Out with the old…In with the remembered

We all take the scenic route once in a while…

I am not perfect by any means. In fact, I am so IMperfect that to think of me being anywhere near perfect would send me back about ten years, when I knew better but was still kind of …I don’t know…foolish. And we are all prone to being very, very foolish from time to time, and in our working lives, we have all played the fool somehow, either by our own doing or because we have been “outshined” by someone else.

We are never really out-shined, shown-up, outdone…

Yes. This is the truth. What we rarely think about when our Ego is telling us the things that we already know way too much about is that underneath all of that whiny and feeling belittled exterior is the Truth, and most of the time the Truth about us, whether we like it or not, the truth, that is, is somewhat of a surprise. Even though we knew about it, we thought we could hide it well enough for us to not have to bother with because we really thought that no one else would know our dirty little secret. That is the fun part about our secrets – we do not realize that we give them away, because when thinking in terms of who we are and what we are all about, that part of us that is needy for the attention and more, the good word about the things that we do.

…okay, maybe “needy” is the wrong word….but you get it, I know you get it.

Everybody likes to hear good things about our selves.

I must tell you about my dear online friend, Ms. Melody Fletcher, (Hi, Snarky!) who is an expert on the art of utilizing thought correctly to bring about the situations, people, and things into our lives that we are most desirous of. In a nutshell, and very simply, Ms. Fletcher’s message, for the most part, and at least mechanically, is that the actual deliberate part of the receiving is contained within the vibration that we emit when we think about something. If we keep on thinking the thought that we want something, and we continue to want that something rather than forming thoughts that do not do anything more than raise our vibration about having that thing manifested into our lives, we will only have the experience of wanting that something. If you want to keep feeling like you are wanting that thing or situation, you are always and only going to have that experience. However, if you think about what it could be like…(because you know, it could happen) to actually be doing that one thing, or having that one thing, or being that person, or being with that special person…and have no feelings other than what that feels like right now, you will begin to see changes in your thoughts, which will bring changes to your life.

Did you get all of that? It really is very simple – just change your thoughts to more believable ones. Rather than thinking that you want anything, think about what it might feel like to actually have that thing, and then think about how your body feels physically and remember that feeling whenever you have a doubt about that one thing. I have done it and I know that she is telling us the truth. If we understood the mechanics of our bodies, and how it is that our biology is meant to be magnetic, meant to bring everything we want into our lives, no matter what it might be, we would have more of the things that we want in our lives, and really…very much less of the things we would rather see less of.

See? Easy, right?





Changing clothes and changing beliefs about stuff are NOT the same thing. One is outside of us and the other is inside, and because we are taught to believe that what we look like matters most to the world, that how we felt about who we are mattered only by our manner of dress. Did we look well manicured, and did our clothes look just so, and did we remember to pop some gum into our mouths after we smoked that last cigarette….no judging…people have vices and smoking is a bad one…did we do things that we needed to do, or were told mattered, matter more to others than to us, and on that note, are these people before us really judging us?

And thus, the madness begins. We begin to judge ourselves and our choices and we begin to rely on everyone else and believe that without others there for us to expect them to understand us, we would not know ourselves. Then we go out into the big fat world and we pretend to be who we are not so that someone else will judge us. And this ridiculousness goes on for years and years, and then one day you find that your beliefs about a lot of things have changed, and that no longer are you that person who you were just six months ago. It is scary and beautiful all at once, and the changes, they HURT, because in those changes come also the people we have to say goodbye to, and our problem is not that we are saying goodbye to them, but more, to a little piece of ourselves that we no longer can grow from. It’s purpose – THEIR purpose – has been met, and we are now better and smarter and more grateful for their having been a part of our lives for however long they were there.

And we cannot know anything other than that on their side of things, they are just as sad, and they hurt  just as much, but like we know, they know too that it is just time, and this part of the Path is done for now between us. Nothing is ever truly goodbye in the world of Souls. We always have that Love, those memories, and this is where I tell you about remembering…

Remembering Who We are Comes at a Cost but it is worth it

We recall who we really are when the time is right and we are ready. Most of the time we cannot handle it, because it came at a cost to us, and the cost is always personal. When we grow, we hurt, because we lose a part of ourselves, but the truth is that we have just outgrown that part. We know when people have been a lesson in our lives, and we also know when it is that those who go away and return do so because they are meant to. There is no such thing as goodbye, I said, in the world of the Soul. We are all there, all of us, all the time, and always we can connect, in a thought, in a remembrance.

We remember being this Loving person, and we know that we cannot go back, even though we know that now and then, we will look back and recall what we put ourselves through, some of us for years, because we believed someone else’s thought about us was better or more right than our own. This is not to say that it is okay to hurt, because hurting for no reason never happens – we always hurt for a reason. We become our true selves through our pain and we recall a time when we had something as harsh as Now is for some of us, and realize that we got through it, again, and this time, we believed differently, and this time, everything just sort of gelled together. It sort of just started to fit.

Quite well, I might add.

It is not easy, but all the way around…

Seriously, if you want to think about your future, no matter what you are doing in what area of your life, you have GOT TO let go of your past. I have had a very big turn around. I used to wield my creative nature like a sword, and then one day I hurt someone’s feelings, badly, and meant to. A few times, but it didn’t matter to me then. I made amends and we went our separate ways. And I still Love them. The know I do, but I cannot hang, so …you know…they just kinda went away, too.

And I think about it now, and I know who matters, and those who matter the most to me know that this is the truth of me, and more than that, the one thing they needed to know the very most of all is that of course…

…yes, Loves…

It could also be called the very real and seriously true Truth of You, as Well. I Promise.

How are you financially right this moment than you were at this time last month? How about in your relationships (ugh! So heavy a word!) ? How are your children’s lives? How is your pet? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have ANY income at all? What are the things that you know you DO have?

Yup…that easy, or so it would seem, but it isn’t. It is though, the very foundation for your success, not just in your work, neither school, but mostly, in your life, period. Once you can change one thought about one area, the others seem to be a little easier than the last time. You should try it…just one time.

What part of your life do you need to see a change in?
How does that affect the other parts?

Answer those two things, and be honest with you, about all of it. Then ask yourself how you feel about all of those things that you wrote, and pay attention to your body’s response to your thought, because your body cannot lie, ever…it knows what is best for you…

…all the way around…so trust it. I keep on telling you all how magnificent we are, and you just keep on getting sick….knock it off, would you?

Yeesh !!  Haha !!

I Love You All !!


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