Life is Circular

Everything travels in a circular pattern

Gauge with me, if you will, the events of the last two or three weeks, and when you look back there, think about not what you see there but more how you feel about what you have been through…here we go…

I spend a whole lot of time online, working with people whose hearts have been broken, and in that time I have made many friends and associates and throughout that whole short time span I know that I learned one thing better than anything else.

I learned that we will be given signs when the lessons at hand are about done, and it is in that pressure cooker moment of when you think that the energy will explode that no, instead, it simply washes away with the falling of much needed tears. These last six months have been harsh, and stark, and paradoxical. These last six months have broken our hearts and stomped on our souls and crushed our spirit with a collectively felt cosmic bitch-slap that all at once, we felt, and all at once, we understood, and all at once, we had no real clue of not one damned thing other than that we were becoming The One. And that alone soothed us, gave us hope and made us think that maybe things would be okay…if only…

If only we did not have to hurt to get there, and only if we did not have to get messy on the way to wholeness, and only if we could try to evolve and stay in the same manner that we were. And I promise you all that it is indeed and absolutely we were trying to live with our Souls on two different sides of each other, trying to remain apart when there was never a time where you were without both sides of your Soul. This is the thing that became the gift that is within the aches and the pains and the hurts and all else that happens when the Soul of The One evolves…

The ‘lost’ Circle

Let’s not beat around the bush here, okay? It is not a secret even to my very Christian Mother that I, her oldest, is very much the Mystic. While it took her a little while to get accustomed to the idea that I am and in fact going out into the very wilderness that Christ ventured into, just as she has,albeit in a less scriptural kind of way and leaning toward what is my own Scripture – that of the unspoken word and more about the things that stand out to our awareness the most and the things that resonate with what it is that we are doing at any given time. At this given time, we are, many of us, at the tail end of a lesson that has been ours for the entirety of our human lifetimes. The reason that I know this is because after what happened this morning and after I had been able to teach another individual what it was that they were missing in terms of what might have felt like the missing piece, I know that what I said made sense.

I know that what I was telling this father and his son in a Spiritual Counseling session to beat all others was right on, was said to them each in a manner that was clearly and well understood. I know that more than anything else that the moment that I was able to accept the thing that I had taught them was learned and at least accepted in kind that on some level, the circle had come complete. The entirety of the situation that was at hand had come to fruition and the lesson for all involved, learned.

NOW, the way that I knew that this was the truth was not so unbelievable if you are Spiritually Aware is that I have a Spiritual tool that I had been trying to find and couldn’t…for weeks, my Jade charm was no where to be found, and, in fact, even the place that I found it in this morning I do not recall having left it there. …anyway, so, before all the talking and the venting and all the other else, I am just pleased as punch to have happened upon my Jade Charm. Into my pocket it goes. I will not divulge the circle, neither which one had been made full, all I know is that prior to this discussion between a father and a son, that last thing I expected to do, on this Easter Sunday, after these last three weeks, and through all of the self-discoveries that we have each all made, was bother with the slightest thought that the finding of that Jade Charm was that on many, many levels, again, many circles have come full.

My Biblical Clouds

So, you know, it IS Easter Sunday, and we ARE in the middle of the most profound Shift in Consciousness than ever the human race has been in the past, and it hurts, like hell, the things that we have been through. I can liken the dark clouds outside to many things, but the way that they hang right now over the distant hills reminds me how much we have all sacrificed on a proverbial hill which exists in each of our singular versions of “far away.” It is not in terms materially of which I speak, but rather and only in the ethereal nature of Spirit, of the “We” who exist but only and always from within. It is at that hill in the distance that I am able to liken on this day in particular that we collectively have sacrificed much for the benefit of the few, and it was the collective Soul of the Many which now, we prevail.

I am reminded by those clouds of a beautiful parable of a hill far away where an Only Begotten One had given up His ability to Breathe so that symbolically, we would all know what it is to have sacrificed one’s own life and ones own ability to be who they truly are, for a short time, so that someone else would be able to live their one material dream. I see the ones that I have allowed to have been put aside, and ones which have been cast to the side, and see, too, there, that many more have as I have done. We have shed the clothes of the iniquities we were all taught were ours from birth. We never questioned the pomp and neither the circumstance that we ourselves brought to center stage in the show called “Our Lives, Collectively,” and at once even though and paradoxically in the solitude that is the collective one of the whole of “I,” where many of us stood, looking and pondering the things that seem to erupt laughter in the minds of petty fools and which cause the Knowledgeable to believe in their material world versus the blessed mix which is both the within as well as the without…all are one…mitakuye oyasin…kahi nui aloha ohana…one big happy family.

We have never not Been The One.

On a Hill, far away…

I stepped away from writing this for a few moments. I wanted to go outside and see what that hill looked like now, and while I sit here typing this I see that even the weather is in harmony with the thought that we have Become The One We sought out. On a Hill, far, far away in the bowels of our collective mind, there stands the cross that we bore as a Divine Creation, bearing the weight of the world, Knowing that Who We Are is Love.

We sacrificed ourselves for the very symbols of wealth, and when it was that we were no longer able to bear the weight of the cross that finally, we understood was not ours to carry, but that we volunteered for a very long time to carry, it became weird that we should no longer have to toil and strain to bear the weight of the collective few who remain unaware about the fact that they are choosing to bear the cross, even as they also choose to not bear that same burden of responsibility which onto their own backs they carried the weight of the world.

It is the weight of the world to ponder what another might believe to be the truth of you, and it is quite a load more to bear the burden of if we ourselves choose to believe it. We have borne this weight for so long that all we know is that we were told that we have to work for the gifts that we have possessed for many many lifetimes. There was never the absence of the Gift, and neither the working toward of having it “one day,” but that a long time ago, when we were young, we were told that God chose only One To Be The One to save us. We were taught that we had to work toward earning gifts, and now we know that we have always had them and now, we no longer have to do anything but put them to use, because they are the singular version in us each of that Collective Rhythm that is the Collective Rattling and Humming of the Universal One.

You never opted to leave your gifts on that far away hill, but you laid them down there for a while, down by that imaginary river’s side, so that you might find your way home, even in the darkness. It took some time to wade through the river and then to climb the hill and get them all back. It was not ever, guys, that we had to work FOR our gifts, but that those who chose to claim themselves the very most powerful learned that one day, the student learns, and the one thing that this particular student learned is that no matter what, I never have to work FOR my gifts but rather and only WITH them. This is the lie that we have been told for many generations. That we must seek our power with and from others, when really, we are on our own and in our own right, Powerful beyond our own comprehension.

So yeah, I did it….I left that cross on that proverbial hill, right there by that imaginary river’s side, far away, where, from a distance I know that it is always going to be there, and that at a distance and sometimes, in my memories, it is actually a very beautiful thing to see and to know is always going to be there…

Happy Easter!!

I Love You All !

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