we have. We know that we no longer have yesterday and that nothing can be done for what has passed. We cannot live back there, and the Now is showing us this. We know that we cannot depend on the outcome that we want in the future, that we can aim as high as we can for that manifestation of what we desire in our lives to be, but for the most part, we know that all we have is right this minute. And right this minute is the only time that we really have any control over.

Right this minute there are people who are angry that they cannot change the past, and right this minute there are people who are wrapping their entirety of being around an outcome that they see and want very badly…and right this minute, there are people who are, sadly, no longer caring about much, and it was all because they chose to regret what was and hoped too dearly for and are hoping to dearly for an outcome that they want and see but cannot be too sure of coming into Being.

Take heart, folks…while it is that Now might suck, the truth is that right Now is all we have, and in that manner, right Now is a beautiful thing indeed, and it is beautiful because regardless of all the things that make us different, knowing that ,collectively, Now is all we have is quite a powerful thought to think…

Imagine if we all took that one thought and just accepted it, collectively, the good that it would do for us all…

Think about it…

I Love You All !

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