We have no choice- ’tis a battle which must be won…

It is a bad thing that violence is a normal part of our everyday lives. We can do a lot to stop it…

Wake up and smell the coffee. Your people are hurting. And you have a job that is part of the response. God is trying to get your attention.” (Dr. Rev. Marie Fortune, FaithTrust Institute)

It is sad the way that we Americans sanitize things to make them more emotionally palatable for us to swallow and accept as the truth. The truth is that we are more inclined to avert our attention to other, more pleasant things, but the fact that violence in the home is where violence in the streets starts is not going to change. It will never change unless we, as a collective whole, are more willing to be the people who enact the changes in our own lives so as to exact them in the greater world around us.

As a woman, I find it sickening all the way to the Bones of my Soul that people on the planet feel that scaring the hell outta little kids while in church, rather than teaching them the ways that Christ would have wanted, is what people worldwide feel is okay to do. As a mother I am made sad at the idea that there are men on this planet who are not worried that what they show and tell their kids in regards to their own mother and women in general is that not only are kids not as worthy as are men, but that no matter what, women are meant to be seen and never heard. This, my friends, is the stain on the Soul of the World, the crushing blow to the collective psyche of women all over the place. This, guys, is the thing that should not be, the thing that still is being, and this is the thing that a lot of people are dearly done with, myself included.

There is nothing quite more devastating than to be told as a child that if you do not listen to your parents, no matter what they tell you and even if your own little soul is not okay with it, that you will…WILL burn in hell for it, no matter what. I was born with certain gifts of the Spirit. You can imagine that the reason I never ever shared it with people was not because I was scared they would think I was weird (they thought that anyway) but that they would reinforce what it was that I was being told, over and over again, in church, by my ill-informed mother, that because I had these gifts, I was going to go to hell. And make no mistake, I felt like I was a bad omen to her, like I was to be the pariah that my pentecostal yet ill informed parents and ministers of the faith that I trusted for a long time, that I was a bad person because I could read people, because I could tell anyone what someone else was thinking, even from a distance- a long distance, too. Then put into the mix the idea that my mother, God Bless her, held and yet holds what is contained beneath the two hard covers of a book that has ruled the world of the Christian masses for many generations as being the literal truth and then you put with that the fear of her own words told to me about being an Empath and being drawn to things that are not like what I was taught, and then give that same person – me- a reason to fear you will have the foundation upon which many, many women have not only been abused because of, but have also been killed…sadly, children too.

The pit-stain of this issue is not that we are not aware of it, but that we are trying to make it pretty, and there is nothing pretty about scared and crying children, just like there is nothing pretty about scared, crying and bruised and battered women.

The Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence Campaign, which is being fueled by the women of both The Sisterhood of The Soul as well as The Kindred Souls of the South, will address these things, but we need your help. 

We need others who have been there to tell their stories, and we need ministers to join in the fight to save our children and the mothers and women of the world who are caught between hell and purgatory with no thought of a chance of redemption.

Basically, we need people – LOTS of people, and we need them NOW, not only joining any campaign including mine, but joining in on the movement against violence. Violence in the world comes from violence in our towns, which is born of violence in our communities, which is brought into being by violence behind the closed-door privacy of the home. Home is where we are supposed to feel safe, but sadly, and more and more I find, that is not the truth. Just because society appears to have calmed the violence it does not mean that underneath it all the same is to be said. Appearances can be deceiving.

Do not buy the idea that a Christian person, a Catholic person, an Earth Spirit person are all the kind that we assume they are. There is prevalence of violence in all parts of our society, and it is a sickness that permeates and tells us a story about the truth of who we are, and who we are collectively is a violent society, namely here in our country.

We need to stop this madness guys, and we need to do that NOW, because no child should fear their parents, and no child should fear the safety and warmth that is Spirit, that is God, and more, no woman who is the mother of that scared child should be forced to choose between keeping herself and her babies safe, and giving in to a man who is not pious, but arrogant.

Thanks for reading!
Aloha Pumehana…

The Reverend Roxanne K. Cottell (Reverend Roxie) can be reached for appointments, lectures and speaking engagements by clicking here.


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