You need to RECOGNIZE!

Don’t take for granted the idea that reciprocation won’t work because it does work

I am an independent worker, business owner, person. The entirety of my working life, at least the majority of it, in essence, deals mainly with creativity of thought and verse. While I remain independent as a worker and entrepreneur, my working life not only depends on who I connect with who, but more, who I remember to say “Thank You” to, and more, who I believe will reciprocate the effort of my promoting their work for them promoting mine as well.

Let us say that it is not easy work trying to get people even to listen to a band, let alone get them to want to like them, and more, to donate to their cause, and their cause is not just what you think it is. Their causes – ALL of them – is not only to be heard, but more, to build a relationship that is conducive to the growth, not only of their “cause” but more, of the energy behind that cause. My own cause, as it is already well known, is not only to help other independent artists like myself learn to organize their thoughts or think of them in a different way, my own cause is to, through sheer will and strength of personality, as well as a nod from the Cosmos and the Goddess of Female Business Ownership, bring communities of people together and the only way that I know to do that is to just “do the thing.”

Just do the thing already

We could all take the option to wait until someone else gives us a reason to do for others what others are clueless to doing in return. Yes, sometimes you, me, we all have to ask for the help, and sometimes it gets redundant and gets on your nerves that you are out there, in the world, helping other peoples’ causes and you are not being reciprocated for it. I know this animal because this is an animal which used to bite me in the okole all the time, and I found out not too far later and after the last episode of my being ass-hurt about it that the gift in the cause is NOT other people telling the world about our own stuff, but rather and only in the energy which is created behind that giving of our energy to someone else’s cause.

Simply put – if you want someone to do for you, then do for them. If they reciprocate, great, and if they don’t, still great, and still great because you know that you did what you did because you wanted to, because you wanted to put that really great and really true energy of manifestation in action to work for you. This, folks, is the reality of the Law of Attraction. The Universe is well aware of the fact that when we put our energies towards something and we do so with the thought in our heads that we are helping someone else reach their goals, we are also placing that energy dearly and truly toward our own. This is the reason that, if you looked at my Facebook Wall, you would see the evidence of this energy in action.

While I cannot say that the truth would be the same in reverse, I know that there are a few people on this planet for whom I would do anything for, and the reason being that I also know that they will reciprocate that energy in some manner. Take for instance, Dempsey’s Pub in Helendale, CA and The End of The Line Bar in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Yes, my two best friends on this planet each work on opposite ends of the country, and yes, both women are tops in their trade as bartenders. Both bars boast a healthy variety of entertainment and live music (albeit  Dempsey’s musical entertainment program is on hiatus…band drama…it is the worst!) and both bars, in my opinion, do very well and it is not because I have anything to do with either of the bartenders who these establishments’ patrons love, but more because of the reciprocal energy that these two particular bartenders offer to their patrons. In that same manner, these two women also know that the mention of my name in regards to anything “music” also lends to the energy for me by them in that the shared Love between us all and is what we each know makes us all – not in our working lives but in our lives, period.

Yes, our customers and clients are important. Yes, establishments are in place because there are business owners who like owning businesses who we all share the air and the crust of the planet with. Yet, the truth is that anytime at all we see a business making a decent way in the world, you can GUARANTEE IT that within the structural composition of that establishment is someone in that place who dearly understands the way that reciprocal energies work. This is how The Sisterhood of The Soul Works, and also how Kindred Souls of the South works as well. We all know…all the women and healers of this bi-coastal healing ministry…that wherever we are, be it in a counseling role or perhaps as “back up” in some manner, it is the behind the scenes people who make things happen and not only the people in the foreground, not only the people in the limelight of things.

In the case of myself and those two bartenders, we have this art down to a science. We know, for sure, that if we put our energies behind a thing, regardless if the target of those energies is the reciprocating giver of that energy in return to us, we know that nothing other than good things can come from it. The trick behind using reciprocal energies behind ANYTHING is not the thought in anyone’s head that you will reap the harvest of the matching energies, but instead is the purity of intention behind the action. It is the thought that carries the energy and NOT only the actions. The actions, just like in life, always follow the thought or the word – like knowing that the outcome of “first you say it then you do it” is the absoluteness and the given thing after the fact provided that the energies behind our own thought and our own intention is absolutely pure. By absolutely pure I mean that our intention behind the thought – the energy behind the thought, that is – MUST be pure, without the idea within it that we will gain anything OTHER than the knowing that we have done something for someone else and that we knew at the very first inclination toward that action and that effort was NOT so we would get something of equal measure in return but only because we knew that what we give we will surely get in return.

It is time to RECOGNIZE!!

Luckily, for me, I can say, for sure, that when I do something for someone else, it is out of my own Love for that person and their dreams. I want other people to be happy, because being stuck on an island floating in the middle of nothingness with no other people who are happy would suck okole. It is difficult even being in a room with someone who is SO negative in their thoughts that to be around them feels like sandpaper on wet skin. These are the people who, for whatever reason they have to NOT at least recognize what you have done for them, no matter how small, I am so NOT writing about. These are the people who make energy workers like me and a whole lot of other entrepreneurs like us want to scream! (We light workers and energy workers ARE, after all, STILL composed of the same carbon materials as all other human like life forms…we are still human and still are prone to feeling like we have been taken for a ride from time to time and we are prone to our heads feeling like they may explode if we are not getting equal measure for equal time spent on other peoples’ stuff…just sayin’…)

When I say that it is time to RECOGNIZE I mean that it is time to think about the reasons that you are watching other people in your private circles making money, meeting new customers and making new contacts and why you are NOT doing the same thing. And, it is time to think, too, about your own intentions in regards to a thing that you Love and why it is that you Love it so much. In my world, I love to help other people, period. It is the reason that I took up studies in healing with several Spiritual teachers, and it is the reason that I have made it my life’s mission to help other survivors of Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse come back from that horror and rebuild their own inner lives and outer selves with my beloved Hula. It is why I draw to my life those people who help me, through their reciprocating energies, build my healing practice, my promotional activities, my marketing stuff…my writing my dancing my loving other people in my work…it is the reason that even as this might seem like a whole lot, it really isn’t and it isn’t because I have the good healing and growing energies other well intended people send to me, all the time, and it is this reciprocal energy that matters the most when we are thinking to build anything, including our working lives.

My thought at the end of this thought is very elemental …if you want something done, of course do it yourself, but do so in the manner that calls on the talents and the time and the effort in Love and Growth other people provide for us through their own efforts in the same things.

Using your energies to build instead of berate, to complement instead of take away from, to grow, with Love, alongside others who are of like mindedness with us. Use your energies wisely, like you do your money, and use your energies to help other people learn to use their own, and use your energies in a manner that what you flow out to the world, you will get in return.

Because you are, at all times, sending out this vibration of “This is what I need, so this is what I will give,” and if all you are giving people is a hard time, well…DUH !!!

Think about it….how are you going to expend your energies, folks? Will you rebuild, renew, reciprocate the good or will you go on to perpetuate that thing and those people who make you want to tear your hair out and rip them a new okole puka?

I Love You All!!

Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell is a book author, healer, Spiritual Consultant. She is a public speaker who advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence and emotional abuse. She is the Co-founder of The Sisterhood of the Soul and the creator of the Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui  healing with hula program. To contact her regarding booking  speaking engagements, to inquire about writing for you or for creative coaching sessions for business, “Corporate Soul Coaching” or for guidance to any of the Fires of Life issues, please contact her via email by clicking here
(c) 2013 Roxanne K. Cottell . All rights reserved

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