Truth in Living

The Grandest Show of Universal and Unconditional Love is Simply and only to Live Your Own Truth

I often can be found in contemplation of the things that visit our lives, and the thing that has been visiting me lately is this thing called “busy.” Busy and I have been very busily rattling and humming along the road of life, happily working toward an end result when in reality what I should have been doing is seeking out the balance that all of us needs. Right now there is a balance, and I am given to the idea that the majority of us live life in a balance of extremes. We are either “for or against,” “black or white,” and so on and so forth, and never once do we think for a moment that the things that we are doing and what we are experiencing all leads to the same thing that we all want to have in our lives, and that one thing is peace.

We need peace of mind, and we need the peace that comes with the understanding of who we each really are and what it is that we are meant to bring to the lives of the many through the Souls of the few.

Well, we are not going to find that peace of mind if we are not at peace with our very selves. This is not me telling you this, but is rather and only the very truth of who we are.

The Very Truth of Who We Are

The very truth of who we each are is the story told to us by other people, and this is the truth because the truth is also that we are each other, that we mirror each other, that every thought and intention that we have has been the truth of us, and it has been each of our human lifetime long experience, if we bother to long enough see things from another point of view or at least acknowledge that ours is not the only thought, ours is not anyone else’s thought, and that the truth of us is revealed in that of other people.No matter who you are, what you do, where you have been, what you like, love, want, have, don’t have…no matter what, all of that stuff when in regards to ourselves is the very thing that other people bring to us.

If we are in need of more ability toward compassion, we will be given the opportunity to meet someone who will teach us that lesson. If we need to be shown that we are very good at something, someone who is as good as we are at what they do will come into our lives, or , someone who will challenge that in us so that we come to the forefront of who we are and face the scary thing that makes us think that we have to face yet another day being in the light that is not the best for us. This is what people bring to us. This is what we both fear and embrace.

Think about what scares you, and why it is that this time, it is looming and large and in your face.

This, at this time, is the truth of who you are, and yes, they, too, who are mirroring their stuff back at you somehow, are also the truth of you as well.

So…like what ya see?

I Love You All!


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