The Healer


Can I have some remedy? Remedy for me, please?” (The Black Crowes, “Remedy”)

I won’t lie about it – it took me a LOT of years of heartache to know that I was well on the Path to the thing that I needed the most, which was my own healing. It was my own healing which prompted me to seek out the teachings of other healers, and it was my own Soul’s ailment which make it so that at this time, a time at which, apparently, Spirit saw that I needed something to hang onto.

I needed something to hang onto that came from me but that did not involve an OB/GYN, and I needed something to call my own that came from me that only I knew and know about, and that is particular to me only. I needed to seek my own counsel, and I needed to know, for sure, that this – the Healer’s Path – was the Path that I needed to seek out. So, I did.

I sought out the Path to becoming a Healer quite by accident. It came to me, not in a vision, but in the manner that is hands-on, much like a doctor. And by “hands on,” I mean that I had to get my hands on situations that were in my life, that were invading me, invading who I truly Am, and were it not for a few caring individuals who saw this in me, I would not be the Healer I have become, thus far, and would not have the drive to continue on that Path to the Healer’s Way of Life and of Living.

We all need a remedy of sorts, not only for our physical maladies, but for the maladies that make us cry and think that we are somehow weak. That we cry tells us that we are anything but weak, that we are strong in a way that not a lot of people are, and that most of all, we know that our soul has been insulted. We know when our souls have been insulted because we get the distinct feeling of disgust followed by anger. We get angry when people insult our intelligence, and in our souls we know when people are trying to pull a fast one on us. I know it. You know it. Don’t do it because it is not worth it. It makes people angry and it causes them to not trust us. If you are not ready to trust someone else, most assuredly it will be when you are at your most rock-bottom that you will decide that the option to choose is the one that puts you into contact with someone like me…a weirdo…a Spiritualist…a Healer, if you will.

A Healer…

I did not decide to be this person. It was chosen for me a long time ago, long before I even knew it was what I would be and would Love so much to do. It takes a person who has been through a whole lot, who has had to choose to take the Path that is not so easy, the Path back to Wholeness and the Path that leads us right back to ourselves. I did not come to the conclusion very lightly and neither happily when it was decided, not by me, that my lot in life would be to serve others, not only others who ail, but others who need something done for them. This is what a healer does – we heal the holes in our lives, and then we go out into the world and teach others how to do the same thing.

We are all Healers. Some of us use music to heal others, while others of us are the sort who are healers disguised as MD’s, Nurses, and health professionals, and yet others of us like me, who delve into the ugliness that resides in the bowels of the Soul and bring it to the surface so as to get a look at the monsters that have eaten away at the sanity within, the safety within, the Home, within. A Healer is not someone who wears a mask, literally or otherwise, and a healer is not a person who possesses anything different than anyone else does. A Healer is a person who is willing to prove to people that they were worth the time for Spirit to bring them into this lifetime, and through their birth, their mothers were able to do at least that one great act of otherworldliness, and through their birth, it may be that the act of bringing life into the world is the act of healing needed not only for her, but also, for that baby.

When a child is born, the mother is taken from the world of the maiden to the world of the Mother, and as such there are things that no longer apply to her, even though, paradoxically, they applied just a few hours ago. The act of birthing a child on its own is heroic, because many people die in childbirth. It is heroic because it is the death of one life to the birth of two brand new ones. The mother goes from the life of the maiden and through the death of same said maiden, and is, in one push, brought squarely and surely to the Path that is that of the Mother. For the mother, there is both a death and a birth, not only of her child, but of her self as mother.

We become healed through our actions that cause us to do things a different way, to think in a manner that is not the same as it was a little while ago. We heal ourselves through our own acts of redemption toward others and we give ourselves a brand new shot and becoming, everyday of our lives, this newly birthed creature whose Path is sure and strong. We learn through healing that other people are the catalyst to other, bigger things that we are all meant to learn, not because we have to, but because we are meant to. Being meant to means that there is a greater sense of need within while feeling like we have to do anything gives us a great weight to carry, a burden, if you will. And no one needs one more burden to shoulder.

We learn to heal ourselves, not with medicine that can be seen or smelled or felt, but with medicine which comes from within. We learn to heal ourselves so that we may, if we are so inclined to, go out into the wilderness that is our own, into the deep blackness that is the fear of the unknown, to heal others.

If we are so inclined to, we reach out and give of ourselves so that others might understand their own pain and to gain the ability to see with eyes that are not of this world and to gather strength to get past the monster that ate our lives, even if we allowed it. If we are so inclined, we take what has happened to us and we use it and bring to the rest of the world in the form of the words “I Love You” and we, through that one act of thoughtfulness, that one act of personal bravery, and through the sacrifice of our own Self for another person, while we remain to never-mind the idea that these people might not accept our gift of healing through the Soul…yet, still, we remain inclined…

I am so inclined…

I Love You All !


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