The Mechanism of Spirit

Whether we Know it or not, we are all Mechanisms of Spirit

We are all Mechanisms of Spirit. We are all given gifts before we come into this consciousness and we are all meant to find out what those gifts are and what they are meant to do, not only for our own enjoyment, but more, so that our Purpose can be given energy to be effective in life. Our purpose is energized by our mission in life, and our mission in life is never what we are told by our Ego selves and is always more than what we think it is. Our mission in life serves two purposes – one, to share with others the goodness that we are, and two, to learn to ‘Be’, in Love, and with our very selves.

It might seem a little bit odd that anyone would tell another person to “be, in love” with one’s self, but that weirdness comes from the Ego self, not from the soul. The Soul knows that we all need Love, that in order to have more Love we must not only give more but we must remember always that we ARE LOVE. We are the Love which we each need, and seek, and crave, and this is what is meant by “Self Love.”

Self-Love, we have been taught through religious and societal means, is meant to be thought of as conceit, as being the ego run amok and awry. And this is the way that we are taught in church! We are taught that to Love the Self means to be egotistical and arrogant and being willing to be out there in the world telling people that we are great, that we are in love with ourselves and that since we are so great, so, too, must everyone else be in love with us. This is the lie that we, as a collective whole, throughout the length of our time in this consciousness, have not only been told, but for generations many people were jailed, tortured, killed, whatever, some burned at the stake even, all in the name of wanting to spread the love within. The only way to have Love and to Be Love and to believe that we are lovable is to give it first.

As a mechanism of Spirit, it is our Kuleana to be able to give to the rest of the global Tribe the measure of Truth in Love that we each are. As a race, the human beings on the planet took the machinations and the ideology of a few people and made it the golden truth according to them, making it as though human beings needed someone – one person and their minions – to be the leader. The problem with that thought is that leaders who lead for too long and who do see their own human-beingness in the equation of their lives and in regards and measured by other people – those guys, as we all know very well, become a mechanism unto their very selves and more to the ego within them. This is the manifestation of the lie. This is the reality of what we have been told and forced to believe, not only for one generation, but a length of time long enough for the world to have been infected with the ugliness that is arrogance on a level that too many people believe is a given.

Too many people believe that who we are, even in the eyes of Spirit, is dependent upon how many people will notice us and how many people will worship us and how many people will feed our already overblown egos. Too many people are willing to follow what some other human being has said is the truth without first leaning on their own understanding of what the truth really is. And everyone’s Truth is different, with purpose, of course, because not everyone is a musician, and not everyone is a poet, and not everyone is a healer, and not everyone is a Seer…but everyone, make no mistake, has a mission, and everyone, again, make no mistake, is also a Mechanism of Spirit.

The way that we know this about who we each are on a singular level as well as a collective level is simply to see who is in our lives, and who is of the same mindset as we are, and who, more than much else, is willing to give what they need in order to receive that same reciprocal energy through compensatory action on our behalf through the light and the machinations of those with whom we share a tight bond with. A tight bond never has to be physical, either, because in Spirit, there is no division, and there is nothing in the way – not even miles. In Spirit, we are all already The One…

Once we can all accept this one thing about each of us, then realize that everyone else should also accept this one thing, then and only then will the intended manifestation of change be apparent.

Only when we are ready and willing to give of ourselves is when we will see that same energy by other people happening in our own lives, and please…kokua me this much, okay?….do not forget that what you give you will also receive.

So, what are you giving? Think about it…it answers that one question of “Why are you messing with ME, God?”

I Love You All !
Aloha !!

Rev. Roxanne Cottell can be contacted via email by clicking here. 

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