Walk The Path of The Few

Regardless of what the issue is, Spirit is always there

There is no doubt about it – there is a whole lot going on in the lives of humanity right now. That which is not meant to be is no longer or is on its way to being no longer. The things that do not serve us, or perhaps, the things that we were meant to exact, that we were meant to bring to others, anything at all that has to do with our being in service to others is going on, and my proof is that collectively we are not aware, or at least not accepting, the idea that the heartache, the pining for things that do not prompt us to become irritated or irate, is all meant, and meant for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

The things that we have asked to learn are not the same things that we are directly being taught. The things that we are being taught are not entirely the things that we need to learn, and anymore now, more and more, in fact, the things that we are learning from those bringing the lesson to us are also and conversely the very things that they are also learning. Where there is hurt, there is also hurting going on in someone else, quite possibly someone who is close to us or has been, for a long time, very close to us. It can be a coworker, a family member, a friend, our pets….whatever it is, we are meant to walk through this proverbial fire so as to come out of it alive, refined, and very much gleaming like the Sun from whence we came.

BUT…that doesn’t mean that any of us are wise to the idea that while it seems we walk alone, Spirit is there. No matter what, in fact, Spirit is there. Spirit is there and listening, not only to our pleas and not only to the sound of our tears as they silently, to our ears, echo the heartache and the very doldrums handed down by the heavens. Spirit is there – right there – carrying us through the fire which is meant to scorch us so that when we are done with the madness that seems not to end, we are stronger for having gone through it all, stronger for the fires which burned but which also cleansed the earth that we each are. Without the fire, there is no cleansing of the earth, and without the earth, there is no perpetuation of Life.

When we go through things, we have to choose to take it as our being taught by Spirit, as our being led through the Fire to the Promised Land that we Are. If we are willing to celebrate when things are wonderful, then we must also be willing to go through the lessons and the heartaches which accompany all who we are, all what we are meant for, and all that we contribute. If we are willing to know abundance, then in order to know what is other than that, we must suffer through the fire in order to remember what it was that we forgot, recall that there is a difference between the fire that is meant but to burn and the fire which is meant to be traversed.

At this time in my own life, there is a great Fire through which I must walk, for on the other side of that Firewalk, there is the river which beckons me, which is the truth of me, which is the thing which I so very dearly desire. It is not out of my reach. It is not meant to be just handed to me, but more, to be appreciated, to be Loved, even as I simultaneously hurt from it, ache from it, want freedom from it. When we avoid the pain, we avoid the learning. I am not always pained, but it is a theme for me at the moment, to be in, be with, and essentially Be the Pain which so many people have sought to no longer have. And always, it is told to them that they must traverse the fire, must walk the Holy Path of Fire so as to have access to the clearing, healing nature of the Water of Life that is the Spirit within Who dearly begs to be seen, and known, and Loved.

Yet, first, and long before the homecoming, we must walk the Path of the few…

I Love You All


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