Intention is everything…seriously…

“Wow I want my life to really be hard” said no one EVER

We are so good at drawing situations to our lives which suck that I just felt like this should be the thing that I write about today. And mind you, when I say “situations,” I mean with people…and yes, you are included in the energy, no matter what it is or where it originated from.

No, there are not a whole lot of people who I know these days who suck, but there are those few who, no matter how many coaching sessions we go through, no matter how much hula I teach them, no matter how many times I do anything considered “Spiritual” with them, nothing seems to pan out for them and it is all due to that part that exists in us all called intention. NOW, there are a lot of things that I say that are meant in jest, and there are more things that I tell people in need of a Soul session that people cannot wrap their very heads around. And it is not their fault. I am finding out these days that I know, whenever I look back to these last 5 years, where it was that my own intention was a little bit “off,” and it was a little bit “off” because of me – that’s right, I said it…ME, just as much as things sucking in your life are all due to YOU and your thoughts and more, your intentions.

Thoughts are things…

Yeah yeah yeah…you have heard it a million times by now, that the Law of Attraction works for everyone, and it does, but not everyone pays attention to just how it works.Essentially it is the energy, also known as the ‘vibration’ we each emit through the energy of thought. When our intention, or thought, about a thing, is pure, it is a guarantee that what you want, bearing in mind that the thought about what you want has to be PURE, will be what you get, or it will be better than what you want. Yes, confusing, a little bit, but only because our human brains cannot fathom just how it is that these thoughts end up being things. (That is what I and many others refer to as “the how” of a thing…meaning “how are we gonna get that super cool and groovy thing we saw that we so totally want?”…the how is not yours to deal with …that is the challenge – trying hard NOT to obsess about “the how about a thing)

So let’s get that part very dearly and squarely cemented into your own thoughts right now – THOUGHTS ARE THINGS, and if you want proof, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write out the first thought in your head, read it out loud, and then feel the paper in your hands…this is called “Instant Manifestation,” because quite instantly, you turned your thought into a tangible, readable thing. While it might not be the actual thing you are intending, it is really and truly the thought you just wrote out that counts. My proof is that you wrote it. Put it somewhere because it now symbolizes your power of manifestation. While it is a tiny little manifestation, it is, none the less, a manifested thing. You had the thought, wanted to see the thought, wrote the thought down and BANG ! Proof that thoughts really are things.

Another way to look at things

When we think in terms of raising our own vibration, we want to believe that it is somehow a big fat ugly thing where we will have to light candles and pray to the deities of clue gettin’, but the reality that is raising one’s vibration is as simple as the explanation for what true Ho’oponopono is. Very simply, when you think of good things, remember that physical feeling, because the secret to “The Secret” really is just that simple.
What is not simple is learning to turn our thoughts from negative to positive and trying hard to remain at that same level of energetic vibration. This is the truth, and I know it is the truth, because I employ Melody Fletcher’s techniques and have been for a while now and her’s is the only explanation of “The Secret” that more than only I understand.

Yes, just like “learning” the Ancient art and practice of Ho’oponopono is just that simple, so, too, is learning to use the Law of Attraction. In learning to use the LOA, just like practicing Ho’oponopono in daily working and private life, we have to think about how ancient both principles each are and the challenge is NOT in the learning of it, but in the changing our own thoughts and beliefs to match the vibration of our thoughts. It sounds simple, but it takes a lot of practice to unlearn all that we have been taught from a young age. It takes time to go out into the world and pay attention to the things happening in our lives and it takes someone with a sharpened sense of awareness to see the things in life that change…and those changes come in the form of new work or a brand new job in a field that we are not familiar with, comes in the manner that is the surprise new friend who seems to be able to complete your sentences, comes in the way that is your niece telling you “Auntie…no pay fo’ learn Ho’oponopono…gimme your new email address and I will send you what I have used for the last almost ten years to ‘teach’ this practice…”

Our intentions manifest in the manner which our energy assigns and not ONLY what our thoughts are. Our thoughts are what energize us, good or bad, and proof is that sheet of paper I mentioned and suggested that you write your immediate thought down on, because again – it is the proof that anyone will need that indeed, our thoughts are things and whatever are our intentions with those thoughts will end up being our reality.

When we are ready and willing to accept that our thoughts and intentions brought us that awesome new job, those really great coworkers, that label deal, that airtime on the radio, that (fill in the blank with GnarlyCoolBitchen thing here)…and more, when we are ready to take on the Kuleana, the Soul’s Responsibility, for all of the things that we do not want to see in our lives…this is when we know for sure that intention is a serious tool and that it is no joke. It is not magic. It is not anything that the entirety of us does knowingly. It is not something that we are not all already able to do.

Remember that the next time the new guy at the water cooler tends to irritate you. It will be at that same time that you will recall yourself speaking the words “I wish I had an assistant,” and were not totally clear on the intention….look at who you ended up with!

It totally works…so long as you totally understand HOW it works. Once you master that one thought that tells you that you really are a masterful creator of your own life, the rest, even in the seemingly worst of times, is easy as changing your mind…no, really…

As always….

Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell is a book author, healer, Spiritual Consultant. She is a public speaker who advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence and emotional abuse. She is the Co-founder of The Sisterhood of the Soul and the creator of the Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui  healing with hula program. To contact her regarding booking  speaking engagements, to inquire about writing for you or for creative coaching sessions for business, “Corporate Soul Coaching” or for guidance to any of the Fires of Life issues, please contact her via email by clicking here
(c) 2013 Roxanne K. Cottell . All rights reserved

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