Get a clue before you tell me to "bring it on" (18+)

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”
(William Congreve)

It has happened again. Another carbon-based male gendered life form has yet said another vile thing and this time, that life form had the very audacity to tell me that it is the fault of Feminists…you know, people like me…that there has come the breakdown of the “nuclear family.” 

Folks, today I have some VERY strong words, not only for the carbon-based life form who said what was said to me, albeit in an email, but more, for the idea that men like that creep still exist and still believe that they have the right to talk about and to a woman as though we are…I AM…less than they are or he is – guess again, dude.

To the person who eluded these thoughts to me, the ones that made it as though the break down of the American family somehow is all the fault of the old version of the greatest phenomena in the world – feminism, I have this to say – GET A CLUE. Yup, I said – DEAL WITH IT ! 

First of all, there is no real man who is truly a man who does not appreciate a woman – ANY woman – and all for the simple fact that we replicate life…like, for real…(top that one, hero), and more than that, it is the opinion of this very opinionated (albeit…lol…quiet…whatever) writer on both a mission and in particular, today…on a tangent, that men and yes, women, like you, are the reason, not only for the breakdown of the American Family, but you people have brought a whole new level of stupid to the table. The fun part about it all is that it is not even a new version of stupid but the old worn out version of stupid that you are all trying to make fit into the Now…but you know the saying does indeed also remind us that “stupid is as stupid does,” and for me it is about time that I got really, really stupid up in here already, made some noise, gave a shout out to the rest of the surviving populace of the formerly victimized, and let it be known that for real, we are done with you and people like you.  Done.

You know….PAU HANA….

I’m a little bit pissed off. 

How the hell is it that a man – any man – believes that he can talk to a woman, tell her that her people are the reason that the world is a mess in so far as families are concerned, and still hope that he will get some action? I mean, really…are you sure, dude? Are you sure that women like me do not exist? How do you get laid, sir? Is it with that one type of women who you likened to a garden tool…because I am sure that those are the only ones who you have any sort of anything to do with (maybe…even they have standards and you are way substandard), and by the way – THAT is a part of the reason that the nuclear family has become a thing of the past. 

You see, idiotboy, it is because of the things that men …I mean the rare clueless carbon life forms who are just like you in their thinking…who are like YOU that the nuclear family is broken down. Before you say anything at all to any woman who you do NOT know about and who you think is the reason for the breakdown in society, my first thought is that you need to very dearly check yourself, because at least with the person writing this, you have already dearly, truly, seriously WRECKED yourself and no, it is not because I intend or even plan on doing anything more than venting my frustrations about shitheads like you any further than this blog post, and yup, I know…there are people who will read this who will not be okay with this and I tell you all this much…I do not care. I do not give a rat’s ASS about how anyone feels about what I have to say here, because it ain’t cool to try to keep a chick down, under there, beneath your thumb, (and of course, you know, between YOUR legs…) and I speak on behalf of ALL women who have been treated like I have been – VERY poorly by a whole lot of men who thought I might be that one who you could tame, could control, could make into a notch on your likely notchless belt….

It is not cool for anyone to think that it is cool to say things like that fool did and expect a feminist who is also very dearly intelligent, both intellectually and otherwise, to take your bullshit just like that and have nothing to say about it or your thinking…are you kidding me? Qui? MOI? Nah dude…you have met your match, but in equal opposite. I am as smart as you are stupid, and if you don’t like what i have to say to you, then you are just another bitch with nothing backing your play up other than a damned book that was not penned by the Almighty but by other dudes just like you. In case it is not apparent (it means obvious, dude) at this point…I am pretty mad about this…mad enough to let it go…my way, that is. 

 I could sit here and tell you all what was said, or I will sit here and tell you all what is in my mind about this sort of thinking, and what is in my mind about this sort of thinking is that while we home-wrecking feminists take it dearly on the chin, foolish men like the one I encountered yesterday – yeah, those guys…you know who they are- continue to spread their very nastiness to the masses. They are those ones who seem to believe that what they hear in the rap music lyrics about women being “bitches and ho’s” is somehow CORRECT! And it is these very same men who seem to think that a woman’s place is “in the home,” and what that is code word for is simple – the definition for “in the home” to a lot of men – namely abusers – is not literally in the actual home but more, under someone’s thumb.

I have news for those of you who believe this way still, and the news is grim. 

