Doing for your own self also means you are doing for others at the same time

It is time to include ourselves…

Doing nice stuff for other people has been something that I have always done. My Hawaiian upbringing prompts me to “Live Aloha,” and I do, in every respect and in every part of my life, personal and professional. I have spent many years doing things for other people, and in listening to the lessons that I was taught while sitting in that church congregation that my parents called “Ours,” I learned very well that no matter where you are or in what respect we are thinking or talking about, unconditional Love is meant to be part of our own awareness. Thing is…while we were out and about doing nice things for other people, we forgot about ourselves.

It is not a bad thing to want to do things for your own self in all areas of life

Our staunchly Christian thinking leaders in their staunchly conservative mindset and their staunchly rigid post on the side of big business sort of, to an extent, put us little guys in a precarious predicament. There was no way that we could compete, but the beautiful and forgiving part of that is that while we were busy thinking that we were never going to be able to compete with the big guys, we were also building for ourselves a good reputation that included the things that money cannot buy, not even if we have been offered those things.  Things like integrity is one of them. In listening to the radio, I heard a commercial that was selling the promise of one’s ugly and possibly criminal past gone like the winds that blow. This made me laugh on the one end, but sad on the other, because as a whole, at least a lot of us, are more inclined to hide the ugly sins of our working past through means of hiring other firms to make our misdeeds vanish.

What happened to our integrity, you might ask?

That’s easy – we bought into the greed, and we bought into the idea that whoever has the most money at the end, wins. By my count, the guys with the most money are also the guys who are the most hated, and my thinking is that the time is NOW to start a new thought that needs to be a contagious one at a minimum. In fact, that new thought needs to be as big and as addictive and as fervent as the bigness of that greed and that thought that we, collectively, all thought. We all thought that what we were doing was only for money, and now we know that this time around, it NEEDS to be personal. We need – BADLY- to have a sense of oneness, to be able to talk with each other and know, down in the bones of who we are, singularly and as a whole, that who we are – not only how much we bring to the table – is what truly matters.

You see, no one will tell us when it is that we are being taught something – that is ours alone to realize. No one also tells us that who we are matters a whole, whole lot because essentially who we are is what we are, and what we are is what we are really marketing and NOT only what wares or services we offer to the world.

What we really need, guys, is to be back with each other NOT in competition…NOT in the energy that is “I am better than this guy because…” and NOT with the thought in our heads that what we have to do is run over anyone in the process. That is how we ended up in this mess – through greed, and those who prompted the greedy masses to continue the madness are the very ones telling us that we cannot do what we were meant to do both privately and professionally if we are not also willing to cut them a big giant piece.

There is no big giant slice of any pie, folks…the truth is that NOW is the time that we are SUPPOSED to be working WITH one another in order to bring about the energy, not only of change, but also of commerce. Commerce has to stop with all the one-upping and commerce has to realize that who we are is what matters now. Who we are and what we have been through and yes, of course, absolutely who we know, too, because who we know anymore is how anyone gets anything done at all. I know this. I live this everyday, and I love every minute of it. I love every minute of it because all day long I get to make friends – useful friends – who are more inclined to help me with my own endeavors than much else, because these new friends and associates also know the way that reciprocation works.

Reciprocation NEVER fails, and always we are given equal energy for equal effort, and if we are able to just accept things as they are, and we are able to step away for a moment and see where it is that we are meant to be and what it is that we Know we are supposed to be doing, everything else, no matter what, WILL FALL RIGHT INTO PLACE and we will not even begin to know that it was through our Tribal connections which we have made these last six months that will bring those things, situations and people to our lives who will absolutely help us with what it is we call our mission in life. My own mission in life is NOT as “Fairy Godchick” to the greatest indie band I know and Love, but more, to be the Light at the end of the darkened tunnel of abuse, of people not realizing that while it might seem that they have failed in their lives, that no, they haven’t, because there is no way to fail at being human. 

THIS …THIS is my mission and purpose – to serve my fellow human beings with whatever it is that I bring with me that is of good use to them and their endeavors. THIS is how the new commerce works, guys. No longer are the days where we have to beat around the bush to get what we need, because in doing so our ego selves are still in control. We need to learn to depend and more than that, TRUST the Soul within us, because the Soul within us NEVER FAILS US OR THE THINGS THAT WE ARE MEANT TO DO THAT WILL BRING HARMONY TO THE COMMUNITY OF THE WORLD…and I am ALL about communities coming together for a good cause.

This time, that good cause is Our Very Selves…

Remember that the next time you want to one-up a brother or a sister whose mission is as important as is our own…

I Love You All !

Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell is available via email or chat. If you would like to schedule a Spiritual Coaching session with her, please contact her by clicking here


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