You Are Loved

You might find it hard to believe, but you are so very dearly Loved…

I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that collectively we are tired of being tired, tired of hurting, tired of the bleeding of the soul that has been happening for many generations. The bleeding Soul is different than the bleeding heart, because it was the heart that bled collectively that all of us brought to the table and it is the bleeding Soul which aches, and it aches for not more than our human inability to simply just Be, in Love.

I write a whole lot about Love, of others, of Self, of Spirit, and while the majority of us understands what it is to feel Love, we are not that great at receiving it. And we should just receive it, because it is ours, and it is us, and once it is that we can accept this, things will start to look up. Make no mistake, even us Soul healers have a hard time anymore just taking and accepting as true the fact that all of us on this planet are Loved. We are Loved, because we ARE Love. That is a big concept which embodies the truth that too many of us refuse to believe, to accept and to act on and is the middle of the reason as to why it seems that we feel like we are stuck. We are not stuck – we are confused, and we are confused because for the most of our collective lives, we have been under the impression that we have to be worthy of someone to love us as we are, but that is the lie we are told without being told – that in order to be Loved, we have to prove that we are worth it.

We are so worth the Love we seek, and it is not the kind of Love that is romantic but the kind that heals our collective and bleeding souls.

We need a healing, the whole of us. We are almost there, but things in the reality that is our collectively lived lives, even as they are singularly separate, keep coming back to us to haunt us.

The ghosts which haunt us, each singularly, are real.

So, too, is the Love.

In Love…


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