People who think like you are outnumbered. People who think that a woman has no right to be all she can be and people who think that we need to take five steps back and walk behind the guys forget that while we are back there we are figuring out a way to kick you in the balls from behind, because that is where you “people” keep on stabbing us in the back – FROM THE ASS END, and well, it is not that we are not going to take it anymore, because we stopped takin’ your crap a long time ago. It is more that we are out and about telling idiots like you that you are outnumbered, and you people don’t like it. We are not going to sit here idly, waiting for you to approve of us, waiting for you to pick us like so many boogers, as though that were some sort of prize. No, the women who you are seeking out, well, they do not exist, at least not to women like me, because those women…you know…the bitches and the whores who have wrecked the idea that we have to maintain the “nuclear family” that you morons seem to think you have somehow constructed…that there nuclear garbage has gone on long enough, because, and bear with me here, the term “nuclear family” denotes to the ears, eyes and everything else of a feminist, as not more than one more thing that any idiot with a penis and no brain would conclude – that some people believe that words and intentions are enough to keep a chick down.

That might be true for some women, but then you have the ones like me…you know…the ones who have evolved nicely like that apple pie you think your woman made for you…nah, dude – she wised up a long time ago, made a friend named “Sarah”(Lee), sat her ass down at the table in that place you think she belongs all the time, carrying your spawn and wearing no shoes and answering to you like you are somehow he who makes her who she is, and started thinking that you are wrong. Dude, you don’t…in fact, because of YOU TYPES, there is a break down in the “traditional nuclear family.” Let me tell you this much, and yep, I am about to be defriended and cussed out likely by a good many good …ahem…”good” yet HORRIBLY AND BLINDINGLY UNEVOLVED WOMEN – because it is not ME or women like ME who are the ones breaking down the idea that men put into place to keep women in our place but rather and only YOU who does this.

You have no right to tell us what we are going to do,and you have no right to call a chick out and expect that she will “fight” with you when she knows there is no way that you will win in a chick fight with a chick, but that you might win a bitch fight with one, because only bitches with male parts have all the balls but no brains in their heads to deal with a woman like myself. I am a handful. I am hard to deal with when it comes to pleasing me, and I make no secret of it. It is like this because I expect people who want to associate themselves with me to be somewhat like me, and when it is that people would sooner and likely do for themselves while trying to keep women in that place your father could not keep your mother in, you will surely find out that we are not scared of people like you – how can we be scared when we are way too angry?

We are angry that you have the nerve to call us out, but you have no proof to back your asses up with. We are angry that you continue to try to bully us, and you continue to do so without realizing that you are only making us right, only continuing to prove yourself wrong, and you are doing it and our bidding all on your own and without our having to ask you, so thank you very much for that because really, women like us have no time for fools like you. We have no time to deal with small-mindedness, and we have no patience for people who are more inclined to have intentions that are less than honorable and pure and involve the making right of the wrongest of wrongs there ever was, and all for what? 

Because a few men in ugly dresses wearing bad wigs and way too much rouge said, a long time ago, that women are meant to be traded, turned into property, made to still live in the energy of that which was. To those guys and that thinking I have to say you need to go and check your make-up, sir…maybe you should have those ho’s you keep likening all women to as being do your make-up next time you come to a chick fight. You’re a bitch. This is a chick fight and the ultimate of such, I might add.

…and of course, to all the real men…

To all those men who see to it that the women and girls in their lives are well cared for and about, you must know right now that there is no more valued a gift, in the eyes of an evolved woman, than that of an equally evolved  man.  You are the diamonds in the rough, and you are the art being created, not by us, but by you and according to the very idea that we deserve to be respected, that we are as good at what we do, biologically and otherwise, as what you all are capable of. 

Women like me want the men who are right in the mind to know that not all of us feminists are man-hating harpies. In fact, it was a wise man who told me, recently even, that “feminists are not man haters, but women supporters,” had it absolutely correct. Just because I fight for the rights of my daughter and her friends, my friends’ daughters and their friends, for every one of those awesome chick rockers whose careers I have the luck to be a part of, for the women who came before us who could not get this far in our progress because not a lot of progress was being made, and of course, to all those men who women like me LOVE to share our lives and our time with, on behalf of the women who have evolved to the point where we can truly call ourselves “right in the mind,” I give my heartfelt thanks.

Without guys like you, guys like those whose thumbs have a woman-shaped callous would still be the ones making lives like mine not possible. To all the men on this planet whom I Love, Adore, Share air and time with…mahalo nui loa…and of course, yes, you know it…I Love You…ALL of You!!

Aloha Oukou !!

Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell is a book author, healer, Spiritual Consultant. She is a public speaker who advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence and emotional abuse. She is the Co-founder of The Sisterhood of the Soul and the creator of the Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui  healing with hula program. To contact her regarding booking  speaking engagements, to inquire about writing for you or for creative coaching sessions for business, “Corporate Soul Coaching” or for guidance to any of the Fires of Life issues, please contact her via email by clicking here
(c) 2013 Roxanne K. Cottell . All rights reserved


